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Axel Rover

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Axel Rover

Axel Rover

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Name: Axel Rover
Tier: D-Tier
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age + Birthdate: 19, April 26th
Nationality: Zou
Race: Human
Specialization: Strength

Personality: Axel is a vicious person. He has little to no respect for others, and he does whatever he wants. Axel does not care for what happens around him, but only what effects him. He won't exactly destroy anything around him, but Axel will mess with anything in his path to get what he wants or where he needs to be. Axel will only do something for someone if they give him a reasonable amount of cash. He wont exactly do anything for Huang, but close to it. He will even attack the authorities if he had too. Axel would only ever consider someone his friend if they have literally been through hell and back with him. If they can fight, and show that they will not back-stab Axel, then he would be willing to help them. During battle, Axel is ruthless. He warns everyone fighting him of this, so once the fight starts, Axel aims to kill, most of the time. He loves to fight, and does not see the point if you are not giving it your all. In Axel's case, giving it your all means literally taking a life. Usually, if Axel is fighting with others, he will rarely listen to them, and just do his own thing.

- Fighting: Axel takes any opportunity he can get to fight a strong opponent.

- Freedom: Axel loves his life, where he doesn't have to listen to anyone if he does not want to

- Weaklings: Axel hates people who have never learned to fight, and doesn't see the point of messing with them.

- Rules: Axel hates a place were you have to follow rules, and tries to break them if he can.

Phobias: Axel's main fear is death. He fears this because there is one thing that someone always wonder in there life: where will I go after I die? Axel does not really believe in gods, but it is because of that that he has no ideal what would happen. He wonders sometimes if he will just be non-existent, or if there is a realm for people like him, the trouble-makers. This is why he learned how to fight, so he would not die that easily.

Aspirations: Axel aspires to be the strongest person that ever lived. Someone who could single-handedly kill any person in the world, without worrying hether they could die in the fight or not. Not just strongest in the world, however, but Axel wants to be god-status. If there are any gods at all, Axel wants to become as strong as them, penetrating through there immortality and killing them for good. It is theoretically impossible to kill an immortal being, but Axel wishes to do it one day.  

Face-Claim: Ragna the Bloodedge - Blazblue
Weight: 175 lbs
Hair Color: white
Eye Color: Right eye is red, left eye is Green
Height: 5 feet 11 inches
Rukh Alignment: White
Special Traits: Different colored eyes
Appearance: Axel is of a light skin color, and has a build that men normally have, not too skinny, but not too muscular. He wears a black shirt with a long red coat covering it, and he also wears black pants, a black belt, and black boots. Axel does not exactly have a battle stance, but instead just does whatever he thinks is appropriate for the situation. Axel's usual body language says, 'If you mess with me, I will beat the hell out of you,' unless you are one of his friends, in which it is, 'Come along for the adventure!'

History: Axel as born into a family of poverty. They had a house, but Axel's parents struggled to pay the rent and there was barely any food on the table on some days. In the family was Axel's father Alex, his mother Slyvia, his brother Samuel that was 3 years older then him, and his sister Samantha that as 5 years older then him. Once Axel was seven, his family got kicked out of there house for not being able to pay the month's rent. For one year, Axel and his family have been begging across Zou for money and food to survive. They always were able to make it through the day, but just barely. After that year however, the times were harsh, and Axel's sister Samantha died from a disease that could only be cured by a treatment you had to pay for. The family got less and less, so Alex and Sylvia resorted to petty thievery to get things. After a month or two of it, however, the authorities caught on, and captured Axel's mom and dad. Axel and his brother Samuel got away before they were put in a foster home, but now they were surely going to die from starvation. Just when all had seemed lost, the two boys encountered a bandit group that enlisted them into there ranks.

Of course, they were used for petty thievery that required small people to get through. After years, there crimes went from petty thievery to murder and kidnapping for ransoms. Axel and his brother were the top fighters of the group, so naturally, once Samuel turned 20, he became the leader of the bandits, and Axel, at 17 was his second-hand man. They were known throughout Zou for there murderous ways, and only few challenged them, but Those few died fighting. Samuel purposely lead his crew into a trap, were the authorities of Zou murdered everyone of the bandits, and Samuel left them, running out into the unknown. Only Axel survived the massacre, and swore from that day on that he would find his brother and kill him.

Role-Play Sample: "Oh, It sure is a pirate's life for me, isn't it?" Axel questioned, with a smile. He has felt truly complete since he found a crew to be in. That meant more friends to be had, and Axel loved having as many friends as he could get. Also now, he did not have to fight every battle alone. He was not exactly a fair fighter after all, doing whatever trick it took to kill his opponent. Sure, he loves a good fair fight too, but if is a battle to the death, Axel believes you must push the boundaries. Axel had a crew no, but that did not mean that he wanted to do everything with them, so when he boarded the ship of the Savage Heart pirates, he put on the ship a small raft boat that he could use to just escape, and adventure on his own. Of course, he would always end up finding his crew again, because Axel was a lucky man like that. It had been thirty minutes since Axel took off away from the Ship of the Savage Heart Pirates, and he already found an Island. It was strange, because he never saw it on a map, but he was happy anyway. This way, he was technically right next to his crew ship, so that would only take him an hour or two to get back to it. "Hehe, I wonder what adventures await me in this island!" Shouted Axel. Once he got closer though, he spotted Marines near the docks.

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