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Street Rats [C]

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Job Name: Street Rats  
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Heliopaht
Job Rewards: 100xp / 7,000 Huang
Job Overview:
A group of about 5 thieves have taken home to the slums of the city. They have been going around from store to store at night and cleaning them out. The city guard has been stretched too thin as it is to take care of them. Please find them and make sure they know the price of stealing from the Pharaoh’s people!
Enemies and abilities:

Enemy Name: Black Fingers Gang Members x5
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: C Tier damage each
Abilities: Each man is clad in all black clothing. They use daggers and short swords. They are not too strong individually but in numbers they are rather strong. Each can deal C tier damage each.

Strolling along the side streets after a late meal, Ayero grows increasingly wary of the “shortcut” she had decided to take back to where she was staying. …Great, I’m lost. I knew that this wasn’t a great idea, I should have just stayed on the path that I’ve been taking for weeks… Heaving an irritated sigh, the halfling turns to survey her surroundings and realizes that she doesn’t recognize any of these buildings. Just have to make it to the main road and I’ll be fine. The rustling of nearby movement startles her and she twists her neck, looking around sharply to see if she could locate the source of the noise. Her fingers wrap around the handle of Kotowari, ready to draw the blade and ward off any shady character that might approach her. But nothing does approach the woman, in fact the noise didn’t seem to be moving at all…it did, however, grow louder. Eyes narrowing in suspicion, she pulls her hood over her head and presses herself against the side of the nearest building, peeking around the corner slowly.

A group of young men shrouded in dark clothing were moving around a nearby store. As their movements were clouded by their black clothes as well as the night, the red head squints and bears forward slightly in order to figure out what they were up to. A crash suddenly echoes though the empty streets and the men are quick to move through the hole they had smashed through the side window of the little shop, no doubt in an attempt to ransack the place. This is… Her eyes begin to widen in realization as she seems to recognize the store that they were currently pillaging. It belonged to a little old widow, a sweet woman who, despite living in the slums was regarded as one of the city’s best seamstresses. She had gone to her to repair some tears in her clothing and found that the woman was patient and kind, if a bit lonely since the death of her husband. She had taken to chatting up the fanalis while patching the holes in her cloak and Ayero had found her to be quite pleasant. She tended to visit the elderly woman when she happened to be in the area from then on, listening wordlessly to her stories over a cup of tea.

The corner of her eye twitches in irritation. What scum—! Robbing an old woman…have they no shame? To her knowledge, the old woman didn’t even have many valuables in her shop, but she couldn’t be sure. Ducking out of her hiding spot, she charges toward the group with a lit of anger in her eyes. Wasting no time, she delivers a blow to the nearest man’s head, knocking him to the ground in an unconscious heap. The momentary commotion causes the remaining four to stop what they’re doing and face the woman. Squinting at the black-clad woman and then to the fallen man, they’re quick to draw their weapons and lunge.



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In an instant they’re upon her and her sharp eyes catch the gleam of their swords as they reflect the moonlight. Those are some decent blades for thieves… Pushing her weight back, she dodges an oncoming strike and has just enough time to draw a blade of her own, raising it to parry the next strike which comes from the side. These guys…the first one went down easy, but they’re pretty good at coordinating together…I’d better finish this fast or else this could take a turn for the worse. She shifts her gaze to the right, and then to the left while backing up against the side of the building as the men begin to close in on her. That’s right…closer…. Pressing her right foot against the wall, she launches herself  at the man closest to her and delivers another lightning blow to the head.

”How dare you steal from that old woman!” The Fanalis-human snaps for a moment as her own blade blocks two opposing ones. Normally calm and focused in battle, her Fanalis genetics seem to have recognized her anger and only served to amplify it. She couldn’t get that sweet elderly woman out of her mind, how devastated she would be at losing what little she had left. ”You bastards…have no right to take what isn’t yours!” The halfling snarls in rage and slashes the closest man across the chest causing a deep wound. As she turns to face the rest of the thieves, the remaining two men exchange nervous glances at the hard look in the woman’s eyes. Suddenly they turn, sprinting down the alleyway grumbling about how the old woman’s shop isn’t worth all this. Whereas she would usually let them go (provided they didn’t make off with anything) she instantly gives chase, growling to herself in an almost feral manner.

”I’ll get them for this, I swear…” Dashing after them with her talwar held behind her, the enraged half-Fanalis quickly catches up to her prey. Lunging at the slower of the pair, she raises her sword upwards and brings it down the man’s back sharply, pushing his body into the side of the wall with her foot. The last man had managed to put some distance between them, clearly intent on saving his own skin rather than help his comrade. ”Not getting away…” She growls slowly, taking off towards him in a sprint. She catches him in a flying tackle, pushing him to the ground on his stomach and pinning his hands down. ”You scum…you’re going to pay hell for what you did…” Her face is inches from his, a mask of barely restrained rage with eerily dilated pupils. The fallen man grunts, and with an unprecedented movement, puts all of his strength into breaking one hand away from his captor and digging a dagger into her shoulder.

It takes a few solid moments for the enraged woman to register what had happened, by then the thief had taken advantage of the woman’s shock and withdrew the dagger, freeing his other wrist from her grip. Shaking off the surprise from the unforeseen assault, Ayero catches his wrists and struggles against the man for control. She hisses lowly, grimacing as the blade passes too close to her throat for comfort. Twisting the man’s wrists, in one quick motion she slashes the edge of the blade along his neck. The man lets out a strangled gasp just as yelling can be heard in the distance.

”Here’s another one! Unconcious, too…I wonder who did this; it looks like there was a chase.”

Ayero’s eyes widen as she scrambles up from the man, head turning this way and that to assess her escape. She hadn’t realized all of the commotion she was causing, it was no wonder that the guards were out now. Even though she probably wouldn’t be in much trouble for taking down a band of thieves, she didn’t have the capacity to explain herself right now. With a shaking hand she picks up her sword which had clattered to the ground when she had tackled the man, sheathing it quickly before taking off up a nearby staircase. Watching as the guards examine the dying man, she holds her injured shoulder, adrenaline finally beginning to wear off and give way to the pain. The wound wasn’t that deep, she’d be able to clean and bandage it herself. But the tear the blade had made through her clothes was rather big; she’d need a new tailor.



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