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Yakuroro {Complete}

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Yakuroro {Complete} SeymourDissidia

Yakuroro {Complete} AladdinTab_zps506e3ebb
Name: Yakuroro {No last name}
Tier: D-Tier
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age + Birthdate: 18 | August 21st
Nationality: Wanderer
Race: Imuchakk
Specialization: Intelligence | Water

Yakuroro {Complete} JudalTab_zpsa330a902

Mask Of A Saint ~ The most common expression on Yakuroro's face is that of gentle eyes and a friendly smile. To anyone that might meet him on the street or in passing, Yakuroro would seem to be quite the mild mannered nice guy. He tries to act like a glue that can hold people together by stopping fights and offering to help find solutions to the problems of others. Yakuroro will even go out of his way to great lengths for a total stranger under certain circumstances. However behind his pleasant public face Yakuroro has very little attachment to individuals around him. Instead he sees things on as if he were standing atop a cliff above everyone else in a group. His efforts to be friendly, reliable, and kind are really directed at groups rather than individuals. This mean when he sews up a child's broken stuffed animal it is not to stop the child from crying; but rather to relief its parents of that worry so they might serve the tribe elsewhere.

Mask Of A Fool ~ An accent on top of his amiable presence would be Yakuroro's tendency to be a bit of a goof ball for the sake of laughs and laughs alone. When he's joking around it will often be clear to everyone present that he is acting on purpose. Sometimes he manages to send howls of laughter all throughout an Imuchakk camp...and sometimes people react as if his "joke" made them all ashamed to call him their kin. Regardless of whether people love his antics or hate them, Yakuroro always has an ulterior motive behind the gag. He will use them to draw attention towards problems and flaws when they are going unnoticed or towards solutions for known troubles. He will try to avoid making any of his pranks or jokes personal unless he feels the target of the jest would respond better to abuse than jovial gestures.

Bleeding Heart ~ While it is true that Yakuroro's general kindness is nothing but a facade, his nature of a gentle heart is actually genuine. It is that earnest empathy which leads him to use his skill of deception for good rather than evil. Instead of empowering himself, Yakuroro's illusory lies are designed to lift others up. He considers himself a "just" denizen of the underworld in many ways despite not really having any underworld contacts...yet. Yakuroro's connection with the ruhk has always given Yakuroro an uneasy feeling as if he were born with this power because the world was in need of it. He fears that great calamity is destined for the world and seeks to be a wall of protection to defend the innocent. In many ways he is akin to sociopath and would likely be one were he to lose his empathy for other humans.

Walking The Line ~ Because Yakuroro acts for the good of others he has not fallen into depravity. However his lack of real emotional connections with others leads to a rather lonely and stressful existence. It could be said that he is currently teetering between being a great beacon of light for the world or falling into the deepest kind of darkness there is. The determining factor in Yakuroro's ruhk alignment will be the friends he happens to make during his travels and the experiences they face. Should Yakuroro come face to face with enough tragedy it is possible he could deem the world no longer worth saving. That simple change in attitude would become the catalyst for a heavy fall in depravity. After all, if the world isn't worth saving then all there is left to do is destroy it.

Pride In Magic ~ Magicians are a rare sight within the Imuchakk Tribe as they value and embody physical strength over intelligence and arcane might. Yakuroro grew up with a high intellect that made his peers feel as if they were something beneath him. After all, no one else could talk to the ruhk as he could and this made the young Yakuroro feel unique and special. As he grew older, Yakuroro began to view his connection to the ruhk as his destiny and being so akin to a sociopath, that manner of thought would of course lead right into delusions of grandeur. Yakuroro believes his magic to be the best way to solve problems when possible and avoids using his powerful strength. As a magician he feels ashamed of the barbaric muscles he was born with, but proud of the amazing feats he can accomplish using magic.

Reliable Ally ~ There are few Yakuroro really can call "friends" because of his excessively wide perspective. But those who do earn his personal attention are treated with great care and loyalty. Generally those whom can catch his eye are those with potential to be kings or great magicians. Even among that lot, only those working for a greater good obtain Yakuroro's trust as a comrade. If that trust is earned, Yakuroro will move mountains and heavens to be of help to them so long as it doesn't interfere with his own personal justice.


  • Cultivating the white ruhk in an area is Yakuroro's general mission in life. As such, anything that promotes the gathering of ruhk brings the Imuchakk Magician happiness.
  • Feasts and festivals are Yakuroro's favorite means of bringing joy and cheer to an area. Good food and drink make for merry memories.
  • People who see things on a larger scale such as himself get along well with Yokuroro. They are people he often doesn't need to deceive as they are often on the same page as he is.
  • Being a native of the northern lands one might think that Yakuroro would prefer the cold. However he's seen enough snow to last a lifetime and actually prefers milder climates.
  • Learning anything new about the world, magic in particular, excites Yakuroro with a youthful vigor. He loves studying magic and improving his ability to communicate with the ruhk. It is not unheard of for Yakuroro to lock himself away without food for weeks until he masters a new spell.


  • Those who have fallen to depravity are currently the only people Yakuroro truly hates. Ironically, that very hatred is a hidden trigger for Yakuroro falling into depravity himself.
  • It should go without saying that even without being depraved, Yakuroro dislike any oppressive or violent behavior form those around him.
  • Being stuck in one place against his will for too long can upset Yakuroro greatly. He believes that his time is far too important to be wasted around doing nothing of import.
  • Yakuroro loves his clan, however he despises their culture. His people live simple lives blindly follow traditions of placing social pressure on boys to become strong warriors. Because he did not share these values, he was bullied often while growing up.
  • Yakuroro can't stand alcohol or being around drunken people. The hazing of the mind is like spitting in the face of a gift as it would mean numbing his intelligence.


  • Yakuroro is very fearful of the dangers behind black ruhk. The Imuchakk magician will avoid contact at all costs until he is more educated in its effects.
  • Any foe two ranks higher than Yakuroro can paralyze him with fear if they make an overwhelming display of power. This can render him unable to fight back unless an ally is nearby to focus him.
  • Yakuroro struggles with a fear that his "destiny" is just the deluded dreams of a boy who never grew up. He will try to deny any evidence of this and desperately try to quietly sweep it under the rug.
  • Slugs will also provoke a fear-based response from Yakuroro. He finds their sliminess to be the pinnacle of disgusting and will comically scream like a girl if a slug ever touches him.
  • Being naked in public is one of Yakuroro's worst fears. He is incredibly shy and timid about his body as he never even considered being with a women before. Romantically he is on the level of an innocent 8 year old.


  • To save the world from the unknown threat he is confident looms overhead.
  • The spread and cultivate white ruhk for the sake of promoting growth and happiness.
  • To master several new magic types and one day visit Magnostadt to study with the world’s best.
  • To unravel the mysteries of the world's origin and the secrets behind black ruhk.
  • To earn the respect and honor of his village without relying on his physical strength. Yakuroro would prefer to win their admiration through magic alone.

Yakuroro {Complete} ScheTab_zps4f77e3b6
Face-Claim: Seymour Guado- FFX
Weight: 382lbs
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: Blue-Green
Height: 8'2"
Rukh Alignment: White
Special Traits: -

Build ~ Among the Imuchakk, Yakuroro has a fairly small muscular structure at first glance. While he stands an average(for their kin) eight feet tall, his arms and legs just aren't as thick as the rest of his tribe. Instead his arms and legs are a bit longer in proportion to his body. The difference in subtle but noticeable enough that Yakuroro took to wearing baggy loose fitting cloths just to avoid letting it be seen.  Despite this difference in shape, Yakuroro's muscles are just as strong as any other Imuchakk.

Head ~ Yakuroro possesses the signature blue hair of his people and wears it in a unique style gelled into place using greasy fat. Most of it is combed back and only falls to the bottom of his neck at its lowest. There are three strands of hair that stand out as being significantly longer than the rest. They are held up with gel made from the fat of a northern sea beast allowing the hair to angle and curve in gravity defying ways. His eyes are a bluish green and his face has soft curves and features. At the right angle, Yakuroro can sometimes appear feminine or androgynous and he receives much teasing from fellow male Imuchakk over it.

Upper Body ~ Yakuroro wears a large loose fitting robe with an elaborate large obi wrap around the waist. The robe itself is black with green trappings. There is also a grey pattern of smooth curves and sharp angels meant to represent a balance of male and female energies. The Obi is green as well and has a lighter jade green stitching which creates snowflake-like fractal patterns. He also wears a necklace made from wild beast hair held together with braiding and beads. The necklace meets in front of Yakuroro's body and drops down to his navel where it is actually tied to his trousers.

Lower Body ~ Beneath the elegant flowing robe Yakuroro's legs are clothed by a pair of black pants which stop just above his simple shoes. The pants are held up by a fine cloth belt and then further supported by the corded necklace Yakuroro wears.

Tattoo ~ When Yakuroro was young and first began learning magic his powers were misunderstood. The "voices" of the ruhk he spoke to caused strange things to happen with the water around him. At first the village thought him possessed by demons and branded him with a mark so the entire village would know to avoid him. When he proved the usefulness of his magic and people stopped fearing him, Yakuroro had another tattoo done over the brand to conceal the fact that he was once marked as an unholy beast. The new tattoo is of two sea creatures on either breast rising out of the waters.

Yakuroro {Complete} YunanTab_zpsba28a063


~Origins Of A Magician~

Yakuroro was born to a fairly normal family of Imuchakk whom were no different from the rest of their kin. His village was a smaller northern raiding group which had stubbornly refused to merge with the primary Imuchakk tribe. He was the last child born out of 3 brothers and 2 sisters for a total of 5 children. Yakuroro's father was a warrior who made a living in the Imuchakk raiding parties whilst his mother was a healer and an excellent cook whom could catch her own ingredients. He was born healthy enough, but as he grew older it became apparent that his build was different from his brothers, sisters, and cousins. It wasn't a drastic difference, but he stood out as lanky and skinny at a glance.

When Yakuroro was old enough to speak he was just beginning to tap into his ability to communicate with the ruhk. Had this talent been nurtured then who knows how great of a magician he might be today! But alas, he didn't even realize the others of his clan couldn't even see the fluttering beings of light as they hovered around important people and events. As Yakuroro grew older he slowly began "hearing" voices from the ruhk. When he listened something strange would always happen to the water nearby. He made the mistake of performing this trick in public to show off for another Imuchakk child. But instead of being entertained the boy ran home to his mother in fear.

The village quickly fell into a panic when a concerned mother began screaming "Demon" at the top of her lungs. Without really knowing all the details, others joined in the ridicule and the young Yakuroro was tied up in the center of the village. He received a branding to mark him as a demon and he was banished from the village. At the time, Yakuroro was only ten years old and he could not possibly have survived exile on his own. But as he was cast into a snow storm by his own kin, Yakuroro thought he caught a glimpse of ruhk fluttering in the distance leading north away from the village.

With nothing else to lose, Yakuroro followed that guiding sign and simply began walking. It was two days before he found anything and the young Imuchakk almost lost hope. The snow storm didn't bother him too much, but lack of food was going to be the end of the growing young boy. It was on the night of the second day that Yakuroro spotted the light of a fire in the distance. When the exiled Imuchakk approached closer he could see that someone had made a large tent of sorts midst the frozen wastelands. Yakuroro entered the tent to find a warm fire and fresh food cooking atop it. Beside himself with hunger, Yakuroro consumed the half cooked meat that was roasting so fast the old man sitting inside the tent hardly had time to stop him.

Realizing he'd just taken food without asking, Yakuroro begged forgiveness and began to explain his situation, however the old man simply held up his hand and nodded before pointing to the brand. The old geezer then revealed that he too had received the same brand, albeit many years ago. The old man was a shaman of the Imuchakk from the same tribe as Yakuroro. He too had been exiled but at an older age. The man told Yakuroro of a fantastical adventure to a land called Magnostadt where he had learned magic.

~Return Of A Demon~

The old shaman was Yakuroro's first magic teacher and in exchange for helping him with simple chores, the old man taught the young Imuchakk all the basics of ruhk and magoi. Yakuroro spent 3 years studying under the old man before he passed away of old age. With his mentor's passing, Yakuroro decided to return to the village soon. The young apprentice waited two months before taking the old man's staff and leaving the tent which had been his home for the past few years behind.

Possessing a grasp and understanding over his powers which he never had before, the youth was confident he would be able to show his people the benefits of using magic. He choose to wait before returning because one of the spells he'd learned told him a great storm was coming. Yakuroro appeared at the edge of his village on the eve of that great storm. Needless to say, when the boy everyone thought was dead showed up in front of the watch post wielding a staff...people panicked. The village warriors were on top of him in moments but a simple spell made the ground wet and slippery causing them to fall over at his feet.

The village chief arrived on the scene and demanded silence and calm from the villagers before demanding to know why an exile had the audacity to return. Yakuroro explained that he was not possessed, but that he could speak to the elements and the energy behind them. Of course this was all nonsense to the elder whom simply gave the boy a look that said, "As if I care about how it works. It's foreign and won’t be tolerated!" It seemed like Yakuroro's negotiations were breaking down, but then he remembered the village elder's pride and issued a challenge. Yakuroro would race the Chief in a swimming match outside the village. If Yakuroro won the race, the village Elder would lift his exile and listen to how the young magician could be useful. If he lost the race, then he would accept his own execution on the spot.

The terms of the race were hardly in Yakuroro's favor as the Chief was known for winning races. But Yakuroro was not fighting alone and had the power of the ruhk on his side. When the race began, Yakuroro cast a spell that would create two currents in the water. One current pushed against the chief from the front and another  current blasted at Yakuroro's own back. The result was a decrease in the chief’s speed and an increase in his own that actually allowed Yakuroro to win the match.

The Chief held up his end of the bargain and Yakuroro's brand as a demon was covered up with a tattoo of two sea beasts resembling steeds rising up out of the seas. With the Chief's ear, Yakuroro was able to warn his people of the coming storm and the raid parties planned for the next morning were put on hold for one more day. When Yakuroro's prediction was spot on and a terrible blizzard struck the next day, his trust within the village was restored.

~Trouble Fitting In~

While Yakuroro earned a place back in his village, his family had moved on without him and was avoiding him out of guild for having not protected him when he was exiled. This didn't seem to bother Yakuroro at all and he simply took to living by himself on the outskirts of the village. It was good to be home and Yakuroro did everything he could to be of use. He used his clairvoyance magic to predict the weather for the raiding parties and use other water spells to easily gather fish and other sea goods. For two years he increased village productivity on several fronts and proved to be invaluable for ensuring the increased success and power of his village.

For all Yakuroro's efforts to be of use to the village, other young Imuchakk boys whom had already defeated Rampaging Unicorns and become full warriors still mocked him. Not only was he skinnier and a bit girly, but Yakuroro also never showed off his strength. Never showing any interest in gaining the title of "warrior" also didn't make him popular among his peers. Even though he was friendly with everyone in the village, no one really appreciated him or the convenience his magic’s provided. Being a pariah of sorts didn't bother Yakuroro, but he felt it limited how useful he could be.

In a final attempt to find a place in his home, Yakuroro set out to finally take the warriors test to defeat the Rampaging Unicorn. Confident in his magic, the Imuchakk magician declared to the village that he would defeat the unicorn using magic alone. He set out from the village with nothing but his staff and a large boulder carried on his shoulder. Yakuroro didn't really want to kill a sea creature so when he set his bait for the rampaging unicorn, he did so near a great ice berg. When the beast arrived, Yakuroro met it underwater and used his magic to create a cross current below them carrying sand and debris upwards in a billowing cloud. The smoke screen enraged the beast and it attacked with its horn in a blind fury. The creature's rampage ended up being its own undoing as its horn became lodged into the ice berg.

With the creature caught, Yakuroro simply climbed to the top of the glacier where the boulder he'd carried from the village awaited. Yakuroro rolled the boulder off right on top of the Rampaging Unicorn so it would land on its horn and snap it free of the monster. Yakuroro had crippled the beast for life, but he had also obtained the coveted horn of his people's warrior class. Yakuroro took a full day to carve the horn free from the glacier and then returned to his village a hero. At last, people his age began treating Yakuroro like an equal!

Despite his successful hunt, Yakuroro quickly realized that people still did not see the real value of his magic or his insistence that logical thinking and education were important for the village. It became clear to Yakuroro that his home could not bind him any longer. Once his Unicorn Horn was carved into a worthy staff, Yakuroro set out from the village on a lie telling everyone that he was off to train for the sake of defeating the Queen of rampaging unicorns. But the truth was that he wanted to spread his help to places where he was more needed.

~Answering A Greater Calling~

For the last three years of Yakuroro's life he has been traveling the world. Deciding on his 15th birthday that life in the Imuchakk village was a waste of his time, Yakuroro set out to see the world and all its wonders. Yakuroro knew that his home would be in safe hands as the white ruhk there had been healthy even before he started being a good influence. With his heart at peace, Yakuroro turned his attention towards the vast map of their planet and began searching for the source of something.

Ever since Yakuroro first listened to the ruhk he had a feeling that a grand destiny lie waiting in store for him. He knew the face of cruelty and evil as well as the black ruhk such emotional extremes could produce. When he'd learned magic from the old man he heard stories of countries where the ruhk is more black than white. These lands would be Yakuroro's destinations so that he might try and rid the world of any suffering he finds.

Over three years his travels have taken Yakuroro through Reim and Zou where he investigated rumors of dark magic. Despite a dedicated effort, the leads always seemed to meet with dead ends. The only thing that made these travels worthwhile was the small towns and villages Yakuroro was able to help out along the way.

Now Yakuroro is feeling the limitations of what he can do with his simple magic training. His current course is set to Magnostatd to fulfill his life dream of studying magic at the country's famous academy. Yakuroro seeks to improve himself so that he might be prepared for the trials he knows await him. It should be noted that while he has left his village, he did so on the premise of training to defeat the Rampaging Unicorn Queen using only magic. As such, he is still welcome to return home without fear of persecution.

Role-Play Sample:

((A post from a Naruto Forum I'm on. Willing to pm verification of authorship.))

The world appeared to have its color washed away, bleeding out into gray scale as Mugen's eyes looked down to the Jounin's corpse beside him. While the mad Genin had already gone and Mugen's eyes were looking elsewhere, the image of madness on his deranged partners face remained burned and imprinted at the forefront of Mugen's mind. "O-Oi...Get up..." The injured genin reached down with his good arm to shake the man in hopes of stirring him from his slumber but he paused as the growing pool of blood coming from the man’s wound reached Mugen's cloths. Somehow he could tell from the way the Jounin's body was still that all life had already left him.  Mugen's hand slowly retracted just as he heard a scream that was quickly reduced to a gurgling struggle reminiscent of the same death Mugen just witnessed. Following this, the barrier fell apart and shouts of confusion began.

Slowly, Mugen struggled to the edge of the roof on a pair of shaking legs that could barely hold his weight. Each step felt like it lasted a lifetime and a ringing began in his head the moment he began standing. Something suddenly got in his eye, damn, must have been sweat. The genin wiped his eye with his sleeve and then looked down to find a bit of blood smudged against the fibers of his jacket. Perfect, his head had been wounded during the fall after he got kicked. No wonder why his head was ringing. "I need....*pant* patch this *pant* up..." Mugen realized that he was feeling short of breath and tried to control his breathing as he took the Kumogakure headband from his waist and tied it tightly around his forehead to keep more blood from getting into his eyes.

The ringing subsided enough for Mugen to hear more yelling, but he couldn't understand what they were saying. The voices were older and had a pleading tone...


Mugen made it to the edge of the roof just in time to see the genin standing over another dead masked jounin. There were speckles of blood spattered over the genin's face and his hands were covered in it. The last jounin in their area was approaching the genin slowly trying to get the boy the hand over his weapon.

"Easy, just stop and hand me the kunai..."

The jounin took a few cautious steps towards the Genin as the child covered in blood slowly reached out as if to hand over the weapon. But from Mugen's standpoint he could see the explosive tag the crazed shinobi was hiding behind his back. "Look out!" Mugen shouted just as the jounin put hands on the kunai, but the distraction only proved to serve the Genin's favor. The jounin looked up at Mugen giving the youth in front of him the opening to slap the explosive tag onto the jounin's neck before jumping up onto the roof next to Mugen. "My name is Kiemon. Thanks for the save! I didn't know if my trick would have worked without your help." The madman had finally been named. It seems helping him earn a kill was what it took to get the boy talking. But the name fell on deaf ears as Mugen watched with horror while the last remaining adult nearby who could have salvaged the situation screamed in pitiful fear. The jounin clawed at his neck to remove the explosive tag but it was far too late. His fate was to end in a crimson laced explosion.

Watching this life snuff out in a brilliant blaze caused something to snap in Mugen. Kiemon's face was still awash in gleeful insanity as he scanned the village from the roof and spotted the other barriers nearby. "There must be more of them. We should go take care of them too..." He sounded excited but his eyes looked empty as they had before the killing began. Mugen turned his head and formed a smile as he replied, "Yeah...I'm pretty hurt, you go on ahead." Anyone capable of empathy would have been able to see the pain in Mugen's eyes. It was the pain of having to take this life which Mugen felt was pushed to an extreme unjustly. If possible he would have wanted to save this boy, but he had already gone to a place where Mugen could never rescue him.

Trusting his "partner" fully the wild Genin turned his back to Mugen and prepared to set out to "save" the village. But a sudden sharp pain came over his throat as his head jerked forwards a bit. Kiemon tried to speak, but this only brought more pain. His eyes went wide as he reached up and felt the pointy end of a kunai sticking out of his wind pipe. Blood pooled in the genin's mouth as he turned to Mugen expected to see the smiling face of a traitor. But as the psychopath's gaze fell on his comrade there was nothing but sorrow. Tears were streaming from Mugen's eyes and his hand refused to move from the stance it ended in after throwing the Kunai.

"You idiot..."

Kiemon's eyes went wide once more, as the sight of Mugen's face made him realize what was going on. 'Aaaahhh I see...I was the enemy...Sorry, looks like I screwed up.' Kiemon's silent final thoughts to himself caused his expression to change naturally into an apologetic smile. Seeing this Mugen reached forward for Kiemon and stumbled into a run to catch him, but there was no way to make it in time and the kunai in his neck was already a death sentence anyways. Kiemon's body fell backwards off the roof and landed next to the two dead Jounin nearby. After watching the genin fall to his death, Mugen collapsed onto the floor and a wave of darkness fell over him along with the numb blanket of unconsciousness...

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Thank you all, for everything.

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Completion Bump


Thank you all, for everything.

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Alrighty, let's get to work here:

  • Aspirations: "To save the world from the unknown threat he is confident looms overhead." - Take that one out. There might be several "unknown threats" throughout the plot of the site, plus it seems slightly metagamey to me. And, at the moment, there really isn't any threat he could know about (until we actually start RPing that is).

  • History: The Imuchakk do indeed frown upon the usage of magic, but within the country section you should note that there still are some practitioners of it. So, the entire village formed by Asiak would not have called him a Demon and marked him with a strange emblem, but probably shunned him at the most. My suggestion to you is that he was raised in a separate tribe from the main village, maybe a group which didn't want to assimilate into the much larger one. Otherwise it wouldn't make much sense with the Imuchakk's general ideas and mindsets.

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Jael wrote:Alrighty, let's get to work here:

  • Aspirations: "To save the world from the unknown threat he is confident looms overhead." - Take that one out. There might be several "unknown threats" throughout the plot of the site, plus it seems slightly metagamey to me. And, at the moment, there really isn't any threat he could know about (until we actually start RPing that is).

I acknowledge this as delusions of grandeur in a couple different points throughout his app. While it sounds metagamey at a glance, I've made it a result of his character development.

If you still want it gone say the word, but I believe it suits the Magician. Especially because of the way he looks at things from the perspective of a group leader. He believes himself responsible for the entire worlds fate, and is thus paranoid that there is some great threat ready to destroy it.

Jael wrote:

  • History: The Imuchakk do indeed frown upon the usage of magic, but within the country section you should note that there still are some practitioners of it. So, the entire village formed by Asiak would not have called him a Demon and marked him with a strange emblem, but probably shunned him at the most. My suggestion to you is that he was raised in a separate tribe from the main village, maybe a group which didn't want to assimilate into the much larger one. Otherwise it wouldn't make much sense with the Imuchakk's general ideas and mindsets.

Thought this was obvious, but added the following to make it clear:

Yakuroro was born to a fairly normal family of Imuchakk whom were no different from the rest of their kin. His village was a smaller northern raiding group which had stubbornly refused to merge with the primary Imuchakk tribe.

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Whoops, forgot to save my edits before that bump. NOW its edited. Promise <3


Thank you all, for everything.

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I shall allow your metagamey aspiration. >_> Just kidding, it never really bothered me. I just needed to find something wrong with your app, haha. Anyway, I assumed you meant that the tribe was an outsider in your history, but it's always better to specifically state it, you know what I mean?

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