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Jarrah Tehkummah

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Jarrah Tehkummah Tumblr_m2m2t1oxqO1qdqblzo1_500

Name: Jarrah Tehkummah
Tier: D-Tier [Novice].
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age + Birthdate: 21 | 23/03
Nationality: Imuchakk
Race: Imuchakk
Specialization: Strength

Personality: Although being a member of the great northern Imuchakk tribe, Jarrah is not one for boasting of the strength of his people. Although, thanks to his natural blue hair, it is difficult to hide his heritage no matter how much he tries. It's not that jarrah is against being an Imuchakk, rather, he loves the culture of his people. What he does not like is everyone knowing what he is without him trusting them enough to tell them himself. No matter where he goes, he is recognised as an Imuchakk and, regardless of whether he is tall and muscular as some of his kinsman or not, some people naturally fear the strength of the Imuchakk, which is understandable, considering they possess the strength to crush a body with one single punch. It is rather ironic then, that the rite of passage into manhood for the Imuchakk is to hunt a beast, from which you can form a weapon of your own.

Jarrah relishes in his culture and beliefs, as the Imuchakk live for the sake of living. They love life, and all it has to offer, which is perfect for Jarrah. Jarrah is never a single minded kind of person, he changes his personality daily, if not more regularly. Sometimes he can wake up to be very lazy, and he will do nothing but lie in his bed and relax for the entire day, doing absolutely nothing productive. Other days, Jarrah may find himself with a sudden, almost miraculous burst of energy, allowing him to be spontaneous and productive for the day, hunting and gathering food for the people of his village and of his tribe. He is very protective of his lineage, and his country, and does not take kindly to anyone who dares insult his kin.

Being one of the Imuchakk, his cultural beliefs and upbringing is very different to those of the other countries. As such, Jarrah is naturally against some of the beliefs of the other countries. However, for the majority of the cultures he knows about, he is content with their beliefs. He is very intellectual, and is fascinated with other cultures. He is very intrigued by Heliohapt's religious beliefs, although he only knows some of their many Gods: those Gods being Anubis: the God of Death and the Afterlife, and Ra: the God of the Sun. He finds the beliefs astounding, and is a true scholar, as he wishes to visit all the lands and learn about every culture he possibly can, regardless of how far away it is from his Frozen Northern Homeland.

Unlike many people in his homeland, Jarrah is more open minded about magic. He is no magician himself, but he holds no hostility towards those who are practitioners of magic, to the extent that he wishes to one day visit Magnostadt, if nothing else than just to explore the city, and understand how a city comprised simply of magicians works. He has heard very little about the land, as many of his clansmen are against the practising of magic themselves, but Jarrah, quite frankly, finds magic beautiful, if destructive.

Reim and Balbadd are both countries that Jarrah has never visited and, once again, are countries that he would like to visit, should he ever find the time. Living in the north means that there is not much industrialization for the Imuchakk, unlike Reim, which is, as he has heard, a land filled with cogs, sprockets, and machinery - most of which Jarrah either had never heard of or, if he has, does not understand how any of it all works. His mind itches to study all the innermost workings of the land, if he ever manages to reach Reim in his travels. Balbadd is just an interesting place, as it is the closest place to Imuchakk, if you remove the giant blue haired men and women, and the cold. Balbadd seems like a peaceful land, a good place to relax and spend some time.

However, of all the countries, the one Jarrah agrees least with is the Zou Empire, and their beliefs. The Zou Empire are all about conquering new lands, and becoming the strongest military force in the world, something that disgusts Jarrah. Jarrah is not a pacifist, that is impossible for an Imuchakk, with their hunting skills and strength, but he fights only when it is necessary, if someone attacks him first or gives him enough reason to attack them through other means, whether it be physically attacking a friend of Jarrah's, or simply angering him. Despite being a scholar, when it comes to people like the Zou Empire who desire war and conquer lands to prove their strength, Jarrah has no patience for people like that.


  • Variety - The entire reason Jarrah set off from his homeland in the first place, he loves experiencing everything life has to offer, regardless of how horrible it is. He wishes to visit every city and develop an understanding of every culture from every country.
  • Imuchakk - Jarrah is very proud of his heritage, and so will not take it lightly if anyone insults his kin or his country.


  • Unnecessary Conflict - The main reason Jarrah dislikes the beliefs of the Zou Empire is because Jarrah is completely against conflict that is unnecessary. Whether it be war, which the Zou are renowned for, or simply gladiatorial battles to the death for other people's enjoyment. He hates people that take pleasure in pain.
  • Fear - Not necessarily Jarrah's own fear, but he does not like seeing other people afraid, whether it be of him or of another force. It pains him to see other people afraid, and he tries to avoid it.

Phobias: Having lived his entire life in wide open spaces and hunting in the northern lands of the Imuchakk, Jarrah is one with the open air and loves the outdoors. However, during his time as a slave, Jarrah was locked in very small cages, with next to no access to sunlight or the outside world, and he developed a fear of enclosed spaces: claustrophobia. If ever locked in a enclosed room, with no obvious way of escaping, Jarrah breaks down, and goes into a frenzy, attacking anything around him, be it a person or a structure. Luckily, due to his natural immense strength, punching a wall of a building usually causes the wall to crumble, which helps him out of his frenzied state, as soon as he feels a breeze or sunlight on his face.

Aspirations: Unlike others in Jarrah's village, other Imuchakk, Jarrah does not share the aspirations of his people to become the strongest, or venture out or anything as complex as that. Jarrah has only one wish, one thing that he wishes to gain, and give to the world: peace. He hates suffering, and conflict, which is one of the main reasons that he hates the Zou Empire, who thrive off of war and conquering other lands. But peace is something he wishes to see in all things, be it racial differences being understood and everyone accepting everyone else for who they are. Jarrah is well aware, as he has been told many times, that this dream is "impossible", "unattainable" and so on, but he believes it'll be possible one day.

Face-Claim: Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez - Bleach
Weight: 176lbs
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 6' 1"
Rukh Alignment: White
Special Traits: Fangs
Appearance: 100

Jarrah is a tall muscular man, standing at over six feet tall, with light blue hair, one of the genetic traits of his people, the Imuchakk, and blue eyes. His hair is short, as he cut it from being too long and too make it easier to hide who and what he was from those that would do him harm, for example his slave masters. His blue hair is the only feature of him that can be linked to his heritage and his race so he cut it short so that it was easier to hide. He is proud of who he is, and usually goes out with his cloak off or at least with the hood down, so that people can see his face but, when the time calls for stealth, having bright blue hair is not very normal among humans.

In terms of clothing, Jarrah wears very little. Being an Imuchakk, Jarrah is naturally accustomed to the cold and winter, it no longer affects him as it does other people, and so he does not need to wear layer upon layers of clothing to keep the chill away from him. Also, since he is travelling to warmer countries than his own, wearing less in terms of clothing is usually best for the weather. As such, Jarrah's attire consists of a simple white jacket, which he usually leaves open to the weather, but has the option to close it in the form of straps. Below that he wears a hakama bottom: a skirt looking traditional garb, which is white as well as his shirt. He finally ends this look with a pair of white sandals and black socks upon his feet.

History: Imuchakk, the great giant people to the north, living in the frozen wastelands, hunting and fighting, struggling to become the best, living off the land that provided for them, and being the strongest men ever to roam the lands. And throughout all of this, all this hunting, fighting, living, where was Jarrah Tehkummah? In his family's tent, reading books and tomes that he had found from all over his home country. He was a disgrace to his people, a disgrace to his heritage and a disgrace to the land that fed him, cared for him, helped him throughout his entire life and nurtured him.

And did Jarrah care? Not on bit.

He had discovered early on in his life that, as Imuchakk go, he wasn't the tallest or the strongest. However, he was the smartest. He knew what made his village worked, and he understood what troubled people and why they were angry, which was helpful, considering he was the son of the strongest man in the country. His father held the most influence in his village, and so it was by his rule that Jarrah was to be accepted, despite his unnaturally intelligent and curious mind. It stopped the adults from doing any more than the occasional curse his way and word when they thought he wasn't listening, but it wasn't so easy for the other people his age. Jarrah was shunned, as he was weaker, and was bullied by the people in his village. Which is actually pretty ironic, considering no one actually knew the truth about Jarrah. During the day he studied and learned everything he could, but at night he trained. He wasn't the strongest, but that was because he included all the adults, including his father. Jarrah was actually the second strongest in the village, only because he had never challenged his father for first place.

One day, slavers destroyed Jarrah's village and took him as a slave. He learned much about the slaver's way of living and, being an Imuchakk, he was sold many times and exchanged hands in many ways, and being locked in his cages eventually caused him to develop claustrophobia, which caused him to go into a frenzy, and eventually free himself from his masters. He wound up in Reim, after having freeing himself, and now his story starts.

Role-Play Sample:
Myself on another forum wrote:
"1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6..." All the way up to 60 he counted, then back to 1 again. Over and over again, when he slept, his resident took over, counting and watching in case anyone approached while one slept. The time they spent awake they counted, gauging the length of time that had passed since they last saw the outside world. If they were accurate, this was their third day in jail, all because of something that had literally happened a decade ago. Either way, Sora didn't think he would be trapped for much longer. Luxana had not been jailed for she was not a murderer, and so she was trying to find a way out for the two trapped inside the cell.

On the third day, they were both awake for a time and they spoke to each other, because Sora was curious about something. "Hey Integumentum, you there?" The reply was a grunt, like someone had just woken him up from a nice sleep, and he just couldn't be bothered, but he spoke, "Of course I'm here. What do you want? And why is it your speaking, your in my head?"

"Well, everyone's expected to be going insane here, so I figure if I talk to myself, and then you talk back, we'll be thought of as insane and they will take us out of here. Then we can make our move while they transport us. It might work, you never know." The reply was quick, and true, "Your plan could work if not for one thing: our warden is that Alek bastard, and I'm sure Pride has told him of me, so it won't work."

"I guess that makes sense. Now that Pride guy, why did you call you Integra, their isn't even an "r" in your name. What's the story behind that?"

Pausing for a moment, as he tried to remember, Integumentum chuckled and then spoke,"That's a sick joke on his part. There is an old language known as Latin. Few of your kind speak it these days but it was a prominent language during my time. My name is Latin, it means shroud, as is Luxana's, to an extent. She is Light. And our friend Pride was once called Tenebris: darkness. However, as my darkness is of the physical form, he was mental darkness. Sin as you may now call it. Anyway, I'm getting off track. Integra, although being similar to my true name, means whole in Latin. Tenebris called me Integra because, as made obvious by the fact I keep changing vessels, I am most certainly not whole."

Sora now understood, but he was still curious, and wanted to know more about Integumentum's time alive, "Tell me about those times. What was it like, and how do you know Pride and Luxana?" This time there was no hesitation in the reply,

"Pride and Luxana eh? Well, we're siblings. We shared the same father, not sure about the mother, that might have been different, but we were blood relations. Our father loved Luxana more though, and taught her the Sun Magic she spoke of to you when you first met. Me and my brother had to find other means, and we both delved into Darkness, but different forms of it. I took to utilising the element of darkness. my brother, on the other hand, I'm not so sure of. He gained a power related to demons, or daemons as he called them, and he was able to command demons. His strongest demons were a group in themselves. Together with Tenebris, or Pride as he called himself then, they formed the Seven Deadly Sins. Greed, Envy, Lust, Wrath, Gluttony, Sloth and Pride. They were powerful, and together they managed to defeat a few of my vessels, but I killed them. My brother, on the other hand, refused to die. Like me I guess, I understood the frustration that must have plagued everyone that wanted me dead, it just wasn't happening any time soon."

Sora was shocked, and it took him everything not to interrupt. Integumentum and Pride, brothers?. It was strange, but then they both stopped and listened. They could not see, but they heard the voice of Alek, asking someone if they were sure about letting out "her brother": Luxana. "Haha, I knew she'd pull through. That's my sister for you. Sora, I do believe we'll be leaving soon."

True to his predictions, Luxana's mellifluous voice was heard ringing throughout the cell block, "I do, Alek. You call my brother unstable? He is not a mass murderer. Sora was the murderer, and he had his reasons, of which I shall not disclose. And don't worry, my brother will not go on a rampage. Not this one at least." She smiled at Alek but her last words were for Pride. She then spoke again, "The darkness all around us is here because someone made it so. If someone has that kind of power, your going to need all the help you can get. Someone who understands Shadow Magic, and uses it themselves, would be wasted locked up here, when they can help save the world. Although my brother is not one for saving the world, that doesn't mean he wants it gone. He will fight, and they will lose. Of that, I can assure you."

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Character completed. I rushed the history so excuse how vile it is, I'll complete it another day but for now I just want approved to join in the plot. History meets the 350+ word count at least. I am sorry for the mod that has to read it

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Thank you all, for everything.

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