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Escort [C]

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Job Name:Escort
Job Rank:C
Job Location:Anywhere
Job Rewards:100xp 7,000 Huang
Job Overview:You meet a lady clutching a letter and looking nervous when youa re walking around the town. This girl is carrying top secret information and has to get to Mr. Shaw who is in the same town. Though she doesn’t know exactly where the person is in the town. This is where you come in to help. You offer to escort her to this person. After walking for a while, you will encounter five guys trying to steal that letter. All you have to do is take them out and Mr. Shaw will come running over to you and the girl before rewarding you. Now make sure the letter and the girl is all okay without even a scratch on them for if they are hurt in any way, you will fail the mission.  

Enemy Name:Thieves(5)
Needed damage to take down:D
Abilities: They all carry daggers with them and are extremely agile (20m/s) Their size is their biggest strength.

After finishing a late dinner at a nearby pub, Ayero heads back toward the inn where she was staying for the time being. The night was still young however, and the half-fanalis found herself wandering aimlessly along the darkened streets. A young woman passes by, a dark shawl wrapped around her head and neck. Ayero pays this woman no mind, only sparing a passing glance before judging that she likely had no ill intent. The mysterious woman however, pauses after passing the halfling and half-turns toward her, eyeing the red head with nervous dark eyes. ”Excuse me…miss?” Her voice is small and trembles slightly, but it’s the only noticeable noise save for some distant chatter a little ways down the road. ”Hm?” Ayero turns toward her, hand reflectively flying to the hilt of her sword. This mysterious girl may look innocent, but the fanalis had been fooled before. The girl mustered a nervous smile. ”I’m sorry if I’ve startled you but…I’m in need of a little help. I can pay!” This caught the halfling’s attention and her had returns to her side, wordlessly urging the woman to continue. ”I’m going to deliver this letter to an important coworker of mine. The problem is, ah, I’m not exactly sure where to find him…”

”And you’d like for me to help you search for him?” The traveler raises a brow. ”Well, not exactly…I know he’s supposed to be in this general area, but it’s getting late and…” The woman’s eyes shift anxiously and she fidgets with the envelope. ”Well, I just think that it would be smart to have some protection around, right?” Considering that Ayero had spent the past week training and not taking jobs, she figured that this would be easy money. Besides, this may be the perfect chance to test her new skills outside of sparring.

After about ten minutes of walking, Ayero began to regret agreeing to help this woman. It wasn’t as if the job itself was  too difficult, in fact they hadn’t even had a single confrontation so far. The woman, who quickly introduced herself as Nyria seemed to be less anxious as well seeing as how she would not shut up. ”Are you a fanalis?” Nyria’s tone was more cheerful as she peered up at the taller woman’s red hair. ”Half.” ”Oh! Do you get it from your mother or your father? Or perhaps they are both half-fanalis?” ”My mother.” The half-fanalis had angled her head toward the side of the street, pretending to have an interest in the passing shops rather than the annoying woman who seemed unfazed. ”Where are you from?” ”Reim.” ”Does your family still live there?”

”You know, if you keep talking so much you’ll attract attention.” Nyria mouthed an “Oh” before quieting down much to Ayero’s relief. The relaxation was short lived as they passed through an alleyway, Nyria mumbling something about how this might be where he had wanted to meet her.  Footsteps could be heard at the mouth of the alley from where they entered, approaching the pair quickly. Ayero’s eyes narrowed in figuring that trouble had found them and spun around, grabbing Nyria’s arm and pulling the young woman behind her. The women soon found themselves circled by five rather large men—all looking rather menacing, all with daggers. The largest of them men stepped forward as Ayero reached for her sword.

”Come now, young lady. We both know that it doesn’t have to be this way; just hand over the letter and we’ll leave you be.” His weapon reflect the moonlight when he gestures with his dagger. ”N-no way! H..hey…” Nyria leans into Ayero’s neck, whispering. ”You…you can take those guys right? I mean, there’s a lot of them…I think we should try running inste—“ ”Don’t move.” In an instant her talwar is drawn, the long blade pointed at the throat of the man who had addressed them. ”I’d suggest you leave.” She knew it wouldn’t work, as intimidating as she could sometimes be it was two against five. Well…one against five.

”L-look out!” Nyria squeaked, grabbing her protector’s shoulder and jumping to the side as she did so to avoid the blade of the bandit behind her. Ayero had dodged in time to avoid the full assault but the man was swift enough for his dagger to graze her cheek. Smirking at the surprised look on the halfling’s face the man opened his mouth to taunt her but was met with a fist smashing into his face. They’re faster than I expected…! But I’m fast, too. Their speed had caught her off guard, but unless these strange men were fanalis, she’d at least be able to out muscle them. Either I’ve gotten better or it doesn’t take much to bring them down.

Two of the others charged at her, daggers brandished above their heads. Using her blade to block one, she dodges the other man’s strike by moving to the left. The man she had blocked was still pressing his weapon against hers, seemingly determined to break through her defense. It seemed futile to the young woman, why would he insist on challenging her like this when her weapon was clearly superior? But the man was more clever than he let on, focusing the halfling’s attention on blocking before breaking away, flourishing his blade and aiming for her side at an alarming speed. This too, she was able to dodge barely in time, leaping into the air and delivering a heavy kick to the man’s neck, knocking him some distance back. After landing she crouches lower, grabbing Nyria’s hand to keep her charge as close to her as possible. Angling Kotowari backwards, she lunges at the two closest men and slashes at their chests with a total of three strikes. They both go down, slumping over and groaning in pain. As she heads for the last man, one of the defeated yet conscious thieves grabs her ankle causing her to stumble. The last man raises his dagger as the woman falls, prepared to strike but Ayero is quick to react, regaining her balance and taking advantage of her already low to the ground position to jam her elbow into the point at the back of the man’s knee, effectively paralyzing the limb for a short while. A few moments was all that she needed to spring upward and deliver a sharp blow to the man’s chest with her fist.

”Are you alright? That was incredible!” Nyria cooed, taking out a cloth and dabbing at the shallow wound on the woman’s cheek. ”Nyria! There you are, thank heavens. I thought something had happened to you.” The man who Nyria identified as Mr.Shaw rushed into the alleyway after hearing the commotion. ”I’m certainly grateful that you’ve helped keep Nyria and the letter safe. Here, as a token of my appreciation. Don’t be shy, go on. Take it!” The man presents Ayero with a pouch of coins to which the fanalis-human readily accepts.

Stamina: 100/120


Name: Kuikku-Mahi
Tier: D
Cost: 10 stamina
Weapon Type: N/A
Class: Supplementary
Range: Close
Duration: 1 post
Cool-Down: 3 posts
Description: The user jams their elbow or knee into an opponent’s pressure point (juncture between the pointer finger and thumb, inner elbow, etc.) at 10 m/s, effectively paralyzing that limb for up to two posts.

Name: Sanpo Kenju
Tier: D
Cost: 10 stamina
Weapon Type: Talwar
Class: Offensive
Range: Close
Duration: 2 posts
Cool-Down: 3 posts
Description: A close range attack, the user approaches the opponent quickly with their blade angled behind them. Once the opponent is close enough in range, the user brings the blade forward to deal 2-3 slashes at 5 m/s aimed at either the opponent’s abdomen or arms. This attack deals D-tier damage with minor cuts.


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