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The Crimson Mood Festival (C)

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Weapons brought:
The Crimson Mood Festival (C) Yagura10
Name: Yagura no Tachi
Tier: D
Type: Sword
Appearance: This sword is about the length of a normal katana, about 73 cm long. The handle and hilt of the sword is decorated with skulls, which fits the theme of the blade, a cursed sword. The color of the blade is purple, which also contributes to the theme of the sword. The blade of the sword is curved, and is also jagged in some areas.

“You want me to what?” shouted Raizel as he spit the tea he was drinking out of him mouth. “Yea, you heard me right. You don’t need to go around screaming in front of me, I can hear perfectly fine. Plus, you’re cleaning that mess out. All the maids have taken their day off today for the Crimson Moon Parade. And yes, you’re going to patrol around the venue of the festival. It’s a festival; there’s gonna be fights and brawls because of cheating woman, or accident groping, thefts, and maybe even drunk men picking a fight they cannot win. The government knows about you and your current successes against bandits and thieves, and they want you to be one of the guards. The festival is huge, so they’ve separated it into different areas, and lucky for you, you’re in the food area! That means you can enjoy some food while patrolling.” Raizel took a cloth and started cleaning the mess as he listens to Zenkichi. “Yea, eating seems fun, but you know, I rather be in the area where they’re having the Beauty Pageant Competition. Most girls in the food area is either overweight, or already taken.” Zenkichi shook his head and folded his arms before continuing. “You’re getting paid a lot for this job. And plus, you’ll be able to train yourself for this mission. Just be sure not to kill or maim anyone. They’re citizens after all. And the Pharaoh loves his citizens too much.” Raizel nodded his head the moment he heard that he is getting paid, and asked no more question.

Raizel spent the rest of his time sleeping, since he would be needing rest. He had been over-exerting his body these few days, and to prepare for tonight in case a huge brawl happen, Raizel decided not to take the risk and just sleep. Another reason for him sleeping is because he’s too lazy to train, and he wants to save his cash for tonight. When he woke up, it was already evening. Raizel then decided to take a shower to cool himself before getting change and head out to the festival. The festival was huge and crowded. Raizel didn’t expect it to be this huge. Raizel knew it was a huge event, but he never expected it to be this big. Raizel didn’t even dream to see this much people in one area; he didn’t even thought Heliohapt could fit this much people! Raizel knew he was early, therefore he took a detour to his area. He played some minigames, bought some souvenirs, and managed to win some prizes from the stall. Realizing that there was still time before the festival starts, he decide to place his prizes and souvenirs home before starting his patrol duty. Well, how can he fight with his hands filled with gifts and prizes?

He made it back in time before the festival starts. He was already prepared, his eyes constantly scanning the area, while his mouth was busy chomping on foreign snacks and sweets. Man, he wanted to have some of those foreign rum and beer, but he was specifically told not to drink any alcohol, since it might make him the troublemaker instead. Raizel went around and started patrolling the place, making sure to constantly stock up his food supply whenever it runs out. He is starting to like the food that they are selling, and before he realizes it, the crimson moon has rose. He only realized it when couples started pointing upwards and staring at it. He looked and marvel at it. The moon was crimson, it was shining so majestically. Now that he thought of it seriously, he realized something; crime rate of men tend to rise when it’s a full moon. Will it rise even more during a RED full moon? His question was soon answered when he heard screams and breaking sounds.

With a sudden rise of responsibility, Raizel dash towards the source of the chaos as crowds start dashing the opposite direction. Raizel finally broke out from the crowd and came to an empty spot, except for two guys. “Oi! I thought you still want a piece of me! Take that!” said a guy as he started moving sloppily like a drunkard to the other guy. He ended up tripping and punching the floor, causing a crater. The other guy, on the other hand, dodged it in a swift movement. “Hah! You’ll never be able to defeat me with such sluggish movements. No wonder she dumped you for me!” This made the other guy even more angry, causing him to randomly slam the ground before making another charge towards the guy, who easily dodged it before hitting him on the back. “You’ll make a good platform for me to rub my legs on, scrub!”

Raizel shook his head as he placed his hand on his sword. He then sighed before performing his Falcon blade, a move where he dashes towards the speedy dude, and slash him on his back, before saying, “Who’s the scrub now? You ain’t gonna taunt him any longer under my watch!” He then turned at the brute, saying. “Okay, now that that scrub is gone, it’s time to help sober you up.” He then dashed towards the brute, and performed a slash before using his “Dodge Step” to cleanly dodge a punch from the brute. The brute’s punch hit the floor instead, creating another crater ”Oh God, I need to shut him down before he destroy this place.” thought Raizel. After dodging the attack, Raizel slashed twice on the brute’s back before the brute could recover from the attack he dealt on the ground. The brute roared in pain as Raizel finished his two slashes. ”This guy isn’t really a threat. His attacks are strong, but he’s slow. Thank you, alcohol. You saved me once again!” He then waited for the brute’s next attack. The brute charged towards him, and Raizel dodged it with ease before Slashing a couple of times on the brute’s back again before kicking the brute on to the floor and ending it with a final slash. After performing that, the rest of the guards appeared to arrest the two of them. Raizel then just continued enjoying the festival, this time without any disruption. Finally, the festival ended, and he got his pay.

Stamina 170/200
Abilities used:

Name: Dodge Step
Tier: D
Cost: 10
Weapon Type: /
Class: Defensive
Range: Close
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 2 post
Description: This is a simple ability that allows the user to dodge attacks by simply stepping to the side, or stepping back. For a single second, he is able to move up to 10m away, at the speed of 10m/s.

Name: Falcon Blade
Tier: C
Cost: 20
Weapon Type: Sword
Class: Offense
Range: 20 meters
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 3 post
Description: A sword-based technique, Falcon Blade is initiated with the user putting his hand on the hilt of the sheathed weapon. In one swift motion he unsheathes the blade, moving forward in a straight line at a speed of 15m/s. The user keeps their weapon sheathed until in range for an attack. Upon reaching a target the blade is fully unsheathed and attempts to strike any given part of the target, dealing C-Tier damage if contact is made.

Wordcount : 1049/1000

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