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Diego Namez

Diego Namez
Ishaq had sent word through Salmont, the Tavern-Keeper at the Gilded Cow, that he had news for Diego. Curious to see what the metal-worker had in store for him, Diego and Trixie went to visit. The air was cool for once and the stars shined brightly as they made the walk to the Ishaq's forge. It seemed a peaceful night as they stretched their legs, they waved to a few people they knew. It seemed the past few months he'd made a name for himself being friendly, always down to help, and usually training diligently with his tiger. Trixie helped too of course. Word of the incident with Ella's mother had spread like a wildfire and it seemed like people adored her.

While most people either liked Diego and Trixie or paid them no mind, it seemed Diego's eager to help attitude had earned him some enemies. The Black Fingers had started to harass him and a certain Seargant Ahmed in the city guard had a grudge with him. As Diego helped people out, he had caught wind of people thinking Diego did more to protect the city than the city guard. Salmont had explained this to him earlier in the week, in the office of the tavern. Diego didn't fully understand why Ahmed had a problem with him helping, or why people thought so highly of him.

They turned onto Ishaq's street and as they got closer, Diego could feel the heat of the furnace on the breeze. Ishaq was waiting outside smoking his pipe and waved. Diego smiled and waved back as Trixe took off at a run to get her skritches from the man. Ishaq chuckled and scratched behind her ears as she purred loudly.

"So, what's the news, Ishaq?" Diego asked eager.

Ishaq gave the boy a concerned look and sighed, "Come on inside, I'll tell you there." He went inside and pulled up a chair next to a small table. Diego sat down and Ishaq looked off at a distant point of the forge. "So, I remembered your tale as a boy. You said there was a man named Jagang."

Diego raised an eyebrow at Ishaq, his tone and behavior worried Diego. "Yeah, he caused that sickness to kill my tribe. What's going on?"

Ishaq gave Diego a weak smile and inhaled a puff on his pipe, "I asked my friend in the guard about that man. I asked quietly for you, cause you are a positive force around here. You have friends and you do your fair share as a good man should." He shook his finger at Diego, "Don't be letting Ahmed tell you otherwise."

"I appreciate your kind words, but I'm just doing what I think is right." Diego smiled, "I like to help and so does Trixie."

Ishaq nodded, "That's what I'm worried about, Diego. My friend told me about Jagang. He's a bad man and a powerful magician the way I hear it told. Rumors have it that he deals with some nasty things that I would hate to see you get involved in."

Diego perked up at learning more about Jagang. He sat up straight with a burst of energy, "What else? Do you know where he is?"

With a sad smile, Ishaq let out a heavy sigh, "Yes, I did. He left Heliohapt a month ago for Reim. There was a report from a port up north that a man matching his description was seen leaving."

Diego leaped up, his mind made up instantly, "Then I need to go to Reim." He shook his head and paused for a second, "First, I need to see my trainer. We need to get stronger first before we meet him."

Ishaq slammed his fist on the table, "Dammit, boy!" He put his head in his hands for a few moments while Diego stood stunned. He had never seen the man angry or heard him curse. "Diego, I knew you would get it in your head to go. I hate to see you go, you are a good person, that's rare around here." He looked up at Diego and shook his head, "I can't stop you, but I will tell you I think you shouldn't go. Revenge plays heavy on a man and I don't think that suits you."

Diego stared at Ishaq and considered his words. He believed that Jagang was strong, he had been prepared for that, but he hadn't considered what he would do if he had to kill him. Memories of his tribe rose up unbidden, his mother, his father, and everyone else had died needlessly. No, he had to find Jagang and make sense of it all. Maybe he could get answers and not have to get revenge, even though the bottled up rage inside of him yearned for it. Diego shook the thoughts from his head and gave Ishaq a determined look. "Maybe what you say is true, Ishaq, but a man has to follow his word. I said I'd find him and I plan to do that. I promise you though, I will see you again and I will get stronger." He flashed a fierce smile and hugged the man, "Thank you for everything."

Ishaq asked to take Diego to the port when he left and Diego happily accepted the offer. When he left Ishaq's house he went to look for his trainer, but he was still out in the desert somewhere, training with Puny. Taking it as a sign it was time to train on his own, he decided to start training before he left. Trixie gave him a determined look and a nod, letting him know in her own way that she believed in him.

The next morning, Diego and Trixe began a strict training regiment. They would make laps around the Black Temple for several hours before dawn. Exhausted and hungry, they would then go to lunch at the Gilded Cow, enjoy a light lunch and replenish their fluids before making the walk to Ishaq's house.

Ishaq had some leftover mannequins, which Diego outfitted with armor made from hay. Diego devised a system of clicks and whistles, teaching Trixie what they meant. At Ishaq's suggestion he also practiced using body language for commands as well. Together, they learned to coordinate better, devising strategies. A series of quick clicks followed by a low whistle would signal to Trixie that she needed to hide and make her way, unseen, behind the enemy to attack their lower limbs. Depending on the pitch of the whistle, he trained her to know where to attack the target.

During Ishaq's quick breaks throughout the day, he'd give Diego tips to help with their training. He taught Diego where specific organs were on the body and Diego would have Trixie target those areas on the mannequins. Diego appreciated the man sharing his knowledge and would try his best to incorporate it into their routines. Sometimes, they would have the kids from the orphanage play hide and seek with Trixie. The rules were that she'd have to find them with Diego's signals. It took a few hours for her not to ignore his commands and sniff them out when she got frustrated. Diego had to come up with new "words" for their language and it helped make their bond stronger.

After a month of training, Diego decided it was time to head to Reim. Diego and Trixie had learned a new sense of teamwork and had their own language, which would help prevent enemies from understanding their maneuvers. Trixie had been a fast learned and tried her best during training and Diego was proud of her. It was time to leave for Reim.
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