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Farah Al-Zahir [Done!]

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Farah Al-Zahir [Done!] UdaNEUd

Name: Farah Al-Zahir
Tier: D-Tier
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age + Birthdate: 19 Years Old. February 9th.
Nationality: Wanderer
Race: Fanalis
Specialization: Strength

Farah Al-Zahir [Done!] QK7RgaT

Farah is the embodiment of ambition. The eternal strive for power, glory and riches has always been the most important thing for him. He is a natural born leader, wanting to lead and be above others. He thinks this is a way to gain strength and not only likes it because it brings personal gain, but because he cares for those under him. This leads him to appreciate people deeply once he knows them, considering his friends closer than family.

At the same time, the word “carefree” suits him perfectly. He doesn’t worry too much about serious matters at first glance and simply wants to party and relax. However, this doesn’t mean that he is blatantly stupid, by he is abnormally intelligent for a Fanalis. Even though his temper is typically hot-headed, which leads him to get into trouble too soon for his taste, he has found ways to cool off a bit and think more about the situation when he finds himself relaxed and calm. However, and no matter how hard he tries, the sole sight of oppression in any of its forms triggers his Hot-Bloodiness to peak levels, making it really dangerous for anyone near him. This reaction wears down with the time though, after he has either dispatched the sight or he is brought back to his senses by others. All in all, Farah is a sharp talkative man, always making the occasional snappy comment or joke. This personality makes Farah the generic flirtatious male, being an adventure with a woman just as exciting for him as a dangerous journey.

Although he has various likes and hobbies, nothing can make Farah more excited than danger, adventure and fighting. The chills of a fight make Farah forget about anything else and as a Fanalis, it brings out his more beastly instincts. He is ferocious in battle, strongly believing that offence is the best defense. The excitement of fighting grows more as the time goes, leading Farah to a state of obliviousness in which he wouldn’t notice if he hurt friend or foe.


  • Fighting:Farah enjoys fighting more than anything else. It poses as the perfect opportunity to test his own strength and obtaining more power. He would prefer a good fight over a pouch of silver any day.

  • Swordsmanship: His greatest hobby. He finds the art of the sword fascinating as he thinks of the blade as an extension of one’s own body. Farah has the belief that to reign one must first master themselves.

  • Drinking: The Fanalis loves the occasional drink regardless of the circumstances. He finds pleasure in the burning feeling of booze flowing down his throat.

  • Women: Being someone that likes to have fun Farah enjoys the company of women. Not only is he a helpless charmer, but also a passionate man. He finds women one of the most interesting enigmas of this world.


  • Arrogance: He can’t stand people who openly state how they are better than others. The only thing that makes him want to do is break their mouth.

  • Spoilsports: Farah just doesn't understand the thinking of spoilsports. He is really annoyed when someone interferes with his or other’s fun.


  • Physical Disability: Perhaps one of the biggest fears of every Fanalis. Physical strength is everything for those like Farah, and the thought of being impeded of his full capabilities is something unbearable to think for him. Farah fears the possibility that he couldn't rely on himself anymore, as this means no one could rely on him either. He would prefer to die before being permanently locked of his physical prowess as he sees this as an obstacle in his strive for glory and strength.


  • Power: Power above anything, strength beyond boundaries. The ability to conquer and reign is what Farah most desires. He thinks of it as the only way to fulfill ones wishes and to protect the ones he cares for. To eventually conquer a dungeon and hold the powers of a Djinn is something that Farah wants in order to accomplish his plans. He wants to become a force to be reckoned in the world, a being that can change the course of destiny and write history. To be feared and respected throughout power is his biggest aspiration.

Farah Al-Zahir [Done!] WpwPgCf

Face-Claim: Kagura Demuri – Genesis of Aquarion
Weight: 174 Lb.
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Gold
Height: 6’0''
Rukh Alignment: White
Special Traits: A large scar that goes all the way the left bottom side of his torso to the right side of his chest.

Appearance: Farah has the appearance of an adventurer. He has short and spiked typicall Fanalis red hair that grows down to the end of his neck at most. He usually has a confident look and smile. He is self confident and gives off an air of it, however the general impression one would get at first glance would perfectly reflect his carefree attitude. Farah's sharp piercing golden eyes are something that catches attention immediately.

He is neither an abnormally tall or short man, fitting of his Fanalis genes. He has a built complexity although he's still generally slim, something that stands out by the usual 2 pieces black coat he likes to wear. Furthermore, his sword "Kaysir al-Fiqar" rests in his hips at all times.

The Past that shapes The Future:

The History of every Fanalis is full of grief and oppression, however the history of Farah begins long before he was even born…

The tale of the Al-Zahir comes from as far as the Dark Continent. The Fanalis clans had lived peacefully and thriving since immemorial times. The different leaders lived in prosperity and harmony. All Fanalis were free and happy. It was then, when a chosen one from the skies was born into the world to change the course of history; Jules Caesar, father of the empire of Reim, and visionary genius built one of the greatest civilizations the orb had seen from scratch, with no more than just a handful of subordinates. The borders of Reim quickly expanded, thanks to their military strength that came from their superior weaponry and technology. However, the tyrant leader of Reim knew this wasn’t enough. In order to have a prosperous reign, work force was needed. It was then when he heard of the physical might of the Fanalis, the read headed race that came from the unknown lands in the Dark Continent. Caesar immediately summoned his legions and fell over the tribes like thunder. Slaughtering every man that opposed him, the legions captured hundreds of the unsuspecting Fanalis. Wearing chains so heavy they would turn the strongest of humans pale, the red-headed slaves left their homes and families at sword-point, never to see them again.

The initial assaults of Caesar’s legions brought with them hundreds of casualties and even more raptures. It was this moment when the remaining clan leaders reunited for a counter-offensive. The Fanalis superior strength and speed crushed the Reimian steel and war machines. However, when the routing forces of Caesar fled back to their lands they knew it was far from over. As the leaders of the Fanalis walked through the battlefield they understood their long lasting peace was no more. The aftermath was disastrous; the clans were devastated and their numbers drastically maimed. The four remaining leaders of the Fanalis clans called a consensus. They needed to move in order to avoid a new attack. All but one of them agreed. The leader of the Maruf clan had been the one that had suffered the most losses. His entire family had been captured by the legions of Caesar and instead proposed they agreed to his terms under the condition they could reunite with their loved ones again. The three other leaders ignored his petition, replying that the Fanalis had already lost too much, and it was impossible for them to give up their freedom too.

The Maruf resented the rest of the clans after that. And even though momentary peace had been re-established after finding home near the borders of Heliohapt, hatred grew in the hearts of the fourth clan. One night, after the wedding of two sons from different clans, the Maruf were nowhere to be found. Thinking they were simply absent, the rest of the clans celebrated and rejoiced over the marriage. Midnight came, and the feast was far from over; the joy the Fanalis felt over their new found peace was simply….perfect. Ohh little did they know that the cruel skies had never destined the Fanalis for peace. Drunk in their celebration, the legions of Caesar came like the tsunami that floods cities, the earthquake that crumbles temples and the hurricane that buries palaces upon the clans. Children, wives and elders were chained like beasts, while the brave warriors that desperately fought to protect their families fell to the ground bathing in a pool of blood as crimson as their hair. Two of the clan leaders managed to escape with their families from the slaughter. The sorrowful sight behind them continued as not a single Fanalis was left alive or free. Before making their way into the desert in an attempt to escape, the two remaining heads of the clans looked behind to see one last time the remains of their shattered peace.

Dimly lit by the remains of a torch, a figure stood tall blade in hand. The helpless man that laid below his feet looked up at him with a face full of grief and regret. He had once been a proud leader of the four Fanalis clans, his eyes however now reflected the compassion he held for the man dressed in Reim garbs. A moment of silence…. a quick clean slice… a soft thud on the ground…. The lifeless body fell to the ground as the figure slowly backed away. Two red heads… one slowly rolling in the ground as it saw its last moon, one in which’s eyes reflected the soul that had just died, moving in between the legions of Caesar with authority.

The lives of many Fanalis perished that day, but only the Maruf’s had exchanged their lives for their now dead souls…
The Father to a Child:

Many years passed, and the story of the four clans vanished in the sands of time… However, the two remaining branches never forgot the betrayal of their Maruf brothers…

Da’ario Al-Zahir, heir to the strongest of them two was born hundreds of years after the events succeeding the Fanalis enslavement. Ever since then, bands of thieves and slavers tried to grasp their hands on the race’s strength. The fleeing clans traveled all the way as to far Balbadd, where they found rest and new purpose. Da’ario was the firstborn of the Al-Zahir clan of the Fanalis. A strong leader, valiant and charismatic. Da’ario spent his days building a better life for the clan. He befriended one of the most powerful merchants of the city, and obtained wealth to divide equally. The merchant and Da’ario flourished a friendship that was unrivaled. They were as close as brothers, and both had many things in common. One of these particular likings was beast hunting. The merchant was an able huntsman, versed in the arts of the bow and riding, Da’ario’s superior’s strength and speed combined with his natural talent for the use of weapons made him a formidable companion. One day they decided to hunt a monster that had been preying on the cattle surrounding Balbadd. Da’ario and the merchant left the prosperous city early that day…

Following the sightings of the beast given by the local caravans and herders, Da’ario and the Merchant found the creature resting in an Oasis. Da’ario slowly approached it from behind as his companion readied an arrow. The Fanalis male swiftly positioned itself behind the beast, and with a gesture of his hand an arrow flew through the air, just as the red headed man jumped at the monster’s neck. The arrow pierced its mark, passing through the back of his nape all the way front whilst the blade of Da’ario managed to successfully kill it in an instant. Happy by their accomplishment, Da’ario looked towards his friend with a smile of satisfaction. What he found in return was a smile of irony, followed by a deceptive tone full of greed. ”I’m sorry, my friend… It’s simply business…” Before the Fanalis could understand a thing, he experienced the feeling of cold steel penetrating his skin for half a second before pain followed. The sound of the arrow did not come from the merchant, but from behind himself. He turned his head down to see the razor of an arrow sprout out of his torso. Understanding the situation, Da’ario looked towards his friend looking for explanation, however his only simply fell to the side, as he fell deep into the poison’s sleep.
Da’ario Al-Zahir found himself alone in the darkness, away from consciousness and chained…. He woke up after the poison’s effects worn out, ignoring how long he had been asleep. As he forcefully walked behind a squadron of Zou soldiers he thought about the people he left back at Balbadd, his dear friend, and the final words he muttered. His only regrets however, were that he couldn’t protect the Al-Zahir clan Fanalis anymore. After many days and nights they reached the imperial city of Zou, and Da’ario was brought before the generals of the army. They had heard of the Fanalis might, and the vicious power-blind emperors of Zou wanted to use their strength in their campaigns. Da’ario was given the opportunity to die or to serve as a soldier in the army. He agreed to their offer, with the thought of one day coming back to his people. He fought wars for the emperor and quickly ascended in ranks. The day he was changed of squadron he met “Zahrah” the most beautiful woman he had ever met, living to the meaning of her name: “The prettiest of stars”. However, there was something that caught more his attention. The crimson red hair in her head grew down to her waist. He wondered if she had suffered the same fate as him.

The days passed, and both fell in love. Their military careers thrived and one day they married. Zahrah expected a baby, and Da’ario was given a position as general. They lived in the courts of the palace as one of Zou’s most important soldiers. On a rainy day, Farah was born. The heir to the Al-Zahir clan grew up his early years as a citizen of Zou. The young Farah was a very promising child. He had a natural talent for fighting and he seemed to enjoy it. He was taught on the art of the blade almost as soon as he could stand by his father, and they spent as much time together as they could. These were happy days for Da’ario and his family, however, things were far from perfect. The recent military success of the Fanalis had brought envy to the rest of Zou’s generals, and they convinced the emperor Da’ario conspired against him.

Farah was eleven when he saw the head of his father fall from his shoulders, he was there to see his lifeless body fall with a loud thud into the ground, and he was there to see his corpse being thrown at the bottom of a pit. Before he could shed a single tear, he saw the same scene develop in front of him once more. However, it was not a male’s body again, but a beautiful figure, with shinning radiance. Her hair ever so beautiful, shone as a reflection of the crimson blood that seemed to have covered her whole hair. Zahrah and Da’ario were left to rot in the same pit.

Farah however, was chained and sold….
Glory for the Victor:

The cheers… the heat… the deafening earthquake of applause… the smell of fear and blood… Mighty Coliseum of Reim…

Farah was introduced to his own room with all this going on. He had been brought as a slave to die in the claws of the Coliseum. However, be it because the gods willed, or the star under which Farah was born was strong, the boy became a man, and the man lived on. He learnt the ways of killing, and the ways of not getting killed under extreme circumstances. He was exposed to blood since the age of eleven, and the sound of flesh being torn apart became his first friend. Killing meant not being killed, and killing meant not dying of hunger. He came to know many people in the Coliseum, and just as many people he knew, many people died and departed. He had no one to trust, apart from his blade and the strength of his arm. An accurate thrust meant he’d live to see another day, whilst a man would not live to see another.

The years went by, and with them came experience. Farah became famous and even got to have riches with the time, but that was not what he cared for. What the years brought that he most cherished was strength. He knew since the day his father died that it was what he lacked. Some might say that the life of a slave was a grim one. However, for someone like Farah it wasn’t… In fact, he might have even said he enjoyed it. He learnt many things in the Coliseum, but above everything else, he learnt that life brought Glory only to the Victor, and Death to the Defeated. Those who were defeated were lost into the winds of time, while those that Conquer live on forever….
Path to Greatness:

Farah grew to be 19 years old, and by now he was a known gladiator in the Coliseum. He had fame and riches, but above everything else, Farah had experience and power. The day of his nineteenth birthday was the day when his Fate had decided his life as a slave was done. He fought his last battle in the giant arena. In all his time there, he had always fought for survival, however this time it was for his freedom.

The sun was up, and Farah was excited. He thrills of fighting had always made him nuts all these years, but that day, the feeling of expectance burnt inside him like a blazing fire. The man fought one last time in the Coliseum. The sound of applause… the sound of awe with the sight of blood… the sound of excitement from the battle unfolding their eyes… the sound of a public that demanded the execution of the fallen. Farah remembered everything that day. When the fight was over, the one to give Farah his freedom was none other than Octavius Flavius, leader of the Fanalis Corps of Reim. Da’ario Al-Zahim had told his son the story of the four clans when he was still a child. If something had Farah learned, was that the favored Fanalis of Reim descended directly from the Maruf traitors.

When his face of resentment and disdain was noted by the red haired general, he simply laughed cheerfully. Octavius told Farah that the past was something one could not change, but the Future was the path that led those valiant enough to challenge it for Greatness. The general gave Farah his freedom, along with an invitation to the Fanalis Corps. The young man declined, stating that it was time for him to forge his own path. Octavius didn’t argue with him, but instead made him a farewell gift. A large curved sword, masterfully made in the best of steels. Farah named his blade that day. “Kaysir Al-Fiqar” Destiny’s Victor. Heading out to the world as a free man, Farah swore he would gain strength beyond comparison. A Path to Greatness awaited for him.
Role-Play Sample:
The sun shone brightly up in the sky, and the heat it gave off burnt through the streets of the crowded empire of Reim. Farah walked by his self with his hands resting on his head. He was happy, at least he was able to leave that ugly place full of rotting slaves. The life outside was so much better, and the beauties he had seen were too. He made his way to the smith first. It was one of the most famous metal workers in all the kingdom, famed as the smith of the great Yambala themselves. Farah wanted to sharpen his blade Kaysir Al-Fiqar and perhaps buy some utilities for his journey. “Old man! I need this baby sharp enough to cut a head effortlessly.” barked the man as he entered the shop. “My, my, give me a break Farah I’m busy now!”

Farah simply chuckled, it was funny how he now had the time of the world. He might as well make use of the free time he owned and wait for the man to finish.

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