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Persona Rising Reverie

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1Persona Rising Reverie Empty Persona Rising Reverie on 09/07/14, 10:53 pm

PRR Admin X

Persona Rising Reverie Wvplp3

"Against the Shadows that siege humanity and the corruption of the Other World. Will you rise and fight The World? Will you Forge your Fate?"

Persona: Rising Reverie is a SMT: Persona-based roleplaying forum which draws heavily from all of the SMT aspects and takes place in the unspecified intercultural city of Rockport, where grizzly murders with chained up bodies and abductions have been taking place more and more. Join the world of the Rising Reverie in the city where nothing is what it seems and a long lost secret will resurface.

So let me ask you one more time, will you forge your fate?

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