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A Merchant in Need [D]

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“Are you the man who requested guards for your journey?” Ayero stood before the merchant, a graying man who was busy loading his wagon with cargo. “Ahh? I am. And who might you be, young lady?” The merchant turns to face her, wiping his hands on his robe. “My name is Ayero. I’m a traveler and I believe that I can help you.” She responds, holding out the request flyer she had taken from the job boards. She remains stationary as the man examines her, no doubt to see if she was fit for the job. “Have you any experience guarding merchants and their goods?” His gaze lingers on the sword at her hip for a few moments. “I’ve spent several years with a caravan.” The woman confirms, standing with her shoulders back and her head high. “I see. But ensure that neither I nor my goods shall be harmed. If even one item is missing, you won’t be paid.”

The trip had gone smoothly for the most part, Ayero sat perched at the back of the wagon while the merchant and the driver were up front. “We’re heading into rougher terrain. It’s easier for the bandits to ambush travelers so stay alert!” The merchant called back to the young woman who nodded in understanding. Not 15 minutes later, the clatter of rocks being move drew the redhead’s attention to the right. Her hand instinctively flew to the hilt of her sword, ready to draw her weapon as soon as anyone appeared. A flash from the left caught her eye and she spun around in time to block the oncoming blade with her own. The man who had attacked her pushed himself back with his weapon, joining four other figures that swiftly appeared from behind the rocks.

“The old man hired a girl to protect him, eh?” He chuckled darkly, stroking his scraggy beard. “He must have poor judgment in old age.

“Step aside and we won’t harm you.” Another chimed in, brandishing his short sword with bony fingers.

Ayero grinds her teeth, irritating creasing her brow. She had come across thieves who had underestimated her before, though not as much as when she had been younger. She still never got used to how condescending they could be towards her.

Time to get to work.

Leaping towards her opponents, she wastes no time in aiming for the closest bandit’s weapon, striking his hand with the guard of her sword and sending a swift kick to his side. About facing, she blocks the oncoming weapons of two bandits with her blade, a smirk curling her lips as she does so. “Daggers are no match for a long sword.” Pushing back on the blades of her opponents, she raises her own weapon and delivers several slashes across the chests of the two men, effectively felling them.

Another bandit attacks from behind, his dagger grazing her cheek causing a low growl of anger from the woman. Turning to his direction, she sheaths her sword and lurches forward, grabbing the wrist of the hand holding the dagger and pulling him toward her forcefully. The man drops his weapon in surprise and pain as she releases his hand and delivers several sharp blows to his chest. As he slumps over on the ground her eyes flicker around wildly. There should be five total... The last man was clambering through the rocks, having abandoned his comrades. “Hey..!” She snarled, brandishing her weapon once more with the intent of going after him.

“It’s alright, miss. He didn’t take anything.” The merchant placed a hand on her shoulder, eyes glued to where the defeated bandits lay. “Let’s just hurry and continue before he decides to come back.” He gives her a pat on the shoulder before mounting the cart once more. The remainder of the journey went smoothly, the merchant and his goods arriving to their destination unharmed.

Stamina: 60/80




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