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Down the the Flu I (D)

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Weapons brought:
Down the the Flu I (D) Yagura10
Name: Yagura no Tachi
Tier: D
Type: Sword
Appearance: This sword is about the length of a normal katana, about 73 cm long. The handle and hilt of the sword is decorated with skulls, which fits the theme of the blade, a cursed sword. The color of the blade is purple, which also contributes to the theme of the sword. The blade of the sword is curved, and is also jagged in some areas.
One day, while training under a course set by Mr Zenkichi, his sensei, his training for interrupted by one of Mr. Zen’s helper. ”Raizel? Mr. Zen asked me to pass this scroll to you. He’s busy with a friend.” Raizel thanked the man for the letter, and unrolled it. It writes : “To Raizel, Raizel, I have a request to make. My friend, Haku, is sick. He works at the local forge, and it’s been really busy due to a sudden demand on weapons, so he needs you to help him out. All you have to do is take their horse and buggy to the mine, and get the ores back. That’s all! I’m giving you a day off if you complete this job! Plus, the forge is also offering to pay you once you’ve done it.” After reading the letter, Raizel smiled and headed off to the forgery. He’s happy that he’s not only getting paid, but he’s also getting a day-off from the hellish training.
Once he arrived the forgery, he saw lots of workers rushing around. Raizel managed to stop one of them and asked,”Uh, do you know who’s in charge here?” The man pointed towards a counter and rushed off to continue his job. Raizel then walked to the desk and saw a buff man sitting beside it, scribbling numbers and fiddling with his abacus. Raizel placed the scroll on the desk and say, ”Hello, my name is Raizel. I was asked to come today to replace Mr. Haku for his delivery job.” Hearing the name Haku, the man suddenly stood up and say, ”You must be Raizel! Zenkichi told me that you were coming. Just follow me, and I’ll lead you to the buggy!” Raizel shook the man’s hand and follow him to the buggy.
”Ok, here’s your buggy! The map and all is already inside, so good luck!” Immediately after finishing his sentence, he left and started shouting some orders to the workers and blacksmiths. Raizel went into the buggy and pulled out the map. In it was a route to a mine. Without wasting another second, Raizel hopped on and whipped the horse. He then leads the horse towards the mine. He knows how to ride on a horse from his previous trainings, so this mission is easy and simple for him. After travelling for a while, while spending an hour lost, Raizel finally reached the mine. He could see some ores stacked up, and some men fanning themself. ”I’m here to collect the ores.” After shouting the word “finally”, the men began filling the buggy with the ores. Once they’ve finish stocking the buggy up, Raizel thanked them and started riding towards the forge.
This time, the journey was quicker, since the road back was much more familiar to Raizel. Soon, he arrived the Forge after an uneventful day. As he arrives at the entrance, he was greeted by a number of men that immediately opened the buggy’s door and started moving the ores out. While they were doing this, the man that gave him the directions came and passed him some Huang. Smiling, Raizel thanked him and went off to the nearest bar to celebrate.
Wordcount : 535/500

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