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Ayero Shiiba

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Name: Ayero Shiiba
Tier: D-Tier
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Age + Birthdate: 22|October 3rd
Nationality: Formerly Reim, currently a wanderer
Race: Halfling (Fanalis-Human)
Specialization: Strength
As a child/young teen, Ayero grew to be mature out of necessity in order to keep her younger siblings in line. She was stubborn and had little patience for bad behavior, often acted bossy towards her brothers and sisters. However, she took pride in being a big sister and enjoyed teaching her siblings how to read/write and perform tasks, as well as telling them stories as a treat. As confident as she was in her position as chief baby-sitter, she was still very naïve when it came to the world outside of her home.

As an adult, Ayero has learned to be self-reliant and more cautious. Naturally curious, she tries to balance out fulfillment of her curiosity with being safe and not taking huge risks. Still stubborn, her decisions are not born entirely out of emotion as she consciously takes the effort to weigh the pros and cons as well as the potential outcome of a situation.
Though not a friendly person by nature, Ayero makes an effort to be polite to anyone she meets as she wants to avoid making trouble for herself if possible. Due to her fanalis heritage, she is a bit easier to rile up than a normal person and finds herself frustrated easily. However, she is usually able to keep her anger in check though it is certainly possible for her to be pushed over the edge.

Although she’s a guarded person, Ayero is more open with those that she manages to regard as friends and treats them as she would her own family. Despite age differences, she’s quick to assume the big-sister role once more and has no qualms with lecturing them if she thinks that they’re making a poor decision or protect them fiercely if they are threatened.


Ayero loves the feeling of being free and moving around as she pleases as opposed to being tied down. She hopes to expand her world view beyond that of her home village.

Folk Stories
Folk tales are a good look into the past of how a country or tradition got it’s origin, helping her better understand the people’s beliefs or culture.

Spicy Food
Her taste for spicy food is largely inexplicable, seeing as how she didn’t grow up eating it regularly. She carries red pepper flakes with her incase her meals are too bland. Eating whole raw peppers is considered a real treat.

Pretty Things
Ayero adores window shopping, often admiring the fine jewelry and silks, wishing she had the type of lifestyle that would allow her to buy such things. However, she’s aware that carrying valuables would only make her a more alluring target for thieves (that, and there’s no way she could justify buying unnecessary items).


Careless People
People who don’t take anything seriously and are too carefree irritate her as well as remind her of her brother. She believes that everyone should have a degree of responsibility (which is somewhat hypocritical of her).

“Annoying” People
People who are too pushy or try to get close to her quickly are  generally not well received by her.

Foods that are too sweet, heavy rain, slave traders

Despite leaving her family, Ayero holds no ill will towards them and fears that something will/may have happened to them in her absence, particularly being forced into slavery. In the same vein, she fears never seeing her older brother again after being captured by slave traders when she was 13. One of her biggest fears is that she will one day succumb to her own feelings of guilt and lose her will to continue moving forward in life.

The driving force behind Ayero’s journey is her desperation to not get caught in a boring, mundane lifestyle. Her parents were very protective of her and her siblings, keeping them safe yet preventing them from experiencing the outside world. After a combination of hearing amazing stories from passing travelers as well as being fed up with her role in the family, Ayero made a decision to travel to as many new places a possible and soak in the local culture. Initially the goal of finding her missing brother came secondary to this despite telling herself that locating him was her main reason for leaving (perhaps in an effort to convince herself that she wasn’t being more selfless). Presently, her focus has shifted to tracking down her lost sibling during her travels.

Ayero Shiiba OA62YOx
Face-Claim: Erza Knightwalker|Fairy Tail
Weight: 135 lbs|61 kg
Hair Color: Deep red/scarlet
Eye Color: Dark brown
Height: 5’6”
Rukh Alignment: White
Special Traits: N/A
Standing at 5’6” (167 cm), Ayero initially had a lean build but her body has become more athletic after being trained how to fight. She has traditional feminine curves and a slightly larger than average bust. Her face is heart-shaped with full lips and light brown eyes. Her red hair is thick and wavy, reaching down to her mid-back and she often keeps it partially up. Her bangs are thick and parted to the side with her hair covering her right eye and two longer pieces trailing down to her chest on either side of her face. She wears a short blackcheongsam-style dress with gold trim, the slit of the dress going up just past her hips to allow for greater freedom of movement. In addition, she pairs this with black mid-thigh length spandex-like shorts underneath. Her shoes are black flats or slipper type shoes with a reinforced heel to keep her feet from hurting too much when walking. She usually wears a dark grey traveler’s cloak over her normal clothes.

Ayero was born the second eldest child to a fanalis woman and human male in what would eventually be a rather large family. Her mother, an escaped slave, fell in love with a traveler and the two settled down quickly in a remote mountainous village located in northern Reim. Ayero and her older brother (Neem) were often responsible for helping their mother take care of their many younger siblings with little free time to themselves. Neem was often considered to be the fun-loving older brother as he occasionally shirked his responsibilities and often let bad or unruly behavior slide. This lead the burden of being the responsible older sibling on Ayero’s shoulders, and she quickly learned that she would have to be a stricter disciplinary force to counter her brother’s more foolhardy behavior.

Having lived life as a slave, Ayero’s mother chose to live a more secluded life in a sparsely populated region where slavers typically did not tread in order to protect her family. It came as an earth-shattering shock when 15 year old Neem did not return home after one night, news coming shortly thereafter that he and several other young men of the village had been kidnapped by slavers while trying to make it to the nearest town. Their village fell into a hush, no one left their home after dark and passing travelers were not as welcome as they once were. Several months after the ordreal, Ayero (Now 13) was beginning to grow anxious. Perhaps it was because she had entered her teenage years, but she was no longer content with passively caring for her siblings, a task which had become much harder due to her brother’s disappearance and her mother’s increased anxiety. Additionally, she also grew to abhor the idea of growing up only to marry and raise a family, instead yearning to see what was beyond her isolated village. Fueled by her desire to expand her world views and the vague idea that bringing her brother home would fix everything, Ayero made the decision to leave her family one night and disappeared without a trace, heading for Reim’s capital.

Traveling alone went about as well as one would expect for a naïve 13-year old girl; she soon regretted leaving the safety and familiarity of her home. However, her pride and stubborn disposition wouldn’t let her turn back as she desperately did not want to live the rest of her days in a tiny mountain village. After surviving for two days alone without coming across another village or town, Ayero was out of food and exhausted from sleeplessness and nerves. About to collapse from hunger, the young girl was surprised to stumble across what she presumed to be a band of traveling merchants. Hunger and desperation outweighing her instinctive wariness, she approached them with the intent of asking for food. Unfortunately, she failed to recognize that these “merchants” were actually slave traders. After seeing the girl’s red hair which marked her as a fanalis, they approached her aggressively. After struggling with her attackers for several minutes, distant yelling was heard and not long after she felt a sharp blow to the back of her head which effectively knocked her out.

When she awoke next it was light. After recalling the events of last night and realizing that she was laying on the floor of a cart, panic set in, yet she was surprised to find neither her legs nor arms bound. A bigger surprise came when the man next to her—with red hair and an obnoxiously large grin—offered her some bread and water. The man then introduced himself as Kai, a 19 year old fanalis who had escaped from slavery after being born into it. Kai then when on to explain that he was a part of a merchant caravan that had been nearby when she was attacked and had managed to nab the unconscious girl before the slavers had made off with her. When asked what she was doing wandering alone, Ayero panicked and lied to Kai, rambling off something about how her parents had been killed. Though she felt terrible, she figured that if she told the truth about how she had run away they would take her back to her family which she couldn’t face after what she had done.

For the next five years, Ayero stayed with the caravan traveling on a circuit through Reim and Balbadd, and occasionally cities in-between. The caravan itself was well protected with several hired guards as well as some of the more skilled members. Kai, an accomplished martial artist and sword handler served as her mentor during her teenage years, teaching her how to defend herself and acting as a big brother figure. Somewhere along the line she had developed some sort of crush on the older fanalis—though she never outright said anything to indicate her infatuation, she grew immensely jealous whenever another woman show interest in him.

Though she thoroughly enjoyed traveling the world with her new “family”, a feeling of guilt was always present in the back of her mind—guilt for abandoning her family, for not actively searching for her brother, for lying to Kai. At the age of 18, Ayero announced that she was going to leave the caravan in order to travel to the more distant regions of the world that the caravan’s path did not follow. Though this was true, the gnawing feeling of regret was what primarily drove her to leave and resume her search for her brother, in a sort of repentance for her past misdeeds.

At first, being completely on her own brought her back to the night when she left her village. However, she had to remind herself that she was no longer a naïve girl; she was a young woman who was able to defend herself from common bandits and had grown more street-savvy over the past few years. Relying on herself had taken some getting used to, she had to be wary at all times and learn for herself which areas of a city to avoid. Traveling by oneself can be predictably lonely at times, as such Ayero has developed a habit of occasionally having brief flings during her journey, with both men and women.

Presently Ayero still wanders from city to city, searching for any clues to the whereabouts of her missing brother.

Role-Play Sample:

Trembling hands cause her movements to be quick and jerky, nearly dropping the skin of water as she moves to secure it around her waist. Fear, panic, guilt, regret, excitement and a myriad of other emotions cluster at the back of her mind as the sound of her own blood rushing in her ears drowns out everything but her resolve to push forward. But as she reaches for the door, her stomach sinks and hesitation briefly washes over her. How could she do something this selfish? Her family need her, she’s teaching Noni to read and Ashur just started walking. Her mother was pregnant (yet again) and would need the help of her eldest daughter to keep the family in line, especially with another baby on the way. Her teeth grind in resentment that surprises even her. It’s not fair. Why should I have to spend my life taking care of them? Its mom and dad’s own fault for having too many kids! She mentally backtracks immediately: she certainly didn’t hate her siblings. Though rowdy and loud, she loved them all and took a sort of pride in being the dominant older sister but now…she had reached her limit. She’s made her decision. She doesn’t know what she’s doing, but she’s made her decision.  Swallowing thickly, the redhead pulls her plain ash-black cloak closer to her body and slips silently out the door.

After setting not one foot outside of her family home, a blade is pressed to her neck and somehow, chains immediately bind her limbs. All she can see are the faces of men, ugly and twisted in a bizarre sort of menacing laughter. Their faces grow larger and more demonic, laughter turning into hideous cackles while all she can do is stare in fear, completely immobilized.

She starts, awoken suddenly from her own nightmare. Her eyes widen to accommodate the darkness as she scans her surroundings with a nervous curiosity. Oh, right. The wagon she had fallen asleep in. A breathy sigh pushes its way from her lips and she leans back against Kai’s chest, gaze rolling upwards to make sure that she hadn’t awoken the sleeping giant. Satisfied that his eyes were still closed, she settles and closes her own eyes, hoping to fall back into a more peaceful sleep. “Bad dream?” Comes a murmur from her side and she glances upward once more, eyes this time meeting with the crimson gaze of the fanalis. “No.” She mumbles in response, eyes falling shut once more and turning her head away from the man as if to make a point.

The dream always started out the same: an exact replication of the night she decided to leave her home two years ago. It was always so vivid and realistic compared to other dreams which were normally abstract. However, this dream always took a turn for the worse when she opened the door—it was different each time though slave traders, bandits or murderers often made appearances.

“Want to talk about it?” Kai stretched beside her, back stiff from leaning against the side of the wagon. He sounded a little more awake, more concerned. A frown pulled at the corner of Ayero’s lips. “Shut up and go to sleep.” She insists, eliciting a heavy sigh from the male next to her. She knew that if he wasn’t too fatigued, he’d start pressing her for details as to what’s troubling her. He cares, but he’s nosy and she likes her privacy. In compromise, she settles her head back onto his chest, blushing when she feels his arm draw her closer and squeeze her shoulder reassuringly. No matter how that dream ends, she’s grateful for how things have played out in reality.

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Thank you all, for everything.

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