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Raizel's Vault

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Cadis Delacroix Di Raizel

Character's Profile: Cadis Delacroix Di Raizel

Raizel's Vault Yagura10
Name: Yagura no Tachi
Tier: B
Type: Sword
Appearance: This sword is about the length of a normal katana, about 73 cm long. The handle and hilt of the sword is decorated with skulls, which fits the theme of the blade, a cursed sword. The color of the blade is purple, which also contributes to the theme of the sword. The blade of the sword is curved, and is also jagged in some areas.

Raizel's Vault Gandalfs-staff
Name: Light Staff
Material: Wood, with a gem in the tip.
Appearance: This staff is a 180cm tall staff. It looks like branches wrapping around each other, finally wrapping a gem in the top.


D rank:

C rank:

β rank:

Current Storyline:

Raizel Exiled himself for his weakness, as punishment and a vow to train himself up into a better person. He is now training in Heliohapt

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