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[Mission] A Merchant in Need is Blah Blah SWORDFIGHT!

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The merchant waited impatiently for a while in the area they'd specified. He was impatient, his cargo all ready to go ahead of time against his better judgement. He was a short, plump old man who had a nervous face. When Zachariah showed up at last, the merchant just about lost his mind. "Are you aware that you are 2 minutes late for our meeting time? I could have been killed and robbed by bandits!" he would shout and scold. Zachariah would blink and stare at the man as he blabbed on and on about punctuality and how important it was. However he would after a minute cut the man off for a mouthful of irony, "Well, I see your point, but we are scheduled to leave 15 seconds ago, so if you be so kind as to heed your own advice we might avoid bandits yet."

That shut the merchant up for a little bit, and Zachariah was pleased with himself as the little man would sit on his wagon and snap the reigns on his camel. It was time to head out into the desert heat. Zachariah walked next to the wagon, as they would head towards the next big city over. It was hot, sweltering hot in fact. The memory-less man kept his hand on the handle of his sheathed rapier. The travel time was up to about 5 hours of brisk walking. Soon though, it was night, and Zach would look over his shoulder as he heard laughter. Evil laughter, the sort that was supposed to drive a man to the brink of insanity.

Behind him he saw a dagger flying towards his head. He stepped a bit to the side, and brandished his rapier. The laughter intensified as he would see the man that threw it. However what he didn't know was that they were surrounded, at least not until it was too late. Zachariah saw that this was the troupe of bandits. "Oh, just some chumps," he would blurt aloud. This immediately caused them to take offense to his words, and without actually talking it over, the bandits leapt at the opportunity to attack him. He was flanked at least 5 different ways, they had so much tactical advantage only a chump could lose with this level of advantage.

And so Zachariah began to prove himself right, by stepping forward and striking the bandit in front of him with his rapier's tip, making him fall over and panic as he'd scuttle away. Zachariah would turn his head as the rest were jumping at him literally. He suddenly seemed to these average folks to disappear into a blur taking a large step to behind one of them striking them in the side as he passed them, and them took a second step to the opposite side of the complementary one in the group slicing him open. With only two bandits left willing to fight, Zachariah was definitely looking correct, and he smiled, flourishing his rapier while cleaning the blood off at the same time, "Let's try a little something something." The bandits would go pale and began to run away in a panic screaming about never them never coming back. Zachariah would chuckle and begin to walk off. "Come on, boss man, once we're at the next town you've got to pay me, right?" The merchant followed and the rest of the trip was totally safe.

Word Count: 570

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