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Kára Fox [Mhmmm, Fruits!]

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Kára Fox

Kára Fox

Mmmm Fruits :
Job Name: Mhmmm, Fruits!
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 3,000 Huang + 50 Exp
Job Overview: Everyone loves fruits! They are healthy, delicious and...hard to get? You will start out your day normally and maybe enter the market place where you meet a merchant. This merchant will ask you for help. He has a big food plantation not far away from here but he has no one to gather all the fruits from there! Could you do that for him? Of course he will reward you generously! And you can have some fruits for free as well. (Make sure you get at least 4 different kinds of fruits for him!)

Kara Fox was returning from her mission that she had done with a weird Clown Face guy who had a really weird goal about finding an ace and had not explained the deeper meaning to, if there was even a deeper meaning it though it had Kara in deep thought trying to work out what an ace could possibly be. She had reached a local bar to see if she could find her old friend that she met last time she was at the bar Stephanie who was in fact sitting in the bar getting hit on by some, fat slug of a man who clearly wanted more from her, and she was feeling uncomfortable.

Instantly Kara would walk behind the fat slug of a man, and put her hand on his head "Excuse me guy, what are you doing to my friend....." Before he could answer she would throw him across the room, and tell him to get lost" ...Kara thank you" Stephanie would hug Kara... "are you back to normal oh please say your back to normal" Yes yes i am back to normal so how things been? ..." *Stephanie Shrugs* "ok ok, missed my best friend for life though" "Awww that is sweet, think i will stay here for the night but first i need to go get something"....*Time skip*

Kara starts walking through the local market trying to find a gift for Stephanie since it was her fault they had not seen each other for so long, and felt a little guilty though ended up getting asked for help by a local Merchant who needed help getting some fruit from his plot not to far, but had no one to go get them for him, and couldn't really afford the time to go get them himself due to it getting late.
Kara would put her hand over the guys mouth "Location, Direction, Description of fruit...] he would give her the details like this and instantly she would start sprinting in the direction she was required to, grabbing a bag to carry the fruit. It would take her about 20 minutes running at 15m/s to reach the plot on arrival she would set the bag open, attached to a pole to keep it open so she could use her speed to collect the fruit and bag it faster. Fruit Collected : Apples, Pairs , Bananas and some weird fruit that didn't have a name filling the bag to its limit, and started jogging back to the market in order to give the merchant the fruit and would revive some money for completing the job, Kara did try to refuse but he insisted.

After completing the Job Kara would look around the market to find Stephanie a nice gift before returning to the Bar in which she was waiting for Kara with the goal of working out a plan so they feed the great friendship they both had before, and to let it grow, reaching the sky.

500/500 word count [Did not plan for it to be bang on.


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