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Diego Namez

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Diego Namez

Diego Namez

Name: Diego Namez

Tier: D-Tier [Novice]

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Hetero

Age + Birthdate: 13::October 6

Nationality: Wanderer

Race: Fanalis

Specialization: Dominance


Raised among a band of traveling nomads that wandered the plains, Diego was instilled to value honor and to treat others with kindness. His upbringing also showed him to respect the land and find comfort near nature. While he can be rash and his temper is quick to flare, it is usually from a moral injustice. Around strangers, Diego tends to be calm and reserved, saving his rambunctious energy for those he cares for. Trusting others is hard for him after his travels on his own, he learned that not everyone has the best intentions. Once his trust is earned, Diego is wholly devoted and will go to great lengths to do right by them. At times he can be down right clingy and become demoralized when his attention is shunned. That's to be expected after the nomadic group had been slaughtered from the plague. Never having gotten over that loss , he yearns for the company of friends and family. Around people of prestige, Diego becomes very shy and will avoid interacting with them until he can gauge their values. One could normally find Diego training, meditating or relaxing in a quiet corner close to nature. If given a chance to spar or learn something new, Diego will jump to the challenge eagerly. He firmly believes that improving one's self, mind, body and soul, is core to having the strength to help others.


Wilderness- Whether it's an animal, a lush, vibrant meadow, a waterfall with the light reflecting off the mist just right to refract every color in the rainbow or anything nature has in store, Diego loves it.

True Friendship- The most important aspect to a meaningful existence for Diego is sharing that existence with comrades.


Dishonesty- Insincere people infuriate Diego because he sees them as a reason for all the pain in the world. He even looks down upon facetious behavior as an excuse to get away with malicious intent.

Slavery - anyone who believes they can claim rights to someone's life is a natural enemy of Diego. Whether you are a petty slave trader or a corrupt King, the right of another's life is not yours to possess.


Nightmares are no stranger to the young Namez, frightening scenarios of loss a frequent plague. The very idea of abandonment from his family strikes terror within him. Born from the traumatic experiences of losing his childhood family and friends is a wound that has yet to heal.

While loss may be a rational fear, the sheer panic Diego experiences when confronted with a chicken is baffling to most. "Cursed spawn of Azazel!" is a common outburst of his before departing the vicinity in a 'calm and orderly fashion' for safety.


Throughout his journey, Diego has come to understand that the peacefulness and friendliness exhibited from his childhood tribe are hard to find and have rarely been matched. The disappointment of that knowledge encourages him to make the world a kinder place and create positivity in all his encounters. Witnessing the greed of man also emboldened him to fight for a world where every individual has a right to his or her life. Slavery through blatant physical capture to the underhanded schemes of slavery through castes, Diego sees no difference and has made it a personal war to break the bonds of oppression for all. His greatest desire though is to find the people responsible for the magical plague that so totally, unconditionally, completely and utterly decimated his tribe with an all-encompassing finality. Every passing day that goes by without justice being served is a day wasted.

Face-Claim: N/A

Weight: 113 lbs.

Hair Color: Red Hair

Eye Color: Red Eyes

Height: 5'1"

Rukh Alignment: White

Special Traits: N/A


Standing five foot one at 113 pounds, Diego's size isn't likely to intimidate anyone, though his body is cut with lean muscle, honed for power without sacrificing speed. His long, unruly, crimson hair is usually kept back in six thick braids tied back in a silk ribbon. When one looks upon his young features, the vibrant red eyes of the Fanalis stand out; not so much for his genetic traits, but for the burning passion and sorrow they reflect. A tin scar runs over his left eye, slanted down towards his nose. Girls have shown appreciation for his baby-faced complexion and stunning smile that could brighten a room on a rainy day.

Most of the time, Diego wears the hides and bones of creatures he has hunted. Not one to waste anything from a kill, one could find bones, fangs claws and other useful body parts purposed for armor or accessories in a large wolverine hide sack that hangs over his left shoulder. Rare herbs, other plants, gems and other items for trade that he could recognize would be stored within as well as supplies. When at peace Diego's gait and presence are relaxed with a chin held high. In combat, he maneuvers cautiously and economically to avoid wasting motion or energy.


Diego was born on a cool, autumn morning in the plains outside of Magnostradt. His birth was a joyful occasion for both his parents and the Iowasa tribe. That night the Iowasa began a celebration for the newborn that lasted three days. Being a nomadic tribe, the constant traveling took its toll on expecting mothers, so a birth was a sign of good fortune. His father, Dalmad, was the tribe's best hunter, known for his abilities to meld into the shadows and rumored to communicate with animals. His mother, Jalal, was a beautiful woman who Dalmad saved from slavery in their younger years.

Jalal had been a slave for an elderly man who ran a school that specialized in teaching young nobles etiquette, reading, writing and basic arithmetic. She had been content with her life till the old man passed from a heart condition and his drunk nephew inherited the school. The nephew was a cruel man who led the school into financial ruin. Afterwards, he sold Jalal to a brothel which didn't care how the clientele treated the employees. One day while she was in the hospital recovering from a particularly nasty client, she met Dalmad. They quickly fell in love and when she was healed, he stole her away in the night and brought her to the Iowasa, a nomadic tribe that took him in as an orphan. Jalal used her experiences from the school to become the tribe people's nanny and teacher.

Diego was a curious and fun loving child that was adored by the tribe. From a young age he seemed motivated to make people laugh, to learn and to help others. Once when he was four, he noticed the elderly Shaman, Croquete, laying on the ground in a daze. With a burst of rambunctious energy that only children have, he ran to her side and helped her up. She explained that she had been tending the chickens when one of them got loose. While chasing it, she realized she had forgotten her walking stick and with that realization, fell and hit her head. With a determined look in his eye, Diego took off towards the chicken coop after making sure she was alright.

As he opened the gate to retrieve the walking stick, he disturbed the rooster using it as a perch. With a mighty squawk of indignation that agitated the other roosters and hens, he began flapping around Diego's feet and pecking his ankles. Diego grit his teeth, and determined to help Coquette, scooted the rooster with his foot and entered the pen. He noticed teh walking stick in the middle of the pen, but as he approached it the chickens attacked. A swarm of feathers, clucks, squawks and chickens descended upon the young boy, knocking him to the ground and assailing him. Diego helpless, began wailing as he flung his arms trying to defend himself.

A booming laugh made him pause in his desperate attempts to defend himself. His father appeared at the gate and gave a low hiss. Instantly, the chickens flew to the edges of the pen and he picked up his son. "Why, I don't think they liked you in here," he said with a chuckle.

Diego let out a final sob and clung to his father, "They are mean! I was just trying to get 'cro-ett' her walking 'ick!"

His father laughed and rustled his son's hair before leaning down and picking up the walking stick to return to Croquette. "I'm sure she appreciates it."

Six years passed and while they were filled with happiness and peace for the young Diego, he never did look at chickens quite the same way. One day his father came home from hunting, carrying a pale man on his back. The man was sick and looked like he hadn't ate or drank in days. Croquette and Dalmad spent several days tending to the man till he recovered. Once better, they learned the man had escaped from a slave caravan and gotten lost. Before long he realized he had a fever and got too sick to move. Thinking he had met his end, he was grateful to Dalmad for saving him.

Being a friendly tribe, they allowed the man, Jagang, to stay with them. He was a strong man and pulled his weight. He took a liking to Diego and told him wild stories of monsters, heroes, fair maidens, and happy endings. For the next year, the pair became the tribe's storytellers over dinners and during festivals. They were an inseparable pair.

When Jalal got sick the following summer, Dalmad asked Diego to find a special herb while he looked after her. Diego hiked several hours away to find the rare herb. It only grew near riverbanks near a specific moss that pollinated the herb. On the way back, a terrible feeling struck him in the gut and fear gripped him. As he got closer to camp he heard terrible screams that drove him to run quicker, despite his exhaustion. Upon arriving he saw the Iowasa rolling on the ground, screaming, lesions leaking puss and sores quickly covering their faces. Frantic he ran to one when he heard a familiar voice say, "If you don't want to end up like them, stay away boy."

Behind him he saw Jagang in a black traveling cloak heading into the forest. "what's going on?! Where are you going?!"

The look in Jagang's eye was foreign to Diego, but he'd later come to recognize it as sadistic glee, "Me? I'm going to Heliohapt now that my experiment is done. As you can see, they are going to die painfully. So will you if you stay around." With that he turned around and stole into the shadows.

Enraged, Diego ran after him, but after hours of searching, he couldn't find the murderous Jagang. When he made it back to camp, he approached cautiously, awash in anguish. The screams had died out and no one was left. Believing Jagang's words, Diego quickly gathered supplies and with tears in his eyes, left his family behind.

Role-Play Sample:

Diego wiped the sweat from his brow as he paused to survey the path that led deeper into the woods. For the past week it had been sweltering and the thick woods had become an oven, clinging to the warm humid air. When he found the tracks he'd been looking for he started off again in their direction. Diego had spent the past few hours following the tracks of what seemed to be a wounded animal, if he remembered his father's lessons correctly. Several times Diego had to backtrack only to find that the leaf-littered ground had hidden when the animal changed direction. He quietly scolded himself for such a novice mistake, considering his father was a great hunter.

As he crossed a creek, his foot slipped on a slimy rock and he fell with a loud splash. The noise frightened a nearby animal hiding in a pile of leaves, which let out a mewling cry. Curious, Diego approached to find a young white tiger with jagged, black stripes shivering in the pile. He bent down and removed his cloak from his sack to wrap around the sopping wet young cub. The cub let out a growl as his hand approached and Diego heard a faint buzzing noise. Before he could pull his hand away, the cub promptly bit his finger and Diego heard a pop before a shocking sensation spread through his hand. With a cry Diego pulled his hand back and wondered at the tingling sensation that made the hair on his arm stand up.

The cub hissed, satisfied before a snot bubble oozed out it's nostrils, reducing it into a sneezing fit. Diego laughed, "I mean you no harm, now let me dry you off little fella'." With his hands wrapped in the cloak, he reached down again and quickly bundled up the cub, setting the bundle down nearby. He then pulled out a few thin strips of dry jerky and gave them to the cub. "I'll be right back."

After gathering a bunch of twigs and a choice fallen log, Diego began building a fire while humming a tune his mother used to sing while cooking. When he fire was going he laid down next to the cub, using his sack as a pillow and watched the cub eagerly chewing on the tough jerky. The cub paused to give Diego another hiss before pulling a paw out to steady a particularly big piece. When the cub finished eating Diego reached over and set it closer to help the cub dry faster because it was still shivering. Risking a finger he gently stroked behind her ears and was pleasantly surprised when it began purring loudly. Noticing his clothes were still wet, Diego got up and changed his clothes, discarding the wet ones by the fire. After a quick meal, he made sure the fire wouldn't rage uncontrollably in his sleep and went to bed.

He woke up in the middle of the night as the cub nudged himself under Diego's arm. Content that it found an adequate spot it purred its satisfaction, lulling Diego back to sleep with a smile on his face. It was the first night that he didn't have nightmares.

When he awoke in the morning, he noticed the cub was still shivering and had a crust forming on its nose. Nervous, Diego gently moved the cub from his arm to the cloak and began looking for an herbal remedy for colds that the Shaman had made for the tribe's animals. He remembered helping her gather the the leaves from the flowering plants when the pigs had runny noses one summer. Thankfully, he had grabbed a small sack of it before leaving. Placing a few sticks over the dying embers, he built the fire up and began brewing a tea with water from the creek. Over the next few days he used the remaining herbs to heal the cub and cleaned the crust from its nose. At nights when the two were cuddling, looking at the stars through the canopy above, Diego told the cub stories he had learned from Jagang. The cubs favorite, judging by the purrs and nuzzles, was a story about a young girl that became a pirate after running away from home. He told tales about her adventures and how she became the Pirate Queen, Madam Trixie.

After the cub recovered, she never left his side and Diego accepted her company happily. He began his journey to find Jagang again, determined to have his revenge. During the days she would be his little scout and ferocious protector, even defending him from a cricket that had chirped too loud. At night Diego would cook food they hunted while telling stories he had thought of during the day. The cub would listen lazily and rate his stories by how loud she purred. He decided to name the cub Madam Trixie because of her adventurous spirit and because she purred the loudest when Diego told her those tales.

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