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A To Aru Majutsu/To Aru Kagaku RP

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A To Aru Majutsu/To Aru Kagaku RP E77121c5-cc2c-439b-875e-4c24f37e2f82_zps1f974daa

The world is changing, the time of myths and magic are over, and the new era has arrived: Science. In recent decades the shift of power has moved away from faith and culture, and onto science and technology. The apex of this trend is the Power Curriculum Program of Academy City, which can take ordinary humans and awaken their latent psychic abilities.

In the wake of this Program, the world has entered a Cold War, every country sees the other as a rival in uncovering the mysteries of psychic power.

Consequently, those that still believe in magic and religion see this as the mockery of everything the magical arts have contributed to the human race. Amongst the normally divisive and power-hungry magicians of this world, groups of former enemies are beginning to band together in hopes of combating the threat Science presents once and for all.

In a war between Magic and Science, what does the future hold? The only ones who will know for sure are those that were. Join in the war today, and be apart of the people that shape the future of the world with your own hands!

  • A community of growing members who are always willing to post
  • A simple system using traits, that allow users to create any sort of character that they wish to add to the atmosphere of the forum.
  • The use of upgradeable skills that evolve as the players use them.
  • Events & Storylines that involve every character as a way to enhance the story of the world each member creates.
  • New items, places and characters are added as the character's see fit, allowing for a unique experience that cannot be found on any other RP.

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