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The Cat Slave Trade!? [JOB]

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The Cat Slave Trade!?

It had hardly been a few days before Namir had finally wandered from the Western Front into the Magnificent Cityscape of the Capitol Reim. He was in awe at the massive structures and plethora of buildings he saw littering the landscape. Some grand and magnificent, others shoddily built and rickety in disrepair. But for the majority of the city he saw what seemed to be lifestyles of lavishness or so it appeared. The city bustled with many different faces, people of different skins, builds and genders. Namir wasn’t one to be attracted to any of the 2 sexes in the world. He merely revered each as their own and all capable of being acquaintances if they so proved themselves. Suffice it to say, the red haired Fanalis child was a mere curious cat in a big city.

So the adventure began, it was time to find those “yummy yum” sweets as Namir called them. He wouldn’t rest until he had his paws on some sugary crystals of heavenly ambrosia! He pranced through the city with a steady gait, hips swishing and makeshift tail flopping through the air as he passed on-lookers and passer-by’s. He even noticed a few females fawning over him whispering to one another ”Isn’t she so adorable!?” one asked the other girls in an awe exasperating giggle. Namir shrugged it off, they weren’t offering him candy, so he had no need to stop and correct them, it didn’t really bother him.

After wandering around for 30 minutes Namir still couldn’t find any location that looked like the bazaar’s he had heard so much about in foreign cities. Maybe he was lost, or these so-called bazaars weren’t as large or easy to find as people said. He stopped in front of a large wall, plastered with papers as he pondered which direction to head next. Perhaps he’d ask a citizen of Reim for a push in the right direction. He sat their tapping his foot while his mouth resonated with an incessant purr. Namir’s purring came to a halt, his ears twitched as he happened to pick up on a few men gossiping amongst themselves behind him.

”I can’t believe those slavers are back at it! Are they fools to be operating so close in proximity to Reim?” one man noted addressing two other shabbily dressed men. They appeared to be struggling mercenaries, as they carried scuffed, beaten up swords at their hip.

”Da fools dey are! The Fanalis Corps will ‘av deir heads in a mattah o’ days. Dey’d best get as far away from ‘ere as possible.”

”You speak the truth Dantalo, but the Fanalis Corps are busy these days, and being a part of the Imperial Army, there’s not much they’d really do unless ordered to.” interjected the first man again. The other guy muttered at this and took a sip from a jug like flask, most likely some type of ale or wine.

”Surely now if these slavers were to deal in the slave trading of our dear red headed elite’s brethren, these menaces would be driven into the ground in an instant, no doubt. Looking at this warrant, this job appears to be above our pay grade, perhaps we could earn a little coin off of finding this coin purse thief and drink our spoils away, eh?” the third and final man of the group finished with a nudge to both men. They all cheered to the idea and slumped off down the street in merriment and laughter rambling on about how they’d catch this thief by sun-down.

The whole time the men had stood there talking about Fanalis this and Fanalis that, they hadn’t realized a Fanalis brat was standing right in front of them. Namir twisted around in a twirl of red flowing hair and planted his feet shoulder length apart as he bent over and peered at the bounty notices and warrants on the heavily tacked wall. He located the one the men had spoke of and read it carefully, though he was a slow reader, he was getting better. He got the gist of what the paper said and made a mental note that these slavers were somewhere out in the Western Front wilderness where he’d just come from.

All he had to do was find that delectable candy he so desired and salivated for and then he’d be off to set things right in the world! No slavers would get off on his watch, he so very much abhorred the act!


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Namir took another hour to search around the city for any sign of sweets to purchase. It took him nearly all of that time to locate the bazaar and then a few minutes to find someone who sold the sugar filled treats. Being a product of sugar cane, and imported from Heliohapt, sweets were more expensive than regular food. Despite that, Namir purchase a whole pouch full that he could barely hold in both of his little palms.

Prancing down the streets, now happy, Namir was headed for southern entrance of Reim so he could get on with finding these slavers so he could refill his pockets with Huang after spending such a large amount. A ruckus could be heard down the street. And a commotion had started; a hooded man was bolting through crowds of people in the bazaar, dodging left and right, nimbly while 3 very familiar looking men were haphazardly chasing behind, bumping into and stumbling over citizens frantically yelling out to stop the man for he had stolen their coin purses. It was the three mercenary men from earlier. ’How pitiful…’ Namir thought to himself.

As the man approached his current position, Namir sized up his opportunity to lend a helping hand even though he cared not for the lousy men. He thought perhaps to maybe pounce on him and take him out with a swift kick, but he didn’t want to overdo himself and possibly throw the man into a vendor’s stall. So he went with plan “B”. Starting to pick his pace up, he reached a dashing speed, the man noticed him and looked like he had began to try and evade but it was too late, Namir dove into a slide tackle and caught the man at his ankle, an audible snap could be heard as the man cried out. He fell to his side and then to his back, trembling in pain. Before he could even reach out and grab his twisted and broken ankle to comfort the agonizing pain, Namir had leapt atop him, straddling the man’s chest. He held his collar in one hand and with a swift punch from the other, smashed the man in the nose. It was lights out for this thief.

Namir smiled at his handy work, snatching the measly coin purse from his clutches. He stood up and dusted himself off. ”This what you were looking for sirs?” he said eyeballing the winded mercenaries as they approached the fallen thief.

With no respect at all the lead man snatched the coin purse from Namir and shoved him to the side and kept walking past, ”That thief was ours, we almost had the jerk. Stay out of our way brat!” The other men brushed past and all three, angry and frustrated began kicking the downed thief to death. Namir grimaced at this, such harsh and idiotic grown men. He wasn’t going to let them beat on a defenseless unconscious man.

Stepping in, Namir tripped one man face forward only to meet his knee as it came upward and smashed the man in the jaw, blood spewed out from his mouth, his jaw likely fractured as he fell back to the ground in a heap. Before the other men could even react, he’d stepped over the man and thrust his palms into both of them, sending both men flying back a few meters. One smacked into a wall, banging his head against it with a crack surely knocking him unconscious. The other man was sent flying into a stall, the crash tore down the sun protector and broke some rickety planks as trinkets and fine silk were thrown to the ground in the whole affair.

Namir had a look of “Oops" on his face, rubbing the back of his head in embarrassment. He walked over to the dazed mercenary and the vendor of the ruined stall, ”I'm very very sorry about this mister. Here, I hope this makes up for it, and if you could, could you handle the guards for me?” the small Fanalis child said with a sheepish smile. He handed the man a handful of Huang probably worth more than what the stall was worth. He was then off in a hurry, leaving behind the mess he’d just made. Namir had no intentions of wasting time explaining things to the guards. It took him a matter of minutes to sprint like a fleeing murderer to the city gates. Now his next goal was to mete out more justice to this whole slave trade debacle.


Training Alefhed Dekya (Nimble Cheetah) - 750/500 Words
Move Training:
Name: Alefhed Dekya (Nimble Cheetah)
Tier: Tier “C”
Cost: 20 Stamina
Class: Offensive
Weapon Type: Bare Hands
Range: 3 Meters
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 3 Posts
Description: When confronted by a moving target Namir quickly slides in using the opponents momentum against them by kicking at the speed of 15 m/s to the shin of their forward moving leg with the force to shatter bone at C-Tier damage and trip them flat to their face on the ground. This move can leave an opponent open on the ground for an immediate follow up attack or coup-de-grace, though it is not guaranteed to succeed.

Magoi/Stamina - 60/80


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