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Bonding Time (DMV training/Gilles)

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Gilles was once again deciding that it was time for her to become stronger by training herself. This time she would be training her metal vessel Bertilak. She had been gifted this metal vessel of dark rukh from someone called the Contractor who considered himself something called a magi. She still wasn’t really certain what a magi was or even who this Connie figure was but none the less she was still grateful to have been given this great gift. She was not even really certain what the metal vessels were but she knew that they seemed to contain a great amount of power. Now she just had to understand it and actually use it at its full potential.

She would begin her training by meditating and focusing on her vessel Bertilak. If she could get a better feel for the vessel she could perhaps become able to unlock more of its true power for herself. She would now use this time to completely focus on her vessel. She had used it quite a bit for a good while now and have come to better understand it. When she had first started using it she had thought it was meant to make objects that she would use for attacks and the like. However, she had come to learn that it was more about creating life through its magic and controlling it more then using something solely for attacking. So now she would end up focusing on making living constructs or even reviving the dead in order to use them as puppets or soldiers for her sake.

She would spend about a whole week focused on doing this mental training with her djinn. She would feel her bond becoming stronger and stronger with her vessel and could feel herself slowing becoming better at accessing its power. After about a week of this type of training she would find herself being able to do something incredible. After putting her full focus into the metal vessel she would find it changing itself, taking an entirely new form.  The Cowl that was currently resting on top of her head had hanged into something that looked much closer to the habit that were worn by nuns which was something that seemed to be unknown to her but she liked the appearance. Then the next thing to happen would take her by even more of a surprise. 4 arms of fire would appear from her body. Even tho this had just happened she could already tell that she could pick and choose what elements the arms were made out of between fire and ice. She would completely know what she would have to do next for her training.

She would go into putting her training into moving her arms. It was stranger for her to attempt to move limbs that were entirely made out of magic and such. She had experience moving her wings of fire but that magic was implanted directly into her body while these arms were just generated through the power of her Bertilak. She would spend the next several days training on moving these limbs individually. It was incredibly difficult for her to be able to even make the slightest amount of movement with them, let alone one at a time. She would start with just moving at the shoulder sockets or at least where they would normally be placed. She would move the arms in small circles before switching to much larger, sporadic movements. This would take about a whole day before she would move onto the elbow joints. This would be the same process at the shoulders, small precise movements before going to the bigger, more exaggerated ones. Next it was the wrists which were probably by far the easiest to use since their range of mobility is must smaller than the larger joints. Clearly the most complicated would prove to be the fingers. Not only were they the limbs that require the most precise control but they were also so numerous in numbers compared to just the 4 arms, 20 fingers in total. These would take several days to get down to where she could fully control them. She started barely being able to hold onto things but now she can clench her whole fist with a great deal of force.
Once she was done with this type of training she would discover that she had full movement of her extra 4 arms. She would smile as she practiced swinging them around. Since they were not real and made from magic she would have much more mobility in each of them than she would in her normal, singular arm. As she was in the middle of practicing with her arms she would discover yet another fascinating thing about her djinn. Her brand new, magical limbs of fire and ice could grow and stretch up to five meters in length. She would laugh as she discovered this and would spend yet another day to train something like this. She ended up greatly enjoying manipulating her new arms to their full length, twisting and moving them in ways that normal arms could never do.
After this she would go straight back into doing her mental training. Her goal was to figure out a new way to use her metal vessel compared to how she was using it. She had just been using it more as a weapon than a source of great magical power. These arms of magic were proof that she could do so much more than simple attacks. She would focus on using the fire and ice to create viable soldiers that will fight for her and her ideals. She would spend the next couple of days working on her ideas and once she was done she would have a whole list of possible skills and spells that she would attempt to use at a later time. Once she was done training she would end up going back to her cult in order to go back to her role as their leader.

1000+/1000 WC

DMV Passive:
Bertilak's Temperament-The users DMV weapon takes the form of a nuns cowl and full outfit in the full equip. In order to attack the weapon produces Asura limbs, up to 4 in weapon quip and up to 8 in full equip with the damage equal to the equips tier. These limbs can stretch up to 5m. Their hands are either fire hands or ice hands, being limited to one element a post they can either freeze limbs at a touch for 3 or 4 posts if they choose ice. If fire is chosen the damage will linger for a post even if clashed and spread to to those who touch the target or block object dealing damage to equipment only. Damage is equivalent to equip.

Djinn: Bertilak
Theme: Asura(fire+ice+life)
Type: Cowl Hood
Appearance: a 2.5meter long brown cowl that is connected to a shoulder strap. made of metal fibers that classify it as a metal vessel.

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