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Wrath Of The Witch King (B To A Rank

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The dark, and gloomy place was cover in rugged terrain. Just like the ones you would see within a cave. The full moon attempt to light up the sky but the night sky was openly greeted by the clouds of mother nature.
It would seem like tonight it may indeed in fact rain, and maybe even thunder. The creatures of the night quickly prepared for the worst as they seek shelter within the natural habit of the night creatures.

The thriving ecosystem made all the weird noise a thriving ecosystem would make in their natural habits. Mother nature begin to come into effect after 20 minutes, it started to rain lightly then after 5 more minutes it increases from light to heavy follow by a breeze. This breeze gently swept throughout the dense forest causing the tree leaves to dance in response.

But mother nature wasn't done with just that as it follow by lighting it seems like the night sky was bless with a mild thunderstorm. The lighting lid up the night sky carefully as it continues to storm. This continue for 40 minutes until it had calm down as the storm move beyond the forest.

Meanwhile somewhere within this dense forest was a cave. Inside this cave, it was very spacious, and there was light along the walls. This would suggest there was some type of life within this very cave. Traveling deeper into the cave you could hear sounds of conflict erupting in the distance.

As you travel deeper into the cave the entranceway of the cave was about 8 meters long and 6 meters wide. However, once you arrive at the 8-meter mark it opens up to a spacious room 20 meters in height, and width. There was 3 individual within the room 2 females and 1 man.
Whatever the case maybe they are exchanging blows with their weapons against each other.

If you watch you could see both the females attempt to fight against the male who struggles to fend off each attack using his magoi stave. The first woman was not too tall her attire consist of Kou Empire's latest fashion attire.

Her weapon of choice was a chain Kunai the person before this man was none other than Mya Windberri who is a member of the Chronus organization. What Mya stand at the height of "4 feet and 8 inches" tall as the person next to her was just as tall but a bit taller. Nothing more than 4 more inches in height her name started with a letter M just like Mya.

However, it wasn't Mya but Moka she is a newly recruited member along with Mya into the organization known as Chronus as a part of the zodiac. Whatever the case they were within this very cave training with Ghost. Ghost was also recently a recruited member of the organization known as Chronus.

Ghost was the zodiac known as the Rat while his ace Moka zodiac sign was known as the Goat. However, Mya her positioned wasn't officially issue yet so her sign is currently unknown but she is still considered a member of the group officially holding the rank as Zodiac member.

"Let stop here." Ghost had called out to his knights who were sparring with him. Moka sigh as she said," Don't be lazy all your life. We can stop here though for now to take a little break."

All the people present within the cave nodded their heads in approval.
It has been several days since Ghost, Moka, and Mya came into this cave. This cave is said to allow those who enter to increase their skills and is said to have an abundance of magoi allowing those who use it to control it better here.

This cave had many names but the one it was best known as the Cave of Eden. Why it was called that was unknown but legend have it this cave was here since the beginning of time. Then again Ghost put it off as a mere rumor. If this was true it is unknown however rumors had it that this place allows those who used to have a stronger connection with the link of magoi making learning new magic more possible here.

That is why they was here Ghost, Mya, and Moka had traveled far to get here and using the aid of both the organization and fellow peers. Finding this place wasn't easy as it was a very unique, and mysterious place. After nearly 2 months of searching for this cave, the trio nearly was on the verge of giving up.

But they didn't and their search allow them to find this place and begin their training. But Ghost was working on learning some water-type magoi.
However, his efforts in learning it weren't very fruitful as currently, he has been homing his basic combat skills against Mya and Moka.

In his spare time while he was within this cave Ghost had a focus on meditating. The only reason why Ghost meditates is that in ancient times this skill was used to trained one inner mind, and allow the user to face their deepest fears.

These deepest fears were Ghost not attaining a new level of power and being able to reach his goal in life. To become an immortal living out through his work ethic as a magician. Letting out a sigh as Ghost cleared his train of thought which pretty much cleared his mind.

Now Moka and Mya watch as their leader sits around the ground. They had set up camp within the cave and made themselves at home. Moka cleared her voice, and said," We should go out hunting for tomorrow morning so we can eat." Mya had agreed with Moka as she grabs her weapon, and follow the scythe-carrying woman.

Ghost remain quiet as he was currently meditating within his mind.
He seeks the potential deep within him that he wishes to unlock.
But he wasn't sure he felt a wall of some kind something was preventing Ghost from becoming stronger. He wasn't sure what it was but whatever it was it was holding him back, and he didn't like that he didn't like feeling restricted.

He would open up his eyes he found that no one was within the cave it seems like everyone had left. Thinking back Ghost remembers Moka saying something about hunting for food he couldn't believe he forgot that.

The campfire was still burning and they have made and crafted some beds out of earth crust. It was something that didn't take them long to do because of Moka, and Mya aiding him in craving the bedrock of the earth crust within the cave.

But now he had to focus back on his training as he had plenty of distractions to prevent him from training. In the background due to the cave echoes Ghost was able to make out faint noise. It sounds like rain falling Ghost had started to wonder did Moka, and Mya go out in the rain.

Letting out a sigh he got up from his position following the narrow paths of the cave. For some reason the cave path was oddly longer than normal it didn't take long nearly as long when they first enter it.

Something was not right Ghost could feel it but he wasn't sure what was going on. His walk seems to continue as he seems to like it would never end. Whatever the case may be Ghost halt his advancement forward he didn't want to continue he had been walking for several minutes now.

No longer wishing to continue on the walk he sat down as he cleared his mind. He could hear a voice deep within his mind. He never heard this voice before. It seems like this voice was saying, " Be still, and focus."
It kept saying that for about 3 times which reason why Ghost had stopped.

Placing his body into a meditation state he enters into a world of his mind. There he was greeted by a familiar who said," Glad you could make it here." At first, Ghost was confused this entity look somewhat like him.

Maybe it was one of Ghost's distant relatives he wasn't sure. However, that didn't matter. What was Ghost being trapped inside this place for some odd reason. Clearing his voice Ghost said," Who are you?" The unknown entity just smile, and said," That doesn't matter right now. What matters is whether you unlock your true power?" Ghost didn't understand what this man was talking about then suddenly another entity appeared within the mind of Ghost.

He look exactly like Ghost, and the entity spoke once again, and said," If you can defeat yourself maybe you can unlock what you came here for."
Ghost was confused but he figures he had nothing to lose so he decides to try.

But before the battle could start Ghost was pull back into reality by Moka and Mya who seem to be drenching wet. Ghost found himself sitting along the ground and directly above him was his teammates.

He was a puzzle at first as he didn't know how to explain what was going on now. So he started getting up from his position when the girls ask him why he was there. He replied," The same reason why y'all are completely wet because you want to." Both the female warriors look at each other confusedly as a chuckle as they made their way back into the camp.

They had recently caught a rabbit, and a boar as Moka, and Mya prepare to clean the meat and cook it. Ghost return back into the mediation state where he was greeted by others with his copy.

Both Ghost and his copies stood within an empty white void within Ghost's mind aka his imagination. The battle had started however there was a purpose for it happening.

It was to teach and trained Ghost how to use new abilities. In this world, Ghost had the power to be or manifest whatever he wishes. This world was meant to try out new skills and practice against foes using them.

Ghost conjure up this stave within this world as he cleared his mind. He begins to gather magoi he imagines the magoi to take the shape of water. After a few seconds, it seems the stave had to produce it from nothing.

This training exercise within his mind seems like it took ages as Ghost used his new water abilities to attempt to fight off his copy. Which pretty much copy off whatever skills he used to counter.

It seems like months have passed, and either was growing tired, and there wasn't a clear winning side either. Ghost grew annoyed, and instead of water, he switch for a more personal fight. He wanted to use his strength as a warrior in hand to hand to beat this copy to a bloody pulp. The only problem he was no warrior.

Once again gather the rukh that turns into magoi which Ghost used to enhance his size, endurance, and durability. Once again they fought, and it was as if time had no home within the mind of Ghost. However this proved to be useless as he was knocked back as if nothing has changed.

But that didn't bother Ghost as he continue to practice his water abilities. It was not until Ghost felt comfortable in his newfound power that the voice spoke again.

Ghost had let out a sigh the voice said," Goodie it seems like you got the hang of this here. How about you take what you learn here into the real world. It may seem hard to do at first that's why I allowed you to practice here first before you could go into the real world."

As soon as he finish talking Ghost awoke from his sleeping state only to find Moka, and Mya just finishing cooking the boar and rabbit. His stomach growl in response as it was clearly saying it was hungry.

Ghost had nodded his head in approval he had figured it would take him a while to unlock these new element. But that didn't bother Ghost he figure he would have plenty of time to practice this new magic.

Clearing his mind as he took a deep breath he begin to gather magoi present within this cave. Like he said before this cave was special as it had some type of special link when it allow him to freely and effortlessly control his magoi.

As soon as it gathers at the top of his stave it begins to take shape of water it seems the magoi within the area summon the water vapor within the air. Ghost had a smile at his successful attempt. Day 1 was done but just how long will this training take?


Let your love be stronger than your hate or anger. Learn the wisdom of compromise, for it is better to bend a little than to break." -H.G. Wells

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The man known as Ghost was currently in a deep state of meditation. It was day 5 of his training. Whatever this place was it had allowed Ghost to enter a training state while he meditates. Early this morning Ghost, Mya, and Moka was practicing their physical training. So Ghost will be able to work on his endurance, and durability as a magician.

It is unbelievably hard for a magician to increase his physical body to that of a level of a warrior. As a magician Ghost didn't have much mastery in weapon combat as he would like to have. That is why he decided to increase his knowledge in magoi, and natural body limits. Understanding his body limits is a must when fighting against foes of unknown origins.

Clearing his mind his body manifest within the fake world that was created for the sole purpose of Ghost training. Here within this world time move slow as 1 month in here is only 1 hour in the real world. So for example, 12 hours in the real world is 1 year in here.

As a magician and some warriors could be trained in a method similar to this place Ghost called this place his Inner World. "Let us start." Before Ghost across from him at the 5-meter mark directly within this white void of nothingness. His opponent was a copy of his inner self which surprised had a surge of lighting surrounding him. It looks much like an aura as that is what Ghost's final observation of this ability he seen his copy used.

Here within this world, the promise of power is attained if you can defeat your inner self. However, this was ridged as Ghost been here for so long. He had no way of telling time in here as time move differently within this world.

Letting a sigh Ghost said," So you going to shock me to death?" It was a joke as the copy smile revealing his toothless grin as if he was enjoying this development. Ghost had no means of telling time. But that wasn't important before him an enemy stood, and he had to figure out to beat him.
Before Ghost could get a read on his target movement he disappeared from his sight as he reappeared directly behind him. Just as fast as he reappeared behind Ghost the copy smack him. Due to the magoi surrounding the copy hand, it trickles down unto Ghost.

Who was indeed sent flying back 6 meters before coming to a halt? His face clearly shown sights of being bruise however, his borg had protected him from serious damage. Letting out a grunt Ghost stood back up as he dust himself off. He didn't have a clue on how to beat this fast bastard until the idea pop inside his head.

Thinking to himself he decide to go with the idea and test it out to see how well it would work. Before his fight with this copy, he had fought with a different copy of himself that used water. It seems after defeating him he was able to use it outside in the real world. So in here, he should be able to do so too.

But his foe wouldn't allow him to do so easily. Once again disappearing from his spot Ghost prepared his body to receive whatever damage that he would. However, the copy didn't respond behind Ghost but this time directly above him at 6 meter marks currently descending down toward Ghost.

In that spit, the second Ghost begins to gather rukh that in return turn into magoi. However, it didn't gather fast enough, and Ghost received a smack to the head with sent him hurling downward about 10 meters back.

His body laid firmly on the ground as his willpower allowed him to continue to gather up his magoi. It seems like the magoi begin to take shape into water that started to spill out of the Ghost body.

The copy yell," You think I would let you cast a spell boy?"
Well, that was true in battle an enemy wouldn't be allowed such development to happen. But Ghost had a plan as the water comes out it begin to turn into a watery mist.

As the copy begins to gather his own magoi within his hands it seems like he was charging up for some type of beam. Lighting sparkles around the copy as he gathers his power. But it was too late as the water vapor within the void begin to get both Ghosts, and the copy wet.

The result of lighting touching water causes a surge and causes the copy to explode due to water properties that are a good conductor. The spark of lighting raining down as some even land on Ghost. This cause ghost to explode as well causing it to end the training session.

Ghost awoke from the meditation in a cold sweat he has been sleeping a majority of today, and he awoke he has seen Moka and Mya continuing practicing mid-range combat. Being that they were both weapon specialists in their respected field Ghost had hoped to one day be able to
fight them on equal grounds as a magician.

As he watch Ghost didn't wish to bother them and decide to continue with his training. Clearing his mind he begins to gather magoi that conjure up the water vapor within the cave. All around him Ghost could see the small water droplets that float in the air. It was no easy task to be able to control them but Ghost manages to do so. Were these the fruits of his labors within the mental world that allowed him to achieve this new power?

He had hope that was the case as he halted this attempt he return his attention to his growling stomach. While the duo fight he made his way over to the campfire there were still some pieces of meat leftover he could eat, and that was exactly what he did.

After his meal he went straight back into training he decides to dive back into the inner world to face off against whatever his imagination throws at him. He spends a total of 2 more days within this world by reality standard but 2 years within the mental world. After the 7th day, he awoke and his constant fights with his other copies reward him with newfound power.

As a magician and maybe soon as a warrior or something else.

Claiming A Rank and lightning magic


Let your love be stronger than your hate or anger. Learn the wisdom of compromise, for it is better to bend a little than to break." -H.G. Wells

Never judge someone by the opinion of others.”
“Don't let your opinion sway your judgment.”-

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