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5k Reward or No Reward?

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A few members have called on for the Activity Check to reward 5k for the spin rather than no prize.

All in favor may say yes, those opposed may say no.


I personally believe that the Activity Check should be replaced. I think we should reward players for every four posts they do, and if they do eight, they may be rewarded further. We could still have the wheel in some capacity. However, I believe that this method could incentivize more posts, which can bump up our number ranking within the forumotion animanga forum list. It can be quite beneficial for the site to incentivize more posts. I just thought to mention this idea for the sake of the site. Our Advertisement and RP Together Event did quite well, but we will need more than that to stay afloat as a site. I hope staff and other players can work with me to bring activity up. It is quite a necessity.

If anybody can post below giving ideas or wishing to offer their input on how to up site activity, please feel free.


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As I said before.. The site need to add balance to it. Nobody ever really uses thier skills as they should. I mean why would they when you can use a magic tool at a way cheaper price to do way more damage. We need to add a balance to the point where. You know if you strong in one area over the other. So people could go about building thier person a bit wiser and not be sinbad level all over the place. Now the magic tools. Not saying make the magic tools weak but make them where people can't rely solely on them.

On that note do events for a person to solo that way they're not waiting forever to respond.

As for the 5k a post thing. It's a bright idea..

But the site should add titles of honor to people. Just so they could know how strong a person is. Like the warlords from naruto or the wizard saints from fairy tail I say that Cause not everyone will want to wait a year for a tower to come around to be a KC IF you become a KC.


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