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Noblemen Connection II [Plot/Job]

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Job Details:

Job Name:Fools Gold
Job Rank: D-tier
Job Location: Kou
Job Reward: 50 xp / 3k Haung / Outpost
Job Prerequisites: Nobleman's Plague
Job Overview:
After setting up the staged trap, persuade Hikari into allowing his home being a outpost, and news report on the noble scene in Kou. If all goes as plan, Hikari would be more than willing to corporate.

Item Brought:

Noblemen Connection II [Plot/Job]  3UixlQMm
Name: Acxa
Tier: A-tier 80 || 400
Material: Metal, Fur
Description: Acxa is a face mask that only covers the face completely, and the neck area. A cold metal, carved into a bug theme painted white, connected to the bur by long rectangular holes laced up with old gauze tape. The eyes aren't visible when the mask is equipped.

[ Hikari House ]

Neph, and Hikari sat in the nobleman's home. Surrounded by many antique items, giving rather the impression that the man was a collector of sorts. Strange hobbies, the boy thought, but he couldn’t consider himself a child any longer, and today was about business, health, and well being to those people out on the streets fighting against one new plague. Neph felt that getting right to the point while sitting around Aseo’s acquaintance. “ Hikari, that other day was quiet hmm… how would I put it. A Terrific Job? Really, I flawlessly executed with no casualties. ” The teens' sarcasm about what Julius did, affected both of them if they were to be in the country as they were near ground zero. “ Neph-chan, you must see the bigger picture, we need to board up, stick to supply and demand and lay low during this plague. If Yoshiro finds out..I don’t want to think about it, kid. ” The man pacing himself by bouncing his knee in his seat, the teen felt his angst and wasn’t hesitant to reassure him if he could. “ Yoshiro? Hah!! That guy wouldn’t be personally involved at the start of this until it worsens, Hikari. For now let me use your home as a place to work with the virus. There's been talk of rewards with cures to the sickness. And with that, I would need here as an outpost.

Neph straight on the nail. Hikari was puzzled while trying to get over the situation, but laying low and having protection came across his mind. If they're here, and he’s always inside with his needs taken care of, what else could happen. “ eughhhh… If Julius-nii is supporting you and you as well figure out a way to cure the plague, I’ll gladly let you and your colleagues use this home as an outpost, I have many. Really I’m still uneasy about the emperor not personally speaking on the plague in these few weeks. It has spread quite fast, no? “ Hikari would shrug considering he hasn’t contracted any of the illness. The teen knew the plague wasn’t going to affect him as he had a way of quickly digesting the illness. Nothing beats seeing plans through with your own eyes, and the teen was finally understanding patience with a lot of strong ground work get things popping. “ Yes, Julius-san’s plague has run straight through Kou. But with my ability, and some friends' knowledge we may bring things around and earn favor from the people. Maybe you’ll even rise in status, Hikari. And once we get this little network up and running. Just basically set or nearly there. ” The teen was excited to get this outpost up, Hikari was a good man and was reasonable. Preparing to turn this antique scene into one filled with people moving with mask on in, and out. Even reached his hand out to shake on it, watching as Hikari would do the same. Before all the paperwork, and signatures taken they simply put it into motion with a shake of the hand. “ Just in time to really make the best name for yourself when the health crisis appears, but so much is happening in this world, and not this country alone. I ought’ to move, kid.

Well when, I come back here. How about relocation to Merridia? My Akitdaoh would allow for you to seek residency. It shouldn’t be too much. But at last I’ll depart as I have business other than this now to attend too. You best stay healthy, and clean my friend. ” Neph got up from his seat, leaving the man's house. Knowing that when he returns, he’ll be signing over on documents but it was worth it. Stepping out the door, Neph would brush off his cuff and release his wings taking flight.

wc: 633/500


Noblemen Connection II [Plot/Job]  423-BF605-76-D0-4-D75-80-E7-B83-DB1711-D97
Noblemen Connection II [Plot/Job]  52-ADE66-B-93-D2-40-AC-9571-EF82-D3-DA78-D2
~Neph Axca~
Noblemen Connection II [Plot/Job]  5-E8-D9772-5936-4-ECD-AC02-55939-A629576

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