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The Southern Sea-Wolf begins his Hunt [Plot/NoM]

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

"I hope you all look forward to a brighter day, our wise leader has united us, but how about we put that to good use! She herself wishes for greater waves, summer brings the tidings or a raid!" A charming voice would command a crowd teetering on the sunset.

Around a towering campfire, with logs of great white pines and kindling of brush tattered cloth. As the oil of whale would ignite with the flames so would the meeting of the South Sea pirates. On an Immuchakan Taigan their encampment would sit, and there they would plan.

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Sotamimi had qualms with his chief, he truly did believe in her plans, but they were growing bigger, if they were to expand they would need diverse leaders and more ambitious ideas. Fate didn't work in favor of the Immuchak, they survived the struggle on their own. It was their strength that was going to unite and control the world. It would be nice to have greener pastures.

Wordcraft was his specialty, it was how the young chieftain had earned his position. He understood what the people wanted them, and he taught them the best way to follow those desires. With a tangled grin the corruption of sweet words would flow once again "Summer is nigh, and the time to claim those bounties has come, tomorrow we will begin to move. Soon the other chiefs shall follow, but once again Immuchak Pirates will raid the seas, the islands, and the continents! We will do more than take, we will claim, we will conquer!"

Snow still kissed the ground, but green was peaking through in all of its beauty. That very ground would shake, the call of war beginning with the dance of crazed hunters. They wished to have more than what the land offered, to have riches, to have warmth and comfort. These great giants of the north would desire more than having to just adapt to their surroundings to find a meek sense of contentment. They were mighty and the world was grand, they deserved more of it. More than an ivory speckled playground that was growing crowded, and colder by the day. The symphony of cheers and deep booming cries only stirred up the excitement more. The day was beginning to die out but their fervor was not. It brought some semblance of interest, a warm, selfish peace rooting in his heart.

Once again, this bird of icy paradise would sing his song. "I've no fear of what my come, share my plans with Immuchak, let them know how the South-Isle Vikingr will sail again, this is our summer, these will be our oceans! Enjoy the drinks, enjoy the food for it will be a long voyage. Stock up mighty warriors, for we kill Unicorns, we own the cold, and we make the earth bend! This is our dawn!"

With these words, their screams waked the mountains, the avian natives back from winter vacation. Amidst the poems of friendship and revelry, the people enjoyed their night, thinking of what was to come after. It was more than just the fauna and raiders listening, escaping into the night was a group of other occupants. Not of those loyal to Asisiak, or those to the raiders, but traders stranded from the raids of Immuchak. Plenty had joined the settlement initiative, but was there loyalty to those outside of their lands? What cost would come of these raids, it was too many questions for those uncomfortable in the wake of future storms.

As the night drifted, an omen carried on in song of the night. Was it praise or promise that brought these loyalties? While black birds would sing their song his fate benefitted that of their High Chieftain.

"Queen, the Queen, storms she brings!
Her call, her call of us all she brings!
In night or day we're all left to pay,
I promise you won't wish to stay
Food, Shelter, treasures, and pleasures you find
trapped, and tricked, dying and left behind
Risk if you wish, and oh risk I shall
the smartest will stay home with aleeeeeeeee!"

DM notes: Immuchak Raid special jobs to be released soon, Immuchak job update as well.

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