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Gero Gu

Gero Gu

~Red Dragon~

"There is no individual sense of justice that can overrule the justice of the world".


General Info
   Character Name: Gero, Gu
       Age: 50
               Link to Approved Character: Gero
               Affiliation: Kou Army

         Equipment: Cane
            Technique: Skill     

Just like how you train abilities, you can train and rank up your classes via word counts. When training Classes, it should be trained over a period of time IC. While it is fine to learn and train an ability in one day, Class Training should be done over the course of many days IC to better show the progression of your character. A week or two has generally been accepted up to this point in time.

The required amount of words to train Classes are as follows:
D-Tier to C-Tier: 500 Words
C-Tier to B-Tier: 1000 Words

Gero himself start cultivation and had locked himself within a training room he had purchased for about 2 weeks. The servants of the Inn had strict orders not to disturb the old geezer while he remained lock within his quarters. However, they brought him food, and place it outside his door every Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.

He wasn't a fool so of course, he ate at the describe time they brought him food. Only eating the protein within each meal, and placing the rest outside.

Within his room, he had been practicing his new swordsmanship using a wooden sword. A couple of hundreds of strikes a day. This allows him to shape up the sluggish movement his age had made him more slowly when he was in his prime.

He would have to train up his body again before he could retain the youth ness that he achieve when he was in his prime state. Gero was no stranger to the training art day in, and night out he attempts to reach the next stage of his training.

Slashing, stabbing, blocking, and all the applied them to his daily routine as a warrior trying to become better at what he does. Making sure he masters the basics before he moves forward which his learning, and mastering his newfound skills as a warrior.

He had no choice if he wanted to attain his former position and power he once wields within Kou Empire. His next goal was to build up the new faction he calls Chronus which purpose was to restore the balance of the world following the codes, and laws of Chronus.

Timepass as did the weather which changes to match the will of mother nature. Gero wishes nothing but to grow stronger, and deliver justice to the wicked. The way he was now he wouldn't be able to do it, and that why he was training.

Often time within the 2 week period he reflects on his past achievement as a warrior, and military official. Other times he wishes he had an heir to pass down the generation title, and responsibilities as Gu Clan Leader.

Timepass and Gero practice his new techniques as well as become stronger with his current ones. His purpose was to leave the room stronger than what he was when he entered.

Knowing this old geezer he was going to do just that, and complete his objective so help him, God. As state before time pass, and Gero begins to see progress in his training. As well see the improvement as well.

A sigh release from his mouth as he stood up from off the bed.
Walking over to the window the room was very spacious which allowed him to do a lot of his training. Today complete his 14th day of cultivation training experience.

Feeling his body grow in strength as well as his technique knowledge slightly increase. He even had time to train up his endurance as a warrior. Feeling a sense of improvement he made his way to the shower of his room to cleanse his body and prepared to leave for the day.

511|500 Word Count Need


"Until the last arm I will fight for justice."

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