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Gero Gu

Gero Gu


Faction Information


|Chronus| Vandenreich_medallion_by_beauryan101-d5zmh8y

Status: Open

  • Entry:Needs to have at least one character interaction with the Elder or Phantom Beast General,Zodiac to official join.
  • Departure:Write 500 why leaving, and 1,500 of why you leaving if you are zodiac or higher.
  • Activity: At least 2 thread about the faction within the same month.

Description |Chronus| is an underground organization that utilizes there political connections and military force to maintain order through the world. This is both militaries, and political groups bent on delivering justice at paste, and will of their respective leaders. This group is commanded by the Council of Elders, who regularly send out its elite assassins only known as the Zodiac on missions.

A select amount of prestigious figures such as politicians and the military have connections to the organization.

Chronos aims to secure and maintain global peace. This often equates to dismantling organizations and killing people that it considers to be evil or corrupt. However, society's own tactics and actions are often questioned by those who know of its existence.

Following the commandant and the will of the Elders, the respective members of the organization attempted to maintain peace throughout the world.

Leader: 1st Elder Gero, Gu
Members:Gero, Ghost, Moka, and Tozu.

Elders- is the title given to the people with the highest authority within Chronus. The history of the Elders is unclear but it is safe to assume that The First Elder was likely the founders of Chronus|Organization. All of the Elders can operate independently without oversight from the others, as long as certain guidelines are observed. At present, it is known that individual Elders, without approval from the group as a whole, are forbidden from causing Chronus to be exposed to the outside world, attacking each other, or overtly antagonizing / engaging the nobles in battle.
However, although each Elder is said to be independent, there does seem to be a system of hierarchy or ranks within the group. Chronus is a simple organization that operates as a trinity which is the rule of 3.

|The 1st Elder|
|Chronus| Dragon10
Gero Gu

|The 2nd Elder|

|The 3 Elder|

Requirments: Must be voted into the position of Elder by majoirty.
The Elders position is usually attain  by  A  Tier or Omega tier individual who contribute to th faction growth. In some rare case rank can be disregard if your feat benfit Chronus.


Phantom Beast Generals - The  Phantom Beast Generals have motifs based on the Four Sacred Beasts and four of the animals of the Chinese Zodiac, as well as mythical creatures closely related to their sign. Their job within Chronus is to uphold the will and orders of the Elders and commandants of Chronus.  Each PBG is respectively assigned to an Elder of their choice upon reaching this rank. This is the 2nd highest rank you can attain within this faction and is equivalent to General in command. All who achieve this rank answer to no one but the council and can effectively order those under them.

Phantom Beast General Dragon

Phantom Beast General White Tiger

Phantom Beast General Pig

Requirments: Must topic with a Elder in order to be appoint to this rank, and must be at least A rank in level.

Zodiac -
Is the third top highest rank you can achieve within Chronus and is base on one of the 12 astrological signs.
They function as one of the top executive officers and they determine the course, action, tactics, assassinate attempt, and policy of their respective divisions. This position is equivalent to a captain. Also, each Zodiac has control over his/her-squad is absolute and cannot be questioned by subordinates or the Zodiac of the other divisions. They only answer to their superior and carry out the will of the organization to the letter.

|Chronus| Rat10
[The Rat]Ghost

|Chronus| SOUL.EATER.full.702872
[The Goat]Moka

|Chronus| Tozu12
[The Snake]Tozu

Requirments:Must be appointed by either Elder or PBH within Chronus or must complete 3 B rank task .

Knights- Are individuals who have proven themselves through the rigorous exam to be novice members of chronus. They must preserve peace of nature and the regard of life. They must also arrest criminals of Chronus, and in rare cases even fellow members who have committed heinous crimes. Such orders come from higher-ups of the organization. A knight rank within Chronus is equivalent to a Lieuntant. At this rank most people who attain this rank are normally C rank but in rare case there are a few B rank. Also, each Knight has command over his/her-lower ranking members but, they normally serice under Zodiac member in which case no one but there Zodiac or higher rank can command them. All of  the Knights are imbued with extraordinary powers. The are Knight titles within Chronus themselves, it seems the higher ranked they are, the more power they have. These titles are (from highest-rank to lowest):

Sapphire「 Safaia」

|Chronus| Exusiai_arknights_drawn_by_omelet_tomato__sample-62aacbb7fd45aa3014a04a4d3bd5b1e5
Crystal| Knight Humayra 「Kurisutaru」

Requirments: Must pass the Knight Exam{ Chain Task} which would be hold upon request of this rank or Must be at least C rank or higher. However, without taking the Knight Exam you would be place at the lowest tier rank Knight upon being appoint by higher up.
Templar -
Is the grunt of the Chronus they handle all the deeds that the higher up don't wanna handle. At this rank they working to become stronger within Chronus by either strengthing there connection or individual power. Most people who join Chronus start at this rank and they mostly at the level of D rank.

Requirments: Needs to have at least one character interaction with the Elder or Phantom Beast General,Zodiac to official join


Faction Topic:

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Julius Plageuis

Julius Plageuis

ight so issue one, is you have the faction listed as NPC but have yourself as the leader.

2nd, since it wouldn't be a NPC faction you need the threads showing you building this faction


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