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Ghost Tu Start Trait:Soul Of the Unknown Solider

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Ghost Tu

Ghost Tu

Trait Name:Soul Of The Unknown Soldier
Trait Tier:Omega
Trait Requirement: Broke A Shared For It
Trait Description: This is both a gift and a curse. As each time he dies he loses himself more and more until he will become a rampaging beast. This was the curse that came with this heart. To live life without the fear of dying of a sickness or old age yet a drive to fight which is the blessing. However to forget how many times his heart was to restart and to forget what he held dear. The maiden placed this gift upon Khan until he remember who he truly is and then and only then will he finally rest in peace. After all immortality is not what it seems to be.
Trait Effect:
For each post the user post in he will lose 20 stamina. As a payment to the trait in place. However he is granted immortality. Along with the ability to deal A tier basic damage so long as he a melee based weapon.
The trait work as simple. The user each time he dies his soul will not return to the rukh but instead. Reanimate a new corpse and reshape the body back to how he used to look and be. Meaning even if he were to gain a dungeon beast of high tier. Or he was to be killed he would lose that perk.  Each time he dies he will start to lose control of himself to the point he becomes a mindless war machine.

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