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My little Pony (2ndary class training/Tamer)

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The young high priestess od the order of the flames reach had found herself outside of the walled country of magno for the first time since she had arrived here. She had decided that she was going to go on a sort of journey of self-discovery. She had felt for a while now that she was missing something, some sort of key that would unlock more of her strength. In Kou she had suffered a major defeat at the hands of the protector of Kou, Tenma. She had known since then that she needed something more, she just was not sure at the moment what the specific something was. Thus, was the reason she had found herself walking the bleak landscape of the plains. She would choose a random direction away from the city behind her and begin walking. She would spend the next several days just walk, stopping occasionally to eat and to rest. She was not quite sure where she was at but she was determined that this must be the right path for her, a path given to her by her god of fire.

As she was walking, she would begin to discover how much she had to exert into the act of walking and traveling. She would begin to feel a pain aching slowly up her legs, soreness from the journey. Her breath would occasionally become ragged and she would have to take a break in order to catch her breath. Walking for days at a time required a lot more energy than the pale lady realized. If she was going to perform in sustained combat with a large force, she would have to conserve energy from moving. She would need to find someway to save energy and to perhaps even increase her agility and range of movement. She would notice a nearby rabbit running away from the intruder of its homeland. That was it! What she needed was some sort of mount. She was not a fana so her speed and energy were not as high. Also if she had a mount she could focus solely on combat and the action. She would just need to find some kind of large beast to use as a mount. She would have to keep traveling for now since all she saw currently was small game like rabbits and various birds. What she needed was a horse, large cat or a bovine of some kind. She would go back to traveling spending several more days walking looking around at the large grassland she was sort of lost in. She would eventually come upon a stream or small river, which was perfect. While water was the sign of evil and the enemy of fire, it was something that every living thing needed. So were there was water there would also be animals. If she followed this odds are it would lead to a small boy of water like a lake or a pond. Sure enough, after another day of traveling she would come across a small body of water where a various menagerie of animals were drinking or resting. There it was! Right across from the pond was a herd of 30 or so horses grazing on the horses.

They were all clearly wild horses since this area was days from the nearest civilization. They were all different breeds of horses as well, such as painted, palomino and bay horses. She would just have to decide what type of horse she wanted and then study and try to tame said horse. For the next several days the young woman would watch the heard as closely as she could. She kept her distance in order to now startle and run off the horses. Once they had their fill of water they started traveling in order to find more grass to graze on and other horse activities. She would watch their every movements closely from the tall grass that she crouched in. She watched how they ate, how they move, even how they played amongst each other. Near the back was a smaller white mustang with an incredibly pale coat color. It looked a bit unhealthier than the rest of the herd, but she was certain that this was the horse that she wanted. It must have been a sign to find a horse that was as pale as she was. She would start focusing solely on the pale mustang and start trying to figure out how she was going to approach then tame the beautiful creature. It stood several feet away from the herd and was always at the back when they were traveling. She was right to suggest that it might be unhealthy, something seemed to be off with this creature, swaying left and right as it walks almost as if it was constantly about to fall over and die. She was certain that there was something special about this sickly horse.

After another few days of observing she decided it was finally her chance to try to get close to the pale horse. She would crawl a bit forward, staying crouched in the grass. She would continue this, moving a couple of feet, stopping, and moving a bit more after several minutes. She adapted this from how certain prey such as lions stalk their prey. Since she had no blood lust towards these creatures it made it even easier to sneak up on the herd. Once she was within a few meters she would finally emerge from the grass to reveal herself to the horses, especially to the mustang. The heard would perk up, more alerted now to the new scent that was near them. They were a bit nervous seeing a new creature amongst the but they would eventually grow use to the new presence as the person would just stand absolutely still, only moving to breath. Then she would just repeat what she had done hidden, moving every 30 minutes, a few feet at a time. She eventually was almost in touching distance of the pale mustang now. She had did it! She had achieved step one which was to get close to the horse. The horse seemed even more beautiful up close, every subtle movement of it’s powerful muscles. It was official to her now, this was the steed for her.

She would slowly raise her hand up to the mustang that was staring intently at her. Without moving, the horse would gingerly sniff the strange woman’s hand. It still seemed nervous however, it did not make an attempt to flee from the human. She would grin at this successful attempt and wondered how she could establish some sort of connection with the mustang. For the next couple of days she would continue to visit the pale mustang, bringing it handfuls of grass or apples that she found in some nearby trees. By the fourth day the mustang had allowed the high priestess to touch his head and his body, allowing her to pet him gently. Their bond was miniscule but it was a good start for her. It was taking quite a while, but over time they were growing closer and closer together. Soon they were more like friends than two strangers that just met a few days ago. By now the rest of the herd left, leaving behind the girl and the mustang. She would move up close and attempt to get on the horse, trying to swing her body up onto its back. AS soon as she attempts this the shores shakes it’s body, knocking her down on her ass and saunters a few feet away to go back to grazing. She would scowl at this, kicking her feet into the dirt and grass. How could this beast not let someone of her standing mount it? She would get up brushing the dirt off her clothes, calming herself down. She would attempt to get on again and once again would be knocked onto her ass. She would be more calm this time as she get on top of the horse, this time holding on quite a bit tighter than before. The horse would start bucking wildly here and there in order to try to knock off the intruder that has latched itself upon his marvelous back. She would keep holding one, her arms around its neck. If she let go now she knew that she was going to end up injured when she hit the ground. This was a now or never shot. The horse’s kicks were getting stronger and faster as time went on, intent to knock her off. It would become tired and begin to slow as it realized that it could not get rid of the high priestess from it’s back. She would smile in triumph as she had seemed to successfully tame the wild, pale mustang. Now all that she had left was to try to figure out how to ride and fight on a horse. She had gained it’s trust and allegiance and now it was time to teach it a few things.

Once on the horse she would attempt to try leading it in different directions and such. This would prove to be a difficult task since she was unable to even get the steed to begin moving. She would sigh at this, training an animal was proving to be much more difficult than she had expected. She would lean down, putting her hands gently on the beast’s neck, then she would carefully prod the side of the horse to get it to move forward. It would take a few attempts till the horse would begin to understand. It would start a nice, slow saunter, picking up pace when she would prod gingerly once again. Once the horse came to a stop she would attempt to guide and lead it. Instead of riding it she would lead it by using a makeshift rope she made out of her hair. She would wrap it around the steed’s head and start leading it by pulling softly with the rope. It would take to this much quicker than it did with some of the previous tasks. It was following her lead and even going left and right now at the slights tug. She would now put this into a practical use. She would get on top of the horse and start riding up to a nice speedy trot. Soon she was riding the pale horse at full speed, confidently guiding and controlling where it goes. Next she would try to do some techniques on the horse and such. She would spend the next several days trying a bunch of different riding tricks on the horse. Some of these were standing on top of the horse, and riding while hanging onto the side of the steed.

Once she had fully tamed and trained the magnificent creature, she would decide it was more than the right time to head back to the country of magno. She would ride on the horse this time, which would make the trip shorter by a number of several days. They moved together as one, gilles felt every slight movement of the large, sickly horse. Their travel would be incredibly smooth as they spend the next 2 or 3 days riding. By the time they got to the entrance od the walled city they would come across Dawn and DuskII who were two magicians in their inner circle of the religious order. They would lead the horse inside and take it to the warehouse they have been using quite a lot lately. They would store the horse here, feeding it with a steady imply of fresh hay and grass. It was not the ideal location for the creature but they would have to make due till the crusade begins and this city is bathed in crimson flames. Gilles would spend the night with the horse to keep it comfortable and prevent it from panicking from being in a new place surrounded by new sounds.


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