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Unwelcomed Guests [Repeatable/Job]

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

Job Name: Unwelcomed Guests
Job Rank: B-Tier
Job Location: Parthevia
Job Reward: 15k Huang | 200 XP
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: Within a town in the territory of Parthevia in Heliohapt there are soldiers of a local noble warlord that are forcing residents to nourish and let them sleep in their homes. However, the residents complain of abuse from the soldiers and other various crimes. When in the town, a group of soldiers decide to make themselves at home but not to the permission of the residents. Defeat the ten soldiers and their ridable lizard beasts swiftly.

Cavalry Soldiers:

Enemy Name: Cavalry Soldiers x10
Enemy Tier: B-Tier
Damage Required to Defeat: B-Tier
Description: In an iron armor from head to toe, these soldiers ride on the back of horse-sized desert lizards.

  • Lizard Bite: One of the soldiers has their lizard lunge and bite at a target to deal B-Tier damage.
  • Slash: One of the soldiers slash with their scimitar four times, dealing D-Tier damage.
  • Parry: One of the soldiers parry an attack of B-Tier or lower that is capable of being parried by a scimitar.

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