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A Simple task

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Job Details:
Job Name: Walking the Dog
Job Rank: B-Tier
Job Location: Plains
Job Rewards: 200xp/15000huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview:

A simple job is posted at the job board. On the description it says that it's just walking the dog. A seemingly relatively easy job for a very extravagant pay.

What the job description didn't say was that the dog if you can actually call it a dog. Is a beast ten meters tall. And by walking it meant that you have to get to be chased by the dog and if you are fortunate enough it will get tired before being able to eat you. Be careful not to kill the cute little doggy.

Enemy Name: Fluffy
Rank: B-Tier
Needed damage to take down: A-Tier
Description: A ten meter "dog" that looks like an over-sized bulldog with wrinkled face and body. It have 2 meter tusk like canines and claws that can do B-Tier of damage.

Pounce – Fluffy pounces, pinning the target to the ground doing A-Tier immobilization.
Chomp – Fluffy uses his big mouth to chomp at the target doing B-Tier of damage and holding the target in it's mouth doing B-Tier immobilization.
Liquid Projectile – Fluffy secretes a yellow liquid out of his private parts that squirts at a range of 20m in a shape of a cone 5m-20m. Anything hits by the liquid is stunned for 2 posts.
Roll over - Fluffy rolls toward the target at within 20m of him, dealing A-Tier damage.

When it came to the jobs that the Azure raiders took there were two things that decided priority, the amount of money and who it was making the request. For the job that their Kommandant took it was decent pay, but the major reason it was because it was also a favor for a friend of hers from the plains. It was during her weeks of raiding when she first came to the region that the woman had encountered her friend known as Alaltun, a tamer like her they were quick to be friends. However, this wasn't the only reason the women were companions, no they were actually quite like one another. With a life defined by a journey away from home and the path towards power unimaginable, they each had strived to become the best while roaming the wilds.

It was even yet another similarity that brought her out on this mission in the first place, like Ani her friend Alaltun was a mother and was having her second child. It looked like it was going to be a difficult birth so she was taken to a magician doctor to make sure things go smoothly. However, with her away from her home, there was no one to feed her beast and take it out for a walk so that way it wouldn't feel cooped up within its own home.

Ani had decided that this job had been perfect, she had been wanting to take Kor out for a job or two, so she could teach him but also so they could enjoy some time together. It was a beautiful day out and she didn't want to waste the time she had with her child, so the two of them had gone out camping in the woods to pick up the dog and take care of it while Alal was away. However, it would be a bit of a fun challenge for both of them. The beast that they had been tasked with taking out for a walk was a massive-looking bull-dog. Not only was it energetic, but it also seemed to be quite hungry.

"Well Kor, lesson one, a hungry beast is an unhappy beast." Her words sounded obvious, even moreso as Kor stared at the large canine who was dripping drool onto the ground beneath him. "So, let's feed the beast."

Another one of her comments that seemed obvious, but as Ani would show once again it wasn't that simple. Any time she started to move towards the food the dog seemed to jump and move around eager to tackle towards the food like it was playing some sort of game. With each powerful step, the pooch made the vibrations let her know that it was coming towards her.  With her body shifting on its weight the woman would soon enough take the leap into action. As quickly as she moved so did the canine and with a quick roll the Azure Amazon grabbed her bag and pulled out a steak quickly throwing it like a discus towards the beast who opened its maw to inhale the protein into its maw.

"Woah! Mom that was awesome!" The young child jumped up and down before running over the same way she did, sliding a bit messier, but grabbing a steak nonetheless and throwing it towards the dog who grabbed that one as well."Woo, I did it, well kinda!"

"You did great little plum." Ani said as she leaned over to kiss her child on the head before grabbing their own food out of the bag handing the filled meat-bun to her child as she began to eat her own. "Though, after we all eat we definitely need to take this beast out for a walk, it'll have to use the bathroom."

Kor would give his mother a soft nod as he continued to chow down on their lunches, they each had two buns that were almost as big as their head and a waterskin filled with a berry juice mountain water combo. It was refreshing and filling and within a matter of moments the woman, her child, and their charge were done. In a matter of seconds, they would stand up and the dog noticing that they were about to be going out for a walk would start to jump around waiting for them to start going out.

It was a few km away from their base location since they were out in the woods, but after a decent walk they had made it out to a field where they would be able to play with the dog with the space that it had deserved. The large beast was so excited that it had began to chase after the wildlife pouncing on wildlife and rolling around in the dirt. It was about to be a wonderful and fun playfuf day for them all. With Fluffy coming close to them Kor would suddenly climb atop the large dog and with his mothers lesson would whistle at a high pitch as he held his legs and body firmly, steering the beast with his lower body.

"Woah there buddy, a bit overzealous aren't we?" Ani spoke with her hands cupped around her mouth to call out to the boy as he road further away. She could tell where they were and with a quick jog was quick to catch up with them. With alot energy in both her child and her dog she would find herself sudddenly breaking into a sprint as she would chase after them with her speed keeping her behind them at a decent pace. "It almost feels like we're the ones playing tag now doesn't it?"

"Haha, I've seen what you can do mom, you're way too fast." The voices slipped passed Kor's lips with a chckle as the dog he rode atop of would run and jump around like a bucking bull. However, this didn't affect the young Imuchakk fanalis half breed as he used his strength and training. "I get why you like this stuff mom, it's pretty fun feeling close to the beast, speaking to them in a subtle language."

It was odd for Ani thinking about how much Kor had grown, how little of it she'd actually seen since she'd given up her eyes back when he was still a baby. However, she did not regret it fully as she knew that her child was growing up to be strong and resourceful. There were a lot of influences in his life and while he didn't know his father well he had gotten to learn plenty much from Ani and the people she had surrounded herself with. While at times she wondered if Kor would regret her for the choice she made other times she felt confident it was the right choice. It was one large step towards the power she needed to complete her goals and to provide the life she wanted for her child.

"Well I'm gonna catch ya!" Ani would call out as she finally started to put some effort into her speed. With a few powerful quick steps she would suddenly dissapear into rainbow light as her blinding speed would pick her up and carry her to the dog. The creature was suddenly surprised when something had suddenly caught up to it, and Ani would suddenly grab both her son and the dog tackling them.

"There now that wasn't so bad was it?"
Ani would smile as she suddenly gave the dog a rub on the stomach and picked up her child giving them a large kiss on the cheek. "Now let's let the dog do their business alright?"

With a soft nod her and Kor would get the dog up and walk him around for a bit, they would wait until suddenly the dog ran off behind a rock. It was a loud thudding noise and soon enough the dog came roughing back looking like its stomach had gotten smaller after it had relieved itself of its pressure. With the dog done with what it wanted it was time for the return home, they would start to walk back to their camp where they would be staying for the night. The setting sun painted their skin crimson and orange as they walked closer and closer to the forest where they had been fore.

It was a peaceful night for all of them as they would lay underneath the stars, Ani couldn't see them, but she listened as Kor would call out constellations he knew, while the dog rested next to them and occasionally cuddling them after its long and busy day, it happened quickly and now it was about to end as quickly as it felt like it had gone on. In the morning they made the trip back to Ala's home where she had just returned from the magicians, she had given birth to beautiful twins, both a boy and a girl. Not only were the parents happy but Fluffy was ecstatic to see his new siblings who he'd gotten protective over immediately.

"Well let's get back to our beasts and our people." Ani smiled and lifted Kor up before they walked off heading bac towards their own home.

Post Details: Walked the dog

Stamina: 395/395
Magoi: 240/240


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