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Cow are you doing? [Job]

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Job Details:
Job Name: Madcow Fever
Job Rank: B-tier
Job Location: Kou Empire
Job Rewards: 200 EXP & 15,000 Haung
Job Overview:
A soldier who uses special breeds of bovine for his battle beasts has lost control of the cows. They're rampaging through a town, and so far its only victims had been some buildings. But, attempts to stop it has failed and it's only time until the cows kills some civilians. Put a stop to the mad cows and save the soldier from trouble!

Enemy Name: Taiyang
Rank: B-tier
Needed damage to take down: B-tier
A special breed of bovine that has been bred to be used in combat, Taiyang is far bigger than the average bull. A special organ allows the bull to breathe fire. Moves at C-tier speeds and deals B-tier damage through his basic attacks.

  • Helios' Charge: Taiyang charges forwards and slams into an enemy, hitting them hard with his horns and skull. The damage dealt is B-tier.
  • Helio's Breath: Taiyang takes a deep breath before bellowing out fire in the direction he's facing. The fires deal B-tier damage.

Enemy Name: Yueliang
Rank: B-tier
Needed damage to take down: B-tier
Yueliang is a special breed of bovine that's specialized to fight in combat. He's just shy of Taiyang's size, but he's much faster. Moves at B-tier speeds and deals C-tier damage through his basic attacks. He has a special organ that allows the bull to release static electricity through his horns.

  • Zeus' Charge: Yueliang charges his horns with static electricity and charges forwards. His slam into the enemy deals C-tier damage while the electricity from his horns deal an additional C-tier's worth of damage for a combined total of B-tier damage.
  • Zeus' Bolt: Yueliang charges his horns with static electricity before shooting it off a meter in front of him, zapping his foe for B-tier damage.

For a woman such as Ani there was always work to be done, having recently left her home in the fortress she had been out in Kou and the plains searching for work. This was all due to the fact that her settlement building had been put to a halt due to the snow becoming bad recently. Her mages and advisors told her it would pass in a week or two but she couldn't just sit by idly by while she waited for things to get better around their home. However, this did not mean her mind was taking away from that as in her eyes whenever she went out for work it meant that she would be returning with both gold and glory for her people. This meant not only prestige and wealth for them, but it also meant enticing those who didn't live within her lands with the prospect that she could provide them with a better life.

With this thought stuck inside of her head she had spent a few weeks out in the lands of Kou looking around at job boards looking what paid the most and what was work specifically for the biggest and the baddest of the mercenaries. The perfect employment for a woman such Ani who was intent on proving that she was more than just a regular person or a regular Imuchakk, she was Ani one of a kind.

The most recent job that she had taken on this time was something that seemed like the perfect job for her, dealing with some beasts who had succumbed to the disease. Of course she was a tamer, but as a breeder as well Ani had experience with sick animals and those lost to madness from rabies and other such afflictions. It was mercy and the only right thing to do after she heard more of their conditions, not knowing any cure there was only one thing that she knew to do in this situation. This time around Ani had decided to handle the job completely alone, Dragotsenny was outside the woods but Ani felt like otherwise, they might not fight her.

"I wonder where they could be." Ani spoke to herself as she crouched down and let her ears tune into the world around her and her nose open towards the scents of all the beasts. A mental image formed in her head as she felt like she was living the path of the bovines even though she was unable to see the actual tracks themselves. "Hmm, south, must be looking for some fresh food."

As the Azure Amazon found herself walking through the woods once again she found her senses becoming overwhelmed as it was like she was living the life they had. With each step, she moved further in and the stronger their scent got. It was convenient that they were bovines and she knew the scent well enough, but it would prove to an asset nonetheless as she got closer and closer to her job and targets.

The environment around her had started to change, the first thing she noticed was the shift in underfoliage as it stopped crunching underneath her feet, and instead, the ground gave way to soft soil and field grass. Next was the overpowering smell of the bovines, along with the rancid stench of their droppings. The air felt cool on her face as it tickled her and everything was telling her that she had left the forest and was now standing in a field and the bulls were nearby. Once again all her senses flared at once as she felt static in the air like when she had Hoyo, but there was also the distinct scent of seared fur and dung.

With her nose being affronted by these scents she dug her heels into the ground and let out a soft sigh as she listened and felt the world around her. The rumbling, the movements of the beasts she could feel and hear them as she turned her body quickly. "There you are ya wily bastards!"

Taiyang and Yueliang had been approaching Ani from behind with their bodies ready to attack, but the beasts hadn't been sure if they were spotted until the woman had suddenly turned to face them where they saw her blindness and the red of her eyes. The two of them would suddenly enter a rage as Taiyang Helios' charged towards Ani while Yueliang used Zeus' bolt shooting lightning at Ani while his brother attempted to run her down.

With a quick turn of her step, Ani had flipped over the charge, however, when she landed she ran towards the other one that had attempted to shoot her. From behind her, the furious Taiyang was not done even after he had missed Ani and he would follow his brother's original move with his Helios' breath he began to breathe intense flame towards the woman who would let herself take the blast as her durable body protected her. With her attention turned back towards Taiyang she would keep running as she started to skip through their vision as her rainbow aura had activated her latent speed. Suddenly leaping into the air she soared towards the bovine as her momentum and speed were carried into her leg turning her into a spinning wheel of death. Upon impact with the maddened bovine's skull, it would shatter in fire and blood before Ani stomped with her other foot pushing his back into the ground with a firm snap.

The faster of the two bulls were surprised and suddenly let out a loud moo as it dragged its hooves against the ground sparks coming from the friction as it was enraged even further. With the loss of its brother the other bull had no reason to hold back anymore and with its electricity coursing through its body raising its fur like conductors it set its eyes on the woman who was using his brother's corpse as a doormat. In a matter of seconds the bull entered a Zeus charge with lightning caping the beast as it rammed right into Ani as she suddenly threw her hands out.

It was then that Yueliang realized that death had now come for him just as it had his brother. "You really think that's enough to kill me?"

The sizzling of bubbling electrified blood had filled the air with an abhorrent scent that would fill the bull's nostrils as it noticed Ani was holding onto his horns. Having caught the charge which damaged her hand she dealt with the electricity happy that her body protected her from such damage. With a smirk on her lips, she dug her heels into the ground and began to shift her weight as she had mastered long ago. The bovine would feel as its heft was removed from the ground like gravity no longer existed, however, this was all the work of Ani as she tensed her muscles and put all of her strength into her act. In mere moments the bovine was being spun as the Azure Amazon's heel dug into the ground tearing it up with each spin as she built up momentum. Then just as she had when she started she dug her heels in again and twisted her hips as she suddenly let go, throwing the bovine up into the air where it would come crashing down, its neck-snapping on impact as it landed next to its brother.

"Unfortunate that you're sick, I could've gone for steaks for dinner." The woman chuckled to herself as she would soon turn away from the battlefield. "Well I guess there is always some good food around here, I think there should be a steakhouse from the war still up."

While it was a bit sick to think of things like this but her encounter with them did put her in the mood for a steak, there was still the matter of turning in the job, but the slightly wounded woman wanted to go rest and enjoy some food. Her body was tougher than the rest but she still wanted to rest and fill herself up with more nutrients and more importantly sate her food lust. With a plate full of yummy food and a cup full of drink she would stay there for the rest of the day before going to rest the night at a nearby inn.

In the morning Ani left her in with the bodies of the bulls tied to Dragotsenny who had been hiding outside the forest. Then in a matter of moments, they were up in the sky flying towards the man who had bred the beasts. When they had arrived on location she handed the bodies over to the man before speaking to him.

"The disease spreads, so if you have any  other bulls you should get them cured now, it can only be fixed before madness sets in." She handed him the note to a vet that she knew would be able to cure the condition, and with her money in hand and conscience at ease, the woman left riding her dragon in the horizon towards her next job.

Stamina: 395/395
Magoi: 240/240

WC: 1,542/1,500

Combat Details: Took B-tier damage from damage taken to bests, killed both Bovines with A-tier physical damage


Cow are you doing? [Job] LuMr2QQ
Name: Dragotsennyy
Tier: A-tier
Type:Legend beast
Species: Harpy-Wyvern
Appearance: The harpy-wyvern is bigger slightly bigger than a horse with the intent to be an agile partner and mount good for most situations. From its head to its bird tail it's 2.5 meters in size with a longer tail behind it at 3 meters used for balancing during flight. With a wing span of 7 meters, it can create an impressive sight in the air as the partial bird, partial reptile has a fierce snout with sharp fangs lining the insides of it. The only thing being more intimidating than its teeth are its 35 cm talons.
Beast Traits:

  • Trait Name: Eusocial Queen
    Trait Tier: Omega
    Trait Requirement: Legend beast | Harpy-wyvern | Wyvern queen
    Trait Description:  Eusocial creatures are creatures that live in a societal structure in which there are many infertile females and one larger child producing queen who holds complete control over their colony allowing them to have many workers and soldiers. Though in the case of needing to start a new colony a queen can choose to create a new queen whether it before colonization or in the case that she would die.
    Trait Effect: Allows the queen to bring two A-tier Harpy wyvern soldiers with her into threads. Harpy wyvern Soldiers are exactly half the size of the queen and browner in color. They have all the same traits as the harpy queen at one tier lower except for the trait Eusocial queen. In the result of fatal damage the beast may expel a queen egg which will hatch after three posts, if fed b-tier food for two posts it will rapidly grow to a full size queen and if not it will stay a baby for the remainder of the thread. The replacement queen cannot control wyverns brought into the thread by the previous queen and the replacement queen is to young to expell a queen egg should she take fatal damage.

  • Trait Name: Avian apex
    Trait Tier: A
    Trait Requirement: Legend beast | Harpy-wyvern
    Trait Description: Due to the selective breeding involved with the species it's wings and body are perfectly suited for all forms of flight.
    Trait Effect: The wyvern is able to fly at high speeds with great maneuverability, it can fly longer than most speed fliers but it still likes to take rests during long trips

  • Trait Name: Land Tyrant
    Trait Tier: A
    Trait Requirement: Legend beast | Harpy-wyvern
    Trait Description: It's body while perfectly suited towards flight is also a monster on the ground, the partly reptilian creature seems to move and hunt just as well on the ground as it does in the air like a bird.
    Trait Effect: The wyvern is able to move around on the ground with great speed and control moving at speeds comparable to that of an A-tier fanalis.

  • Trait Name: Relentless Tracker
    Trait Tier: B
    Trait Requirement: Legend beast | Harpy-wyvern
    Trait Description: The nasal cavity of this wyvern is perfectly suited towards finding prey and never losing track of them.
    Trait Effect: Allows the beast to pick up and discern scents from miles away, it becoming easier to seperate other scents from another the closer the wyvern gets to the source. Can be thrown off by scent hiding abilities of the same tier or higher.

  • Trait Name: Complex vocal chamber
    Trait Tier: C
    Trait Requirement: Legend beast | Harpy-wyvern
    Trait Description: The wyvern's vocal system contains a complex organ allowing it to make complicated calls varying in tone, pitch, and even capable of making it sound like multiple birds calling at once.
    Trait Effect: The beast is able to register sound-based abilities.

  • Trait Name: Oral Bacterium
    Trait Tier: C
    Trait Requirement: Legend beast | Harpy-wyvern
    Trait Description: The inside of the beasts mouth is almost like a pitri dish as the symbiotic relationship of them allows the beast to utilize various bacteria for Offensive, Defensive, or even healing capabilities.
    Trait Effect: Allows the beast to register Bacteria based abilties.


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