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Name: Alice
Country Affiliation: Meridia
Race: Living Doll
Tier: D
Class: Assassin
Age + Birthdate: Unknown
Gender: Agender
Sexuality: Asexual

If one thing is very obvious, it is that Alice has very little experience with the world at large. She approaches everything with a pure curiosity often associated with children, or at the very least the extremely naïve. She is the kind of person to believe the best in people, to believe that they are honest and good at their very least until she's given reason to believe otherwise.

Alice has a naturally bright disposition, her presence doing the utmost to brighten the day around her. A smile is never far from her face, a laugh never distant from her lips. Joy flows from her like water from a fall, and she tends to gravitate towards those who are in need of such a joyous presence in their life. She takes immense pleasure in lightening the emotional loads of those around her.

Alice may be filled with joy, but other emotions swirl within her. She is fresh to the experience of living, so many of them are foreign to her and she doesn't have a name for them but they are there. She is in-tune with the feelings of those around her as well, making her sensitive to the plights of others, and fueling her desire to bring joy to others.

She has little experience with people, so Alice simply assumes everyone can feel for others as she does, so she doesn't understand how people can hurt others without caring about the pain they cause. She finds these individuals unforgivable, their presence filling her with a red hot feeling that she doesn't much like, bringing with it a desire to put a stop to the pain they cause. A permanent one, if possible.

Alice is a protector above all, a trait taken from her years of protecting young children from the darkness of night and the monsters under their beds, enhanced by the method with which she was given life. She will protect those she views as innocent (children being chief among innocents) with every stitch and seam in her being. And she will punish anyone who hurts the innocent with just as much vigor.


Sewing: Alice is a golem of sorts, a doll brought to life through divine providence or what have you. It is probably no surprise that she has an affinity for sewing, having a particular fondness for the creation of dolls and stuffed animals.
Children: Alice has spent most of her "life" in the arms of children, comforting them, playing with them, being a steadfast companions until they no longer needed her. She prefers their company, the simple way they do things and approach the world. Adults are much more complicated.
Playing: Alice can get lost in children's games, or any games really, or activities rather quickly. It takes her to a place of pure calm, of fun for fun's sake, and when she isn't making things she can be found playing one game or another.


Fighting: Alice dislikes fighting, it stirs a feeling within her that she can't fully name or describe, but she knows she definitely does not like the feeling. Her position as a protector of the innocent means she must fight to defend others, so she does when she must. She just makes sure to surround herself with joy afterwards.
Abusers: Those who prey on the innocent are the worst of the worst in Alice's eyes. Those who abuse people weaker than them, whether children or people under their power, are those who deserve a punishment befitting their crime. They inspire an emotion that Alice doesn't like to feel: hate.
Liars: Honesty is a virtue that Alice upholds staunchly, thus she rarely ever lies. She is naturally distrustful of those who are capable of lying with any form of ease.


Alice was created to comfort children, to see them grow into adults and then to start the cycle again when her job is done. Now that she has a body more capable of protecting her charges, she aspires to make a better world for the innocent. Peacefully, if possible, but she will not hesitate to raise a blade in defense of those under her protection.


What Alice fears most is failing anyone she has taken it upon herself to protect, being incapable of helping free those she views as innocent from forces that may be oppressing or taking advantage of them. She also possesses a deep-seated fire of uncontrolled flame, as it brings back memories of one such time where she did fail.

Face-Claim: Gwen from League of Legends
Hair Color: Azure
Eye Color: Cerulean + Magenta
Height: 180cm (6')
Weight: 50kg (110lbs)

To describe Alice as doll-like would not only be comically accurate when describing her existence, but also spot on when describing her appearance as well. She sports a thin, delicate figure and porcelain colored skin that is completely unblemished outside of the glowing blue stitches that mark her body at various points upon her body, such as around her neck and along her joints. Her hair is a vibrant shock of blue, falling in large bouncy curls down her back. She tends to keep her hair in two pigtails on either side of her head, which she decorates with two large bows of indigo colored silk, and sweeping bangs framing her face.

She has large eyes that hold a little sparkle within their depths, whether from magic or the new spark of life that has entered her form has yet to be determined. The most noticeable feature when it comes to her face is without a doubt her eyes, as one is an ocean blue while the other is a shocking magenta. She possesses lightly pursed lips, usually painted in a nude shade of pink for a dash of color.

She wears a flowing dress that poofs out around her lower half, stopping just above the knee. The top of the dress is a deep blue velvet that alternates into a silky white fabric, the hem of the dress ending in ruffles. The dress exposes her shoulders, though there are two puffy straps that wrap around her forearms and hold the dress up. The front of the dress is decorated by a large layered bow with the symbol of a long lost family attached to the front. Additionally, she wears indigo colored gloves with large bows attached above her wrists, pale blue ballet slippers, and a pair of asymmetrical socks: the right bearing a checkered pattern and ending at the knee while the left bears stripes and ending at her thigh.

Alice's attire rarely changes, which might be a feature tied to her nature as a doll. As her clothing where a physical part of her when she was inanimate, she feels loath to part with them now.
Real at Last:
Alice TQ0zWCH

Rukh Alignment: White
Special Features: Heterochromia; Seams

Even things that aren't alive in the strictest sense have memories. Places are ever changed by what takes place within them and similarly objects tend to be imprinted upon by events they bare witness to. If there are any items that have long memories, it is children's toys.

Alice remembers when she first came into existence, when she was stitched together with love by a woman with a kind face and hair the color of flames. She remembers being presented to the woman's daughter, the joy on the little girl's face. She remembers being taken everywhere, right up until the point where the girl outgrew children's toys.

She remembers her creator giving her away with a look in her eye that told of sorrow and happiness, right before she found herself in the arms of another lovely little girl. She remembers sadness, though it was quickly replaced once more with love and adventure.

After the little girl grew up, she remembers a little boy that had her. Hid her away as he feared being seen with a doll, though he would bring her out and play whenever he could. For a while her life was long stretches of darkness, but she cherished whenever she was brought to the light.

She remembered growing old, a little tattered. She remembered being thrown away, fearing she would never know an embrace again. But then she was found, cared for and restored by an old woman with eyes that still swirled with youthful joy. Her hands shook when they worked, but they worked deftly and soon enough she was good as new.

She was passed into the arms of another child. And then another. Every so often she would be worn down, only to be restored to beauty by someone with great care. And she remembered all of them. Every child, everyone who showed her care and love. She held them in her heart of hearts.

She doesn't know how long she'd lived as a doll, but she does know not too long before she became real she was found in the possession of a young girl with plum colored hair and amber eyes. She remembers how the girl played with her for so much longer than many of her kids.

And she remembered the fire. She remembered losing her little girl. She remembered herself failing. She'd had few failures before, few children she couldn't protect, but this one hurt her deeply. Whether this was because it was so fresh to her or for some other reason, she didn't know. All she knew was that whenever she thought of it now, it her cry.

She went years without another child, but found herself in the arms of a darling little girl by the name of Mirna. Mirna gave her a beautiful gem, placing it around her neck with great care. She played with Mirna every day and every night. She heard her hopes and dreams and worries and fears whispered in the most private of places, in conversations she would never betray.

One such hope was to be a powerful warrior like her mother, to become great and have those surrounding her that would help her achieve that greatness. When she spoke this wish, she held Alice a little too close...and the gem she had placed around her neck cracked. Light shone from within her core and energy flowed throughout her body, changing her forever.

When the light faded, Alice stood before a shocked Mirna. Her shock quickly turned to elation and she ran out of the room shouting excited exclamations. Unfortunately, explaining how she had changed from a doll to a woman was remarkably complicated to explain, especially when you didn't know exactly how it had happened. But she wasn't killed by the young Fanalis' family and she was allowed to remain as the young woman's protector and a vassal of the family.

Alice was alive. Who knows what adventures life might bring?

Role-Play Sample: N/A

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Approved Application, follow up with the creative team in regards to what you were looking for this trait.


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