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Naofumia Class Upgrade Warrior

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Naofumia had recently come to the realization that she was weak, in fact, the vast gap she envisioned between herself and the red head man from before was so large that she began to consider herself a mere child. Having no tutor or true personal experience to reach the heights she sought Naofumia would resort to basic training under the premise that goes beyond pain. “Alright everything is set up, the training doesn’t start till it hurts”. Naofumia was motivated in a ruthless capacity she was to show no mercy to herself. Over the last few hours, she had set up a barrage of wooden obstacles, things to lift along with asked several kids to throw rocks at her from a nearby wooden wall that she had constructed.  She was already tired from all the construction work and her training hadn’t even started. Her limbs were sore, her joints were becoming stiff and her body was sweating drastically I better get to training”.

The first challenge she had prepared for herself was a test of balance with several small platforms 10 meters above ground level with a 20-meter drop into a small hole. The challenge wasn’t exactly hard, however, the platforms were designed to fall, the kids throwing rocks and her already fatigued condition. Naofumia would start with jogging towards the start point taking a deep breath with each motion “I need to maintain my peek even when fatigued” she makes a firm placement on the ground and kicks off at the same moment that she releases a long breath from her lungs; landing firmly on the first platform before jumping towards the next. *Bang* a rock would hit her head during the jump. *Thud Thud Thud*. Naofumia would fall and land shoulder first at the bottom of the hole.  Despite fracturing her shoulder Naofumia would get up and repeat.

The challenges Naofumia had built for herself included A tree lift and jump on its tip as it rotated over the other side, the platform cross rally, crawling through a log tunnel at speed, and climbing two flat bearing walls after a run-up.

Over the next month, Naofumia would dedicate herself to this training every single day until she could not only complete the course but complete it without getting hit, complete it without a single misstep, and within 3 minutes. By the end of the month, her body was significantly more conditioned, and completing the course while dodging rocks had become quite easy BUT. Naofumia was never able to complete it within her goal of three minutes with her best time consisting of 12miniutes and 30 seconds. On the last day, Naofumia would congratulate the kids who had become quite proficient in throwing rocks firmly, and accurately Littles ones, when you grow up I’m sure you can work for me”.

On returning home that day, she would pick up her rapier and realize it felt lighter than normal “Hmm, I feel like I need a stronger weapon and it might be time to invest in some armor”. Naofumia at that moment knew she was still weak, but she was strong enough to directly apply to the Reim Guard; however, she mainly wanted to find a master of sorts to train her to reach greater heights.



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