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Vine, the 21st Djinn

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Vine -The 21st Dungeon

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~The Djinn of Brutality and Mercy~


The Gate
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Amidst craggy shores standing tall and proud the ivory lighthouse call challengers. Roaring waves licking its seemingly doorless exterior. With granite walls, and a path of broken stone in the turmoil it exists as a beacon. It's bronze brazier proudly holding its flame as the windows hold the darkness of an abyss. With men of gold overlooking the tower, it freely accepts all who make it, who wish to conquer it.

The Main Hall
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Crystal waters, seemingly endless gently fading from rich aquamarine, cyan into deep blue towards the shore. The towering cliffs of banding stone, rich in mineral above hold paths of fine marble. The great white stone, decorating the brick path. Along the path winding up, statues of varying figures line the way. Leading to a single alabaster temple with stone figures of seeming giants. The great columns hiding the painted clay gate of the midway.


  • The Scylla
  • The Roaming Furies
  • The Kraken

The Midway
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A bleak, endless sky as muddled as the earth. Mixed dirt and crushed cobble endless expand amidst an expanse of great empty earth and caging mountains. Within its desolate is only one escape, the labyrinth. With a thundering protector and traps around every corner. Oppressing all those within its walls, with only the center granting freedom.


  • Gorgon Viper Knights
  • The Hydra
  • Ares Wards
  • Asterios the Maze Walker

The Necropolis
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An endless expanse of broken pillars, statues, and fallen homes. With their alabaster marble now muddied with dried clay and the remains of those lost to time. They circle, gathering towards a spire higher than the clouds. Reaching to the heavens, with the words and echos of old upon it. With beings even bigger than colossus patrolling, acting as both guide and guards


  • The Titan Brothers
  • Kynigos
  • Kokkinomati

The Chamber
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A cold chamber, only warmed by the faint light which pierced from a faux sun. Its' dilapidated carvings and columns led to a gate of similar condition. With glinting gold in the darkness as the only beacon within the cavern. Snakes of stone slither along its edges, as the image of man stands still in time just before the cavern's mouth.


  • Vine or The Trial of the Gorgon

Dungeon-Beast Transformations


Vine, the 21st Djinn 72431260dd2d0e5d367d1c2c490a1aaf

A serpentine woman, of flesh and stone. Moving amongst the earth as if one with it. Adorned with a head of writhing stone, born from their mother's rage. Snapping and snarling at those it marks its prey, to return them to earth.

[b]Trait Name:[/b]Gaea Gorgon Physiology
[b]Trait Tier:[/b] -
[b]Trait Requirement:[/b] Vine
[b]Trait Description[/b] With a snake like body and human torso, they slither with ease. Moving amongst the earth, carrying its power inside them. With stone serpents upon their head, they set a target and pursue, weaving the earth in their advantage.
[b]Trait Effect:[/b]
[*] Player has 8 serpents on their head capable of stretching up to 5m naturally. They are treated as active A-tier ability and cost 20m every post, with each doing A-tier damage but having D-tier durability. For 20m magoi all destroyed serpents will be destroyed.

[*] Player can burrow and sprint at B-tier movement speeds.

[*] With only a little flesh left what little there is now functions similar to a reptile. Now cold-blooded temperature-related abilities either overheat or cool them, slowing down movement to D-tier movement speed.

[*] Has Immuchak magoi/stamina pools



Vine, the 21st Djinn Fc68e9ab8318d80ccd18d62a87e80c96

Reborn with a body of earth, in their best image they now stand proud. Carrying forth the command and power of the minerals in which make them up. Unyielding and undying they become a perfect example for their class.

[b]Trait Name:[/b]Stone Paragon Physiology
[b]Trait Tier:[/b] -
[b]Trait Requirement:[/b] Vine
[b]Trait Description[/b] A body of stone, with a weapon bound to their soul. Undying, with only the tests of time to take them down they move with their power, sacrificing versatility for raw power.
[b]Trait Effect:[/b]
[*] Granted an A-tier Earth Magic Weapon or advanced staff.

[*] With an indestructible body damage does not harm them. All attacks do half damage, upon reaching A-tier damage their body shuts down for 4 posts or until the end of the thread.

[*] Sacrifice secondary and tertiary classes. In turn, they have ability slots equal to if you had two primary classes along with trait points.

[*] Retains previous magoi/stamina pools, along with racial traits unless already a dungeon beast. They are reborn as an unbreakable version of themselves.



Vine, the 21st Djinn Bc55e261c2941fcf4626568d72f8a8da

Scorned in image, with an unyielding head of snakes. They hiss and bite, their image, their gaze, and their vile blood all horrifying protections. The Medusa is hated, but also praised, for there is beauty in their destruction.

[b]Trait Name:[/b]Medusa Physiology
[b]Trait Tier:[/b] -
[b]Trait Requirement:[/b] Vine
[b]Trait Description[/b] The Medusa carries with it, many tools of destruction. With its own agile movement, the death upon its head and hands its quickly slays foes. Using its gaze to capture its prey.
[b]Trait Effect:[/b]
[*] Has A-tier movement speed in the form of sprinting.

[*] Produces an A-tier venom that secretes from the snakes on its head and its claws which can be applied through either one. Does the damage over 4 posts.

[*] Their eyes hold an earth magic function, upon making contact it sends a pulse up to 30m across from them. Stone sticks to the target, trapping them in stone for 4 posts. Can be reflected from mirrors or crystal.

[*] Fanalis magoi/stamina pools



  • Combat focused dungeon with strict 48 time during combat periods with 24 hour spacing between players.

  • Only one Npc may be brought into the dungeon.

  • Maximum of 4 players (those who won power overwhelming have first dibs within a 72 hour time of the posting of the dungeon sign-ups, all who join after have to wait 48 hours in the joining thread.


Vine, the 21st Djinn OJgAYLo

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