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Megan Flaire  Hu_tao_hd_genshin_impact-1280x720
Name: Megan Taylor
Country Affiliation: Magnostadt
Race: Red Magician
Tier: D
Class: Heat Magician
Age + Birthdate: 15/03
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bi-Curious
Megan's personality is truly on fire with its tenacity for investigative concepts. She's driven by new theories, pathways, and ideas that fundamentally help the world develop. Her creative, inspirational, and analytical inner nature is often pushed into her Magic, Music, and very open and loud personality.  Megan is always a spontaneous woman and won’t do tomorrow what she can do today, often getting in trouble because of it; she experiments with ideas, reads almost everything she can get her hands on, however, it's very unlikely she will ever finish something.

She's happiest when channeling new ideas, magic, and actions with deep meaning and aftermath. Megan's independent, determined, and persevering, and with these qualities it’s very difficult for someone to change her mind; “I will try, try and try again, and only if it then seems impossible will I give up” she would often say before getting distracted by something enticing; however, she will go back to finish what she started.

Very Social, Trusting, and Caring; however her moral compass is a little bit twisted, she doesn’t understand why killing is a bad thing if the other person is an enemy or in the way of progress. She craves peace and harmony but is drawn towards chaotic experiences.

In Combat Megan is ruthless and lacks hesitation in every sense of the world, and shows no consideration for self-injury it's all about winning for her as she's a very competitive individual with a fiery personality.

Butterflies; every since she was born Megan has loved butterflies; they are beutiful.

Chaotic Expereinces; When things are in chaos her blood really gets pumping and excited this even crosses over into combat; and can even be mis-undestood as Lust
Arrogance - People who like to put themselves above others, reguardless of personal statue in situations where rank doesn't nake sense it ticks her off.

Snow/Ice - Being someone strongly influenced by Fire and Heat; cold weather or personalities and their envirments anoys Megan.
Megan Flare's greatest aspiration is to Build a miraculous connection between every city in the world with an aspect of heat; "Imagine if we could ride fire and cross the ocean in a day!". The thought of making this a reality gives her butterflies in her stomach and she likes butterflies

Additionally, Megan wants power, the power of fire, and more Fire. This is built with a desire for peace and harmony, cravings for the chaotic, and the belief that Power is how you maintain peace.

Long periods of time in cold climates; the longer she spends in an area of Snow, Ice, or simply cold the more paranoid she becomes, she will lose the ability to trust strangers, become somewhat trigger happy, and begin to squint as her heart rate goes up.

Moving Dead;  She once had the unpleasant experience of a foul practical Joke, where some kids used a corpse and some string to torment her into thinking she was crazy for a month; this resulted in a fear of the Dead moving. The corpse they used was someone she saw die, and the image of him moving about in pain has scared her

Face-Claim: Hu Tao / Genshen
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Buring Red
Height: 191 cm / 6ft3
Megan has fair skin and scarlet eyes with flower-shaped pupils. She has long, dark brown hair fading to crimson at the tips, this is parted into twin ponytails.
She wears a professional red shirt with a mandarin collar and black short shorts with gold accents under a dark coat. a black collar and cuffs, and golden brooches attached underneath her coat's collar and waist.  Her footwear is often designed to be compatible and ideal for running. Megan decided at a young age, she wanted to look professional and was inspired by the receptionist of merchant and traveling merchants that appear cultured.

Rukh Alignment: White
Special Features: flower- shaped pupils
Megan lived a pretty mundane life with no real tragedy or unique event happening in her past; she was, however, once pranked by several of her classmates which left a scarring impression. This prank was; Several kids tied a string to a dead corpse and propped it up walking, near Megan several times over a month, and specifically made it so no one else could see. They were trying to make her think she was crazy, and while they failed in their desire the impact did leave an unseeable scar on her mind and soul.

Her daily life growing up consisted of going to school and conducting her studies; socializing with almost everyone. Practicing her magic and helping others in creating their ideas come to reality. She was a first-class student however, her wondering did often lead her into trouble. She sat at the front of the class, had several books for taking notes, and was very well organized. The teachers respected her and while being quite the Nerd no one saw her as such. She was quite the storyteller; she loved telling Ghost stories.

Today she turned 16 and it was time for her to progress to the next level of her studies and truly become her own wizard; she was a strong learner and good student but lacked a true combat style of her own; up to now she just threw the biggest fireball she could at the other person.

One thing worth noting outside of her mundane life she was developing a liking towards music and for the past 4 years had experimented with creating her own songs; the most famous and impactful was called Trigger me Twice. The song itself was inspired by a game but its meaning was based on the famous saying; Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me.

Megan is striving for power and to achieve her goal of connecting every city in the world; from firing Travel. While she likes to say connect the world in Fire, she generally just means to create a traveling network.

Her Family is always away and she hasn’t seen them since she was 3; however, they keep the money coming in to provide for her and the nanny that looks after her; Tristan Taylor.

Role-Play Sample:Megan stared down towards her fellow classmates from the top bunk of the room; pillow in hand and slight heat in her eyes. She looks to the left and looks to the Right “The great library is haunted, a spirit of fire and wind wonders the halls at night, and it’s said to be seeking young wizards who can’t use FIRE. to bury them alive”  Megan leans forward “Can you use fire”. Her classmates look to the side “Nooo” “Oooh you better peaceful or you’re burning alive” “Don’t worry though I’d protect you” “Use a breath of heat created from her wand that couldn’t be seen from her clash mates, she caused the door to open and shut. “Get behind me”.  Everyone gets behind her “You gals are pathetic, believe anything these days”. They all start laughing.

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Julius Plageuis

Julius Plageuis

What country are you joining?


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Julius Plageuis

Julius Plageuis

Approved, magoi, and stamina inbound, please make ur vault and starters.


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