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Name: Nymeria
Tier: C-tier
Type: Normal
Species: Direwolf: Fenrir
Nymeria is a massive, midnight furred fenrir with a fierce pronounced muzzle. She has a short trimmed midnight mane, pointy ears with the inside of them a rosy color, and a scar running across her right eye. Nymeria has a lighter shade of black paws with her claws being just as dark. Females of the species have larger heads, and a leaner snout, their legs longer in proportion to their body. Nymeria is no less tall for her species, as teen dire wolf: fenrir stands at the size of a teenage elephant.  

Beast Traits:
Trait Name: Strength Through Genes
Trait Tier: D-tier
Trait Requirement: Direwolf: Fenrir
Trait Description: Direwolf being hulking and massive species, they have an extra blood cell( purple in color )which allows them to produce neurotoxins through their saliva, claws, and fangs. It is a recessive gene, but as the population has grown more direwolf’s of Nymeria’s pack have shown such abilities.
Trait Effect: This beast is allowed to register neurotoxins such as sleep, or poison. The beast is immune to their own neurotoxins, but not outside forces from others.  

Trait Name: Direwolf Instincts
Trait Tier: D-tier
Trait Requirement: Direwolf: Fenrir
Trait Description: Direwolf are natural born trackers, hunters, and runners. Being nurtured and guided by the adult direwolf they furthered their instincts beyond their previous limits.
Trait Effect: Increases this beast natural speed allowing them to outrun other mounts for a few hours, and allowing them to sniff(track) people 10 meters away from themselves. Having C-tier speeds equivalent to D-tier fanalis speeds.

Trait Name: Fenrir Anatomy
Trait Tier: C-tier
Trait Requirement: Direwolf: Fenrir
Trait Description: Adult direwolves are nothing larger than grown horses, but still pack the punch to rip arms from sockets. Even juvenile untamed direwolves are capable of killing C-tier adult men by ripping out their throats.
Trait Effect: Being such furious beasts their natural basic attack increases by one tier. Her basic attack deals B-tier damage instead of C-tier.


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