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Twos Company Threes a Crowd [Job / Diana / Ani]

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@Solomon's Proxy wrote:Job Name: Walking the Dog
Job Rank: B-Tier
Job Location: Plains
Job Rewards: 200xp/15000huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview:

A simple job is posted at the job board. On the description it says that it's just walking the dog. A seemingly relatively easy job for a very extravagant pay.

What the job description didn't say was that the dog if you can actually call it a dog. Is a beast ten meters tall. And by walking it meant that you have to get to be chased by the dog and if you are fortunate enough it will get tired before being able to eat you. Be careful not to kill the cute little doggy.

Enemy Name: Fluffy
Rank: B-Tier
Needed damage to take down: A-Tier
Description: A ten meter "dog" that looks like an over-sized bulldog with wrinkled face and body. It have 2 meter tusk like canines and claws that can do B-Tier of damage.

Pounce – Fluffy pounces, pinning the target to the ground doing A-Tier immobilization.
Chomp – Fluffy uses his big mouth to chomp at the target doing B-Tier of damage and holding the target in it's mouth doing B-Tier immobilization.
Liquid Projectile – Fluffy secretes a yellow liquid out of his private parts that squirts at a range of 20m in a shape of a cone 5m-20m. Anything hits by the liquid is stunned for 2 posts.
Roll over - Fluffy rolls toward the target at within 20m of him, dealing A-Tier damage.

Malchi’s head sat between his palms as his elbows rested on the desk. He could feel the warmth of the sun shining from an adjacent window as he tuned out the professor's monotone voice. If you are going to teach about magic fundamentals you should at least make it fun. One benefit of being blind was that people didn’t know if you were paying attention to them or day dreaming for the young magician he was currently performing the latter.

He was instructed to sit in on this lecture but, he already knew the fundamentals about magic from his late father. However, what he did not know was that today he would meet two magicians much further in their studies than he was and that he would be accompanying them to the plains for a job.

”Malachi….Malachi… MALACHI!” The teacher walked up to him and knocked her hand on his head. ”It must be hard not being able to see but that is no excuse for disrespect.”

The blind mage flinched as the hand made contact. Things sometimes still took him by surprise in the moment. ”Gomen, Gomen professor. I could not help but get lost in the warmth of the heat ruhk coming off the sun.” She waved him off with not so much as a glance.

”Well you’re in luck. It just so happens today you will observe….. I mean accompany two magicians from higher grades in an attempt to motivate you. I am told that outside botany and sweets you don’t get much done. Your exam scores are all passing but the homework you turn in is…… missing. Come in please.”

She waved her wand at the door as it slowly opened up revealing two persons standing at it. How did I not hear them from outside? He wondered to himself.



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