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Rural Assistance [Job/Solo]

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Job Name:  
Job Rank: D-Tier
Job Location: Reim
Job Reward: 50 XP | 3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: Capital Guard
Job Overview: Bandits and terrorists have been terrorizing some farms. There is an issued job for helping some farms rebuild pens, and protecting against crop robbers as winter sets in. Stake out at night when it is said crop robbers come and help keep precious Reim crops in the hands of the Reim people. Other hired low level mercenaries will assist in nearby farms, but not on your assigned one.


It was late at night with the village only lit from a slight angle of moonlight penetrating through the nearby forest; the silhouettes of trees and moving wildlife spanned across the village buildings and streets. Everyone sleeping and in the place was almost perfectly silent with only the ruckus of wind and the whispers of the streaming riverbed to comfort the buildings. Naofumia wasn’t inside one of the buildings however, she had chosen to rest in the grassy green fields as she gazed up upon the night sky. Naofumia was in bliss. She absolutely loved grass meadows and the night sky just made it better, she was truly in a peaceful place and all her troubles, concerns and desires were fading away...

Earlier in the day, Naofumia had been annoying the local guards to get some training in. They were all so busy today and couldn’t spare the time, however, one did point out they could actually use the extra manpower. The guards were spread quite thin and the mercenaries were either all booked up, or charging ridiculous fees. One guard would give Naofumia some advice in a place she could defend and earn some goodwill; a young boy from the same farm carrying a small lute would begin singing to her. Oh my fair lady, When I see your expressionless face I wonder what's on your mind, what's on your mind. the colors gone from my face and history is a race, oh my fair lady” Naofumia understood the young boys' message, he needed help defending his farm and he likely couldn’t afford to hire anyone, Naofumia would place her finger on his lips and smiled “I'd help, but please stop singing”. The nearby guard would burst into laughter and officially assigned her to the farm in question, lending her a horse for the trip.

What's that? Something shiny” Naofumia rolls to the side and somewhat down a hill before shifting to a standing position “Who’s there!” Naofumia would remember the words from the other day when she was in pursuit of a thief and nearly got caught by his blade. “If you can’t see your enemy draw your weapon”. Naofumia draws her Rapier and takes a frontal guard stance and slowly walks forward. Two more knives come flying towards her, she dodges the first with a side step and uses her Rapier to deflect the second with a calbured parry, using the reflection of the moonlight on the blade, she follows it and locates a man fully cloaked. “You’re with that mage aren't you?”. Without saying a word the man begins to rush towards catching the knife coming his way and tossing it back as he draws a more sturdy dagger from his hip.  

The assailant positions his dagger to his left as he proceeds to launch an attack towards Naofumia. Naofumia waits for a moment before using her magical parry as she pushes off with her right leg and rotates around his left side avoiding the attack. During the rotation Naofumia attempts to slice him at the hip with her Rapier, the assailant parries her attack with his own blade as he rotates to keep her facing him. She pulls the blade back to lock in her shoulder joint before launching a rapid quick strike with everything she had, slashing his neck artery, killing him instantly.  

Several hours would pass and 2 reim guards would come to check on the farm, and Naofumia would leave the body to them as she continued to defend the farm for the better half of the following week without incident.

Word Count 598
Weapons = Rapier
Skills used by Naofumia

  • Magical Parry  10 Stamina
  • Strike Scaled 40 stamina  
  • 180 Calibur Parry 10 stamina

Total Stamina used = 60/140

Bandit skills used

  1. Dagger Throw several times
  2. Dagger Parry Once
  3. Dagger Slice Once

70 stamina used by the bandit. estimated.

Skill Spoilers


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