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Gone Wild - A Sabretooth's Den[Special]

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Job Name: A Sabretooth's Den
Job Rank: B
Job Location: The Tundra
Job Reward:15,000 Huang and 200 EXP.
Job Prerequisites: Finished preparing the land
Job Overview: Asisiak has sent supplies and workers on a caravan to the cave where Voda has prepared the land. He is supposed to meet them up with them halfway so he can guide them there safely where they can all work to set up training grounds, barracks, and ect.

Enemy Name:Frost-maddened Yeti-Rhino
Enemy Tier: B-tier
Damage Required to Defeat: B-tier
Description: One of the caravan beasts seems to have caught a deadly virus called Frost-madness, with rabies-like symptoms they rage out until running of into the cold where they die so cold scavengers eat them and spread the virus. The beast is 3 meters tall and 4 meters long with a meter long horn and thick shaggy fur

  • Rabid Headbutt- Thrashing his head forward the Yeti-rhino headbutts dealing B-tier damage to whomever he hits with his horns.
  • Mindless buck- Spinning around in place and bucking the beast does B-tier damage to all creatures in a 3 diameter aroundn
  • Death Rush- When near death the virus will kick in and cause them to rush forward at B-tier speeds and then die.
  • Protective Curl- The beast will curl up and protect itself so the only thing available to hit is their tougher back side.  This protects them from up to B-tier damage.


Yeti-Rhino’s were one of the selection of beasts that the limited number of Beast Masters that served the varying Imuchakk tribes could train into service for the Imuchakk. They served as beasts of burden that could aid in the larger caravans that moved between the settlements trading goods or moving supplies to aid the Imuchakk in their very much community focused lifestyle.

Surviving together was what High Chief Asisiak had promoted long ago when she hunted and slew huge numbers of rampaging unicorns that consumed the fish stocks around the coast. The predators had become the prey of the Chief’s first Sabertooths all of whom at least to the Huntsman’s knowledge had passed away at one time or another and even the second wave had also passed away.
He did wonder if the role was cursed, after all who could keep up with the power of the Chief and if you were dragged into that maelstrom. How long would anyone survive.

The huntsman was far to aware that he would eventually die, he was getting old, his bones and joints ached though he had been given mercy from the injury he had suffered while clearing the cave as per Asisiak’s orders by a Shaman-Adept and their powers.

The huntsman would finally be able to head out into the wilds and this hunt was to be a simple one after all it was a creature afflicted with Frost-Madness and such a creature would need to be burned to be disposed of.
The huntsman had preparation to do, he would of course be joined by his beast companions - Shevika and Seeker.

His preparations were simple, he would first of all receive information that he could acquire from those that desired to send the huntsman out to slay the creature before it could cause any further damage.
It had run wild during likely afflicted by something that had bitten it or that it had consumed during its travels, though it seemed only this one in particular had developed the sickness rather than the entire caravan groups beast’s - this was of course rather fortunate after all if had been the entirety of their beasts of burden then it would have been a real problem.

The huntsman would acquire a number of vials of unicorn oil, this would be used to burn out the creature to allow the huntsman to turn its flesh to ash. He would be able to load it into the body cavity and spread it across the carcass and then ignite it to from there he would just have to observe and wait for the blaze to end but he needed to eliminate the beasts flesh.

Setting out into the wilderness was its usual sort, the huntsman would make use of his own tracking ability and that of Shevika and Seeker to aid him in catching the creature's slightly aged trail. The huntsman was originally meant to meet the group but his wound had changed that leading to the group arriving at the settlement with other guides. It was now his turn to perform clean up duty.

Snow would crunch underfoot as the huntsman began to once again adjust to the cold that he had escaped during his time in care. It was bitter and cold and for a human like Vodarara benefited from regular attunement of the cold, growing used to the environment while protected by his numerous layers of fur that adorned his body. Though getting caught in a Blizzard could easily be lethal if mistakes were made by the veteran huntsman whereas the Imuchakk could act reasonably unfazed by such an environment bar the risk of accidentally wandering into a crevasse due to low visibility.
Thus during those conditions it was safer to set down and wait for the weather to clear.

Shevika's muzzle would sniff around as she continued to track and Seeker circled in the skies above. While Vodarara’s eyes were good, he could not fly which gave him a disadvantage unless he found a vantage point and even then those vantage points were limited in where you would be able to see into.

Their journey would be long, their dawn travels swiftly moved into the late afternoon as the huntsman and the beasts headed back along the route that the caravan had initially taken before he would end up following the trail discovered by himself, shevika and seeker off into the wilderness as the closed the noose around the wild-beast.

Eventually, from afar the Huntsman’s keen eyes and that of his beasts scent and sight would mark their target.
The Yeti-Rihon was a hulking mass of muscle and fat, this one in particular was around three metres at its hulking shoulders, its body length was around four metres in length and its head adorned with a metre long horn that could do some serious damage to those that attacked it should it get into close quarters though its shear body mass was just as lethal, even if it did not impale you it could simply crush you or shatter you with its mass and momentum.
Its thick hide and fat could often be another issue causing weapons to get stuck or not penetrate as expected.

The huntsman had a simple plan however, any beast like this was simple to deal with as the creature fought with some trees, attacking the tree stumps with its mass. It had clearly seen some combat though it appeared to have likely got the better of whatever had battled with it, its wounds had sealed but its fur was stained with blood in different areas across its body.

This would be a simple hunt, the huntsman plan was as it was for any beast hunt. A single arrow just behind the front leg to penetrate the heart or lungs. This would lead the creature to swiftly die from its inability to breath or the failure of its core organ of life and the hunter easily had the arsenal to do such a thing simply.

It was now just the case of getting himself into position once he strung his bow. Before he began to close in for the kill as he creeped into position and prepared to make his Pin-Point Shot. The fine razor-like swallowtail headed arrow, its sweeping bone blades coming back down the shaft of the arrow, its long barbs giving maximum cutting edge while minimising the weight of the head.
The huntsman would slowly take his stance once he had creeped into position, keeping himself down-wind of the creature. He would slowly stand from his low stance as he stood, making ever so slow movements as he brought the arrow to the bow. Relying on lack of movement and his camouflage would help breakup his shape and presence.

The cold bowstring slowly drew back as the huntsman emptied his lungs to steady his aim. This was the eye of the hunt as the arrow sat on the outside of the bow, three of the huntsmans fingers closed on the string as he drew backwards.

The huntsman had elected to shoot on the outside of the bow, though he was capable of shooting from both sides, each favoured different scenarios in a hunt. This time it was in the open, a simple kill.

The arrow released as it sailed through the air on its arc as the arrow held stable in its flight, its wobble remained low as the arrow ocellated under pressure as the arrow was affected by the archer's paradox as the arrow’s spine passed around the shaft.

The creature wouldn’t even feel the strike, the arrow penetrating through its body passing clean through the Yeti-Rhino and embedding into the snow past the creature. The creature took sometime to come to its senses as it brain began to struggle for blood and oxygen as it continued its actions before finally its legs would give out, while the huntsman still remained stationary and still, intending to Hide his Presence.

It took minutes for it to finally be done, the huntsman waiting for the creatures breathing to significantly labour before he would approach. He would use his kukri to slice into the throat of the creature as he wanted to make certain it would drop dead.

It would be a slow process as the huntsman would prepare the corpse, slicing into the creature's gut to open up its body cavity as he prepared it for burning, loading up the body with flasks as its body began to steam the environment.
Pouring further oil across the carcass, he would begin gathering up tinder that he could from the nearby trees before he would finally begin working on creating a fire.

He would remain there the night as he dug out a snow-burrow and prepared traps for security as he attended to the burn, it would take time but it had to be done properly to prevent scavengers from feasting on the body and continuing to spread the infection to other creatures.

Eventually, the huntsman could return from the cold… there was still work to do after all.

WC: 1525/1500

Pin-Point Shot
Tier: A
Class: Ranger
Type: Offensive
Range: Long
Requirements/Drawbacks: Pin-Point Shot requires the Hunter to be stationary, notched an arrow and drawing back the string, they focus on aiming for their target location with precision (requires Eagle Eye)
Scaling: Hits
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 4
Cost: 40

    This Pin-Point Shoot uses a very fine arrowhead, the arrow has a good weight to it to drive it home, but the key comes down to its deployment its feather pulled back tighter than other arrows, it is used to exploit gaps in protective scales or to target sensitive areas or organs with the aim to cause fatal blow by finding those weak-points.It has a maximum effective range of 50 Metres.

Hide Presence
Tier: D
Class: Ranger
Type: Supplementary
Range: Self
Requirements/Drawbacks: The huntsman must be stationary as concentrating on slowing down his breathing and minor body movements.
Scaling: Duration
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 10 Stamina

    The huntsman finds himself some cover and begins to reduce their bodies rate of function, decreasing their heart rate and breathing rate, doing so allows the to begin masking their presence from those around them, it could be combined with finding cover to help make them harder to detect.

A Rangers Arsenal
Siyah (Bow):
Gone Wild - A Sabretooth's Den[Special] KJA5EcF
Name: Siyah
Tier: A
Type: Shortbow/Composite Bow
Appearance: This composite bow is 3ft long and 3 inches at its widest, it has a deep red tinge to it from the horn of the Rampaging Unicorn, with Fir tree wood and sinew to turn it into a composite, which increases the strength of the materials used making the bow more efficient in terms of power and range for its size.
Ammunition Appearance: A mixture of dry bone or treated and hardened wood is used for the main arrow shafts at around 22 inches long
A Hunter Knife - Knife (Hunting Knife):

Gone Wild - A Sabretooth's Den[Special] Pbucket
Name: Bone Hunting Knife
Tier: C
Type: Hunting Knife
Material: Bone
Appearance: The blade of this knife is 14cm in length with a handle of 10cm, the handle is leather wrapped to allow greater purchase of grip in the hand.

The primary job of this hunting knife is the final dispatching of wounded prey and skinning of hides.

Not All That Mundane Weaponry
Kukri - Knife/Bladed Weaponry:
Gone Wild - A Sabretooth's Den[Special] N1xOFpD
Name: Bone Kukri
Tier: C
Type: Knife
Material: Rampaging Unicorn Bone
Appearance: The Whole Knife is 41 cm (16 in.) in length, the handle being roughly 13cm (5 in.) and the blade roughly 28cm (11 in.). The Blade isn't a solid piece but two fused sheets to help reduce weight. The Blade is normally stored in a Leather Sheath for storage when not deployed.

Clawed Gauntlet:

Gone Wild - A Sabretooth's Den[Special] Claw_of_Thanatos-1
Name: Clawed Gauntlet
Tier: C
Type: Clawed Armguard
Material: A Ice Warden's Lower Arm
Appearance: The gauntlet has a length of 51cm's embracing in its length with its width being at most 14 cm's, the Huntsmans elbow all the way down to his finger tips of his left arm, the most armouring from the creatures original bone appears to be left around the elbow and the surface of the hand, to provide higher levels of protection to those areas.

It is secured to the arm on the underside by hide straps that thread through a few sets of scales on its underside.

Improvised Weaponry - Thrown Weapons:

Gone Wild - A Sabretooth's Den[Special] Weapons4
Name: Improvised Weaponry
Tier: C
Type: Improvised Throwing Weapons
Material: Knives, Hand Axes, Ice Picks
Appearance: This mirage of throwing weapons are used from Vodarara's spare equipment, to be used in combat to help deter the enemy, they vary in size and length from 4 inches towards 8 to 10 inches in length depending on the item.

The Pack

Gone Wild - A Sabretooth's Den[Special] CwLXugV
Name: Shevika
Tier: C
Type: Normal
Species: Rabbit-Wolf Hybrid
Appearance: Shevika has now grown to 1.3m in height and reached 1.8m in body length. Her multiple tails and unique ears have yet to show any signs of change from their original features. She currently ways around 75 pounds.
Beast Traits: (See the Trait Systems for more info.)

Trait Name: Acute Senses
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Shevika
Trait Description: Though still maturing, Shevika's adapted rabbit-like ears allow her to hear and detect sounds at a greater range and greater detail.
Trait Effect: Allows Shevika to detect small levels of sounds and their direction where they have come from when searching for sounds.

Trait Name: Natural Camouflage
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Animal
Trait Description: From both experience and from natural adaption, Shevika is naturally able to Conceal and Camouflage herself in Imuchakk. Making her hard to spot.
Trait Effect: Provides concealment to Shevika in Imuchakk biomes. (Current Camouflage Regions within Imuchakk, Tundra and Boreal Forest - Unaffected Regions are Mountains, Caverns/Caves/Crevasse and River/Sea)) Applying to Area's with snow within Shevika's vicinity, individual's may have the possibility of spotting other colours in Shevika's fur within reason as the creature is capable of camouflaging itself or dipping its ear's and tails.

Trait Name: Frozen Lupine Speed
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Shevika
Trait Description: Shevika is able to significantly increase her speed for a duration of time
Trait Effect: Can move at the speed of equivalent speed of a horse in optimal terrain while in Imuchakk Biomes (Tundra, Forest) and Efficiently move in Mountain Terrain (Normal Wolf Speed).

Trait Name: Nimble Form
Trait Tier: C
Trait Requirement: Shevika
Trait Description: Due to her nimble and fast nature, Shevika relaxes her form when being afflicted by blows and the like.
Trait Effect: Reduces damage taken by C tier (down to minimum of D tier).
Shevika - D Rank:

Gone Wild - A Sabretooth's Den[Special] CwLXugV
Name: Shevika
Tier: D
Type: Normal
Species: Rabbit-Wolf Hybrid
Appearance: Shevika has now grown to 91cm (3ft) in height in height and 76cm (2.5ft) in length, though she is still maturing she still carries both rabbit and wolf traits and 3 tails of a 30cm (1ft) each.
Beast Traits: (See the Trait Systems for more info.)

Trait Name: Acute Senses
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Shevika
Trait Description: Though still maturing, Shevika's adapted rabbit like ears allow her to hear and detect sounds at a greater range and greater detail.
Trait Effect: Allows Shevika to detect small levels of sounds and their direction where they have come from when searching for sounds.

Trait Name: Lupine Speed
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Shevika
Trait Description: Shevika is able to move at the speed of a wolf and has the stamina to keep it up for a significant amount of time.
Trait Effect: Can move at the speed of a running wolf for hours in a day over bursts of minutes.

Trait Name: Natural Weapons
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Shevika
Trait Description: Shevika's Teeth and Fangs are capable of dealing C tier damage, if they can clamp down.
Trait Effect: Teeth and Fangs can deal C tier damage if they can clamp down on a target.
Previous Form:


Gone Wild - A Sabretooth's Den[Special] CwLXugV
Name: Shevika
Type: Non-Combat Pet
Appearance and personality: Shevika appears to be a small wolf/rabbit hybrid with multiple tails. Shevika is still a puppy and stands about 1 foot tall.
This is a non-combat pet and cannot be used in any type of combat or as a mount!


Gone Wild - A Sabretooth's Den[Special] Ommu0QL
Name: Seeker
Tier: D
Type: Normal
Species: Owl - Snowy
Appearance: Weighing about 2.4 kilograms, Seekers is around 26 inches long with a 53 inch wingspan. The animals feathers is in a coloration designed to provide optimal camouflage within its natural environment or other wintery, icy and snowy climates. Its primary method of movement is through its silent flight and its main ability to strike comes from the creatures talons though seeker is primarily trained to drop a basic projectile from its talon's rather than engage in a melee.
Beast Traits: (See the Trait Systems for more info.)

Trait Name: Natural Camouflage
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement:
Trait Description: With Seekers adult plummage, Seeker now has a optimal camouflage for its natural environment. Be it on ground level pouncing prey or in the sky scouting out targets.
Trait Effect: Within Imuchakk and other similar Environments - Seeker is incredibly difficult to spot or locate. Making targetting or even attacking problematic. - Effectively making the small creature viable spottable from around 10 metres away when it is on the ground in its preferred territory.

Trait Name: Owl Sight
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Seeker/Owl
Trait Description: The owl's sight is highly adapted, its keen eyes allowing it to see out far.
Trait Effect: Seeker's eye sight allows the bird to see targets from far away allowing it to track prey from afar during day and night. (As per Owl RL)

Trait Name: Silent Flight
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Seeker/Owl
Trait Description: An Owl's feathers highly adapted to reduce the sound it makes in flight.
Trait Effect: Makes Seeker incredibly hard to hear while it is in flight.
Owl Chick - Non-Combat Creature:

Gone Wild - A Sabretooth's Den[Special] Snowy-owl-chick-close-110715-02
Name: Head-bound Owl Chick
Type: Non-Combat/Companion Pet
Appearance: The owl chick is around 16 cm tall and fairly plump around the body with dark grey puffy young plumage across its body, its feet are a creamy white with grey talons and its eyes are a piercing yellow.
This is a non-combat pet and cannot be used in any type of combat or as a mount!

Accursed Magic Items
A Frozen Tear:

Gone Wild - A Sabretooth's Den[Special] GOUNIfo
Name: Frozen Tear
Tier: B
Type: Charm
Magic Type: Dry Ice [Heat+Ice]
Appearance: A 7 cm charm in the shape of a frozen teardrop.

  • The charm can be held as if it were the hilt/handle to a weapon. Then, by feeding magoi into it, the user can produce a B-tier dagger 20cm long made of dry ice. This dagger has the same durability of any other weapon of its tier and has a 1 post cool down if broken. Wounds made by the dagger suffer from minor frostbite on top of lacerations. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 to sustain

Shimmer Scale Cloak:

Gone Wild - A Sabretooth's Den[Special] 22-86
Name: Shimmer Scale Cloak
Type: Cloak Liner
Magic Type: Perfect Illusion
Tier: D
Material: Carapace of Mutated Skitterbugs
Appearance: The Carapace of the Skitterbugs itself is slightly purple in nature, when in the light it slightly shimmers with colours of a rainbow when light touches it, the carapace itself is used an additional Liner, Vodarara can run inside his cloak's after adjustments were made.
4ft (122 cm) Long by two and a half foot (76 cm) wide

  • Phantom Mirage - Feeding magoi into the cloak causes an illusory copy of the user to appear 5m away in a location of their choosing. The copy will mimic the users movements and sounds, even their voice. It can interact with the world physically, but only with D-tier force. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 to sustain.


Gone Wild - A Sabretooth's Den[Special] CrystalShield-ffxii
Name: Stalagmite
Type: Mounted Crystal
Tier: D Tier
Magic Type: Crystal (Heat+Strength)
Material: Crystal
Appearance: A Single Flat Gem Plate that is built into a Leather Hide Glove, they are deep blue in colouration.

  • Feeding magoi to the magic tool allows the user to activate a spell by touching their hand to the earth. This will cause five 3m tall, 0.5m wide crystals to rise up from the ground in any spot they choose within 10m of themselves. These crystal pillars deal no damage and have D-tier item durability. Each face of the obelisk-like pillars is finely polished and highly reflective. The crystals can't be seen through. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 magoi to sustain.

The Quiver, Not so Mundane:
Djinn: Gusion
King Vessel: Asisiak the Destroyer
Theme: Lightning + Wind (Storm)
Type: Quiver (Blessed Arrows) (B rank Material Quiver)
Appearance: Stitched of sinew onto sections of Raw Leather, Bone and Furs. This Quiver has a height of 51cm, a width of 27.5cm at its widest and 20.5cm at the bottom, the thickest sections of material are around 30mm.

The quiver stores the arrows of the huntsman.
Gone Wild - A Sabretooth's Den[Special] 2c0dae14a7bff8c582f7900ffa20296a


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