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Khaldun ThiefKingBakura-1

Khaldun AladdinTab_zps506e3ebb
   Name: Khaldun
   Tier: D
   Gender: Male
   Sexuality: Heterosexual
   Age + Birthdate: 20 - June 15
   Nationality: Heliohapt
   Race: Human
   Specialization: Dexterity

Khaldun JudalTab_zpsa330a902
   Personality: How can you describe the personality of a thief who spent the entirety of his childhood living on the streets of Heliohapt? Like this: With the first friend that he'd ever had being killed for the purpose of being friendly towards him, Khaldun makes it a point not to get too close to people in order to protect himself or other people from harm. Though it's mainly to protect himself from harm even though he lives the life of a man who's actions could bring death upon him. He also has a sadistic and dark sense of humor, finding anything bad that happens to people (injury, death, finding out that a man's wife was sleeping with another man behind his back) absolutely hilarious. He doesn't know why he finds these things hilarious, he just does.

Khaldun is also a little bit, absolutely narcissistic. The only friend that he has is probably the inanimate object known as a mirror. He loves the sight of his handsomeness and very will stop by anything that will show off a reflection so that he can admire himself. Perhaps this is why he loves shiny things such as gold. He's also a bit of a greedy person. Though that's no surprise, the man is a thief. Most thieves are naturally very greedy.

Khaldun is also the kind of man that takes pride in being able to make people hang on to every word he says. Handsome AND charismatic? This is a man who is truly blessed by the gods. Or at least that what he thinks of himself.


  • Riches: If it has a great monetary value, Khaldun loves it. He seems to be attracted to places and has a fondness of women that have the smell of gold or expensive jewelry on them.
  • Bird's Nests: Any and all positions that offers the clearest shot with his bow. What ranged weapon specialist doesn't love the perfect spot to launch off attacks with the least chance of being found or killed?
  • Women: Be it poor women, middle class women or rich women, he loves them long as they're beautiful. Though he is partial to a woman that is beautiful AND rich. Shallow, probably so.


  • Work: Any use of this word that involves him actually getting his hands dirty and having his body drenched in sweat is nonexistent to him. Unless there is very good compensation involved. Otherwise, you can get someone else as your 'go-to guy'.
  • Parents: To some his dislike of his parents seems unreasonable. He resents his parents for allowing themselves to be poor for his childhood. The way he sees it, they could've taken up the life of a thief as he did and been very cozy in an actual home.
  • Weak Individuals: Khaldun cannot stand the sight of a person who is mentally, physically or emotionally weak. There are very rare occasions in which he'll take pity on an individual as such and will offer some sort of aid to them.


  • Mercy: The one thing that Khaldun fears is showing mercy on a regular basis. After he witnessed the death of the one person who tried to help him in his poverty because they were doing so, he became afraid of the concept. He sees that constant mercy is a sign of some flaw in a person's character, a sign of weakness and wishes to never have that flaw bestowed upon him by whatever or whomever tries to instill mercy onto him.


  • Wealth: Nothing would bring complete happiness to him other than knowing that he was one of the wealthiest men around. Never having to worry about going hungry or having to wear the same clothes day after day. This dream of his is what drives him to live life. He will do anything and everything necessary to attain the kind of wealth that will make him known far and wide. It also doesn't hurt that the ladies like a man who is financially well off.

Khaldun ScheTab_zps4f77e3b6
   Face-Claim: Bakura, King of Thieves (Yu-Gi-Oh!: Dawn of the Duel)
   Weight:130 lbs
   Hair Color: Silver
   Eye Color: Violet
   Height: 5'9"
   Rukh Alignment: White
   Special Traits: Khaldun's most notable trait is the scar on the right side of his face, starting below is eye and ending just above his jawline. He believes the scar makes him look mysterious and exotic. Whatever floats his boat.
   Appearance: Khaldun's clothing can be described with only one word: simple. His clothes consist of nothing more than a white cloth wrapped around his waist with a sash that acts as a skirt, a manly skirt mind you. He also wears an even longer white cloth to act as a cloak of sorts. Over this cloak he wears a red coat with white stripes that outline the wrists of the coat and the ends of the coat, with the end of the cloak hanging out the neck of the coat as a hood. He wears gold bracelets around his wrists along with a golden medallion he wears proudly around his neck and gold plated sandals, all of which were taken from his first raid.

Based on physical looks, he sees himself as somewhat of a dream boat. He has spiky silver hair that comes down to his shoulders, light violet eyes that are almost hypnotizing. His body is tan as is expected of an inhabitant of Heliohapt. Though this tan body has an athletic build as his clothes were chosen specifically to show off his abdomen.

Khaldun YunanTab_zpsba28a063
Born to parents who lived on the streets of Heliohapt, Khaldun had a humble and embarrassing childhood. He grew up without knowing the joy of having friends or the luxury of having a bed to sleep in and a variety of clothes to choose from. He lived in blissful ignorance of his situation in the early years of his childhood, thinking that just having his health and his parents were enough for a happy life. But as he got older he realized that if he wanted to be truly happy and to actually live life as it was meant to be he needed money and lots of it. He started to grow tired of having to either go hungry for days or having to pick up scraps of food that people dropped just to ease his hunger for a short period of time.

When he was 13, a kind traveler saw young Khaldun in an alley begging for food. He walked over to the young boy and with a smile handed him a loaf of bread that he had just bought. This brought a smile to Khaldun's face and twinkle in his eyes. Though this moment of happiness was brief when a pair of townsfolk who saw this dragged the man way, berating him for helping out a homeless boy. The traveler tried to explain that helping others is something that all people should do. The pair of men didn't like this foreigner preaching to them and proceeded to drag him off to a nearby alley and beat him to death. Khaldun was within viewing distance of this event and saw that the only person other than his parents to show him kindness was taken from this world. In fear that he might receive the same treatment, the young boy fled the scene, looking for a place of sanctuary.

The two men were on the boy's trail as they chased him out of the city into the vast desert where he got lost. Dehydrated and tired, Khaldun collapsed in the sand after trying to find his way back home for days. Luckily for him he was found by a band of bandits who picked up the boy and gave him nourishment. These rough men taught the boy the true nature of life and offered him a spot within the group in order to achieve his dream of wealth. Training the boy in archery and the art of thievery, they were grooming the prodigy of their group. At the age of 17, Khaldun went on his first raid as an official member of the bandits. They found the burial place of a wealthy man and plundered his belongings. Since it was his first raid, Khaldun was given first take of the bounty they had acquired. He happily took the medallion, bracelets and sandals that he still wears to this day.

Two years later, Khaldun decided to disband from the group and forge his own legacy. Traveling here and there for a few months, meeting acquaintances and obtaining treasures he found his way back home to Heliohapt. At first he didn't know how to react, should he be happy that he found his way home or should he be angry at the past that he wanted to forget. Setting foot inside the kingdom once again he made it a point to steer clear of his parents. He wants to become a high ranking member of society and wishes not to include the people that he blames for his childhood poverty.

   Role-Play Sample: (Taken from a previous Bleach RP character I played as)

Kazuma listened to what the mysterious E had to say. "I seem to underestimate who you are? Actually, I think you're the one who underestimates who I am! And it it's not too much of a bother could you stop calling me 'Mr Shinigami'? I've made it clear that my name is Kazuma! Say it with me: Ka-Zu-Ma." The young Shinigami had a smirk on his face as observed E reconstruct his broken Zanpakuto. "How the hell did you do that? You're not supposed to be able to..." He stared in amazement at the feat he just witnessed. Did a human....really just... The young Shinigami just looked at E and tried to wrap his mind around what just transpired. He had seen some impressive feats of personal ability, but this act was close to the most surprising act that he had ever seen. Kazuma looked on helplessly as E took Yakyōshō and began to slice a small smile across his face. "Ahh!! Damn it!!" he screamed painfully as he noticed to look of satisfaction on E's face. This sick bastard actual enjoys harming me. Kazuma sighed a sigh of relief as E walked away from him. As he tried to recollect his thoughts, he witnessed as E placed Yakyōshō on the floor and snap his fingers. A spark appeared....What the hell...

"Yes, I do like myself. I love myself. See, that's all I ask. Mr Shinigami. It's just so bland." Kazuma has a slight smile on his face until he hears E's next comment. "Peacock? You're going to call me Peacock? Ok, I don't think I'm really all that flamboyant. Cocky, yes. Good looking, that's a definite hell yes. But flamboyant, eh." Kazuma then watches as his Zanpakuto is melted down to a puddle. "Wha..Yakyōshō...NO!! You bastard!! What did you just do?!? That was my Zanpakuto!! It had a living spirit in it! Part of MY soul! That spirit was my best friend! And you just....I will kill you...I swear when I get down from here, I am going to make you beg for..." Kazuma stops speaking as he feels E's hand wrap around his neck as he begins to slowly squeeze his throat. Kazuma's eyes widened as he stared into the eyes of E, choking as E continued to cut off his air supply.

He starts to cough and wheeze as he began to gasp for air. Kazuma blinked his eyes, which had began to water as the young Shinigami's air supply was cut off for a brief moment. does he know about Gilgamesh...He knows way to much to be an ordinary human.. Kazuma looked into the eyes of E once more, this time with a face of stone as he answered E's question. "My name is...Kazuma Shinada...Patrolling Officer of the Sixth Division. I enforce the laws of the Soul Society and stop anyone who breaks these laws by using necessary force, and any amount of force is necessary by my standards."

Kazuma coughed once more as he spit on the floor. He cleared his throat, wincing in pain a little bit as his throat was still feeling sore from being choked. "Please, by all means, take your time coming back you sadistic bastard." Kazuma watched as E made his way to the door, and took one last look at him before turning around and leaving the small, isolated room.

Three hours pass, though for Kazuma it feels like 3 days. What the hell am I going to do? I can't call for help. He destroyed my Zanpakuto... Kazuma closed his eyes as a single tear drop fell from his eye onto the floor below. "Yakyōshō, I'm sorry. I failed you. Damn it!" Kazuma screams in anger and pain as the events that transpired hours ago begin to rush through his mind over and over again. His mind stuck on repeat, the young Shinigami began to feel strange. Why? Why do I feel like laughing? This isn't a laughing matter but still... Kazuma began to chuckle silently as he opened his eyes slowly. "Wait, no. This is what he wants. I have to maintain contol of myself." Kazuma forced himself to stop his meaningless chuckle as he stared at the spot on the floor where his Zanpakuto once was. "I was helpless to stop him. Helpless to protect Yakyōshō." He balled both of his hands into fists as he let out another scream of anger. "That bastard! I'll kill him! I'll rip out his eyeballs, then throw them into Hell so the Sinners can fight over who gets to eat them. Then I'll kill him. And I'll be sure to make it as slow and painful as possible!"

His first day as the captive to the sadistic human E begins to come to an end, Kazuma has already begun to lose his sense of time. He begins talking to himself out of desperation to talk to anyone. His Zanpakuto destroyed and his inability to communicate with his Zanpakuto Spirit as a result, starts to eat away at him. "It's ok, Kazuma. You'll be fine. You still have me." Kazuma smiled slightly. "Thanks, Kazu. I'm glad I'm not all alone here. I don't what I would do if I was." Kazuma smiles as he closes his eyes and talks himself to sleep. "Sleep now. Tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow is YOUR day. Soon, you'll be freed of these bonds and you'll take your revenge on that insufferable, impudent, comtemptuous human." Kazuma began to drift off to sleep as one last thought lingered in his mind. This human...he will pay...and he will pay dearly.

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