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The War in Heaven

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The War in Heaven  WpgJw7N

You ever noticed when the stars blinked in and out? When the neighbor that's been dead for years greets you at the corner supermarket this morning? When a battle between werewolves and Viet Cong erupts for a minute on your street and disappears the next minute? When worlds both new and dying tear through the skies, when figures and characters from the edges of time and space meet and collide?

You've become part of it. Part of the battle. Part of the greatest conflict in all of history, where the prize is cause and effect and victory comes with grabbing hold of your present and never letting the enemy steal your past. Part of a war where brute force means nothing when it could be taken away by a quick jaunt through time. Part of a gigantic tapestry heaving with the entirety of everything and more.

You're not the only one. There are others out there. Colorful creatures from histories untouched by others. Mad new horizons, everything possible that will ever be, all coming together, pulled by a War too big to be kept in one corner of time and space. Anyone who's ever been, all of them could very well become part of this campaign for the rest of reality. This is War on a scale beyond the dreams of the smartest strategist. This is War where soldiers fight not with bullets but with time. This is War where the greatest victory is holding on to your past.

This is the War in Heaven.


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