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Chapter 1:Kou---The End (job/plot)

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Job Name:Village of the defeated
Job Rank:C
Job Location:Kou
Job Reward:7,000 huang, 100xp
Job Prerequisites:none
Job Overview: This is a village created by soldiers that were on the losing side of he civil war that kou recently had. These are soldiers that resented Yoshiro and the current government so they left to form a place for their kind. The flames reach will try to recruit this village while they are interrupted by Yoshiro soldiers.
Enemy Name:Yoshiro soldiers x5
Enemy Tier:C
Damage Required to Defeat:C
Description:Some rotten eggs in the Kou army that want to have some fun harassing the former soldiers.
Parry:The user parries a c tier or below attack with their sword
Block: The user takes c tier damage with thier shield.
Hack and slash: THe user performs two slashes with thier sword to deal a total of c tier damage.

The numbers for the flames reach were currently limited to just 3 members for the last village in this tour circuit of theirs. The other members of their ever growing order were busy with the reeducation of the new 'volunteers' that had joined the order. Now it was just the three highest ranking members of the order, Gilles, Husk, and Dawn. Gilles was known as the High Priestess of the Order of the flame and was the strongest believer of their god and obeyed his will. Dawn and Husk were part of the first group she converted after the first Dusk who had now passed. The duo had both been chosen for her cardinals of East and West, thus why they had gotten their names. Dawn was the voice of the flame, whose job was to recruit more members and spread the words of the priestess and their god of the flames. Husk was kind of the opposite and the Body of the Flame. His goal was to lead the hidden in combat and to protect the priestess when needed. These three served as the strongest fighters currently in the Order of the Flames reach while the hidden flames served as foot soldiers and performing more menial tasks for the cardinals.

They had finally made it to the village that they had visited earlier. This was a village that consisted of former soldiers of the Kou empire. These soldiers served the former emperor and were on the losing side of the civil war that had ravage the country a couple of years ago. They were since self exiled to this village while bearing their hatred towards the current emperor. Gilles saw this village as the perfect opportunity to actually gather experienced soldiers and men that could possibly help influence other soldiers and people of kou that still resent the emperor. She was grinning excited at the though of gaining a new foothold since she had lost the chance to gain one with the guard headquarters in the city she had attacked.

The trio would look a bit strange as they walked into the village. The Priestess was wearing a cowl that housed Berti her dark djinn or whatever that strange man had called it. On top of all of this however she was riding on top of a giant golden goose that was hovering above the ground by a foot or two. This was definitely strange for most but to gilles it was her mighty steed almost a throne.

The village was probably a bit shabbier compared to the others that the pale woman had seen lately. This was due to the fact that the villagers were former soldiers and not builders. Not including the children there were a total of 30 people here, most of them being younger soldiers. This time their would be no destruction but something much more peaceful, a meeting. The leader of the village was a more scarred, soldier who was clearly several years older than most of the other former soldiers. He was sitting at a table watching as the strange trio walked towards him. The high priestess of the flame would jump off of the giant golden goose and walk up to the table, sitting down on the opposite side of the leader. "Greetings leader of this village! I am Gilles, the high priestess for the Order of the Flame's Reach. I have come to offer an invitation to our order. We are focused on destroying this country as it is to give new life to it through fire, like a phoenix. We are aware that you and your village have strong feelings against the emperor and the current government. We can offer you that chance of revenge. Many will perish if change does not happen soon." She would say half truths that were mixed with a few lies or omissions. Her goal was not to overthrow the government or rebirth of the country. It is true that her religion believes that fire strengthens and recreates that which has been burned by it. However, she just wanted to burn the whole country as an offering for her lord and to purify the people with the flames. It would be best to leave out certain parts for now and wait till they are to far in to back out.

Before the leader had a chance to reply they were interrupted by a group that was causing some commotion. Gilles would turn to see some of the villagers bein harassed by a group of Kou soldiers that served the current emperor. Gilles would grin and stand up before walking to the group of soldiers being accompanied by the two saints. The group would face the trio and gesture for them to go away. "Move along people, you are not part of this village so our business is not with you lot." When he fully turned back around Husk would grab the soldier and bend backwards almost falling to slam the soldiers head into the ground. This would cause chaos among the other soldiers as they were taken by surprise. Gilles would grab her trowel and feed magoi into it while pointing at the ground under the soldiers to create a 2 by 2 meter hole underneath them causing the four remaining soldiers to fall. Before they could get up Dawn would point his head and shout wall of a thousand blades to create a 5 by 5 meter wall of small blades made by razor making killing the remaining soldiers. Gilles would clap at her cardinals work before turning to the leader who almost immediately agreed to the invitation to join the religious order after seeing this incredible action right in front of his own eyes. The trio would gather some supplies before going to rejoin the other cultists. This would serve as her final act in kou for now till she returned for she had plans for magno next.


magoi 110/130


keb's vessel:
Chapter 1:Kou---The End (job/plot) Golden10
Name: Keb’s Vessel
Tier: A Tier
Type: Magic Item - Goose
Magic Type: Wind
Appearance: The golden likeness of a beautiful goose, one and a half metres long and half a metre wide, worshipped in Heliohapt as Keb the heavenly fowl. Though the cult of Keb has since declined, the value of this precious sculpture has only increased. Passing from the hands of the rich to those richer, this golden goose has been producing green for decades. The goose waddles harmlessly behind the user when not used, its pattern shining and wings flapping as it follows. It is quasi-sentient, understanding what is said by its user, and responds with brassy quacks.

Fowl Weather: Pouring in magoi, the goose will coat itself with feathers formed from wind magic. For three posts, it will automatically position itself to intercept and repel B Tier ranged attacks or below which come from thirty metres away or further. 10 magoi to cast | 5 magoi to sustain
Feathered Friend [Passive]: It has a hollow body, which acts as a backpack that can store two extra items or weapons - if they are less than one and a half metre long and half a metre wide. The goose waddles harmlessly behind the user when not used, however, there is also enough space upon its back for two people to ride. When ridden, it will hover a metre above ground, flying at B Tier speeds. 10 magoi to cast | 5 magoi to sustain
Bertilak Dark metal vessel:

Chapter 1:Kou---The End (job/plot) <a href=Chapter 1:Kou---The End (job/plot) C8460d10
" />
Djinn: Bertilak
Theme: Asura(fire+ice+life)
Type: Cowl Hood
Appearance: a 2.5meter long brown cowl that is connected to a shoulder strap. made of metal fibers that classify it as a metal vessel.
Diggy Digger Hole:

Chapter 1:Kou---The End (job/plot) 046cb011

Name: Diggy Digger Hole
Tier: D Tier
Type: Magic Item - Trowel
Magic Type: Strength
Appearance: Utoriens: I present a magic tool unlike any others. A tool, simple in its use, but an important find; indeed, it seems a very interesting tool. Yes, my colleagues, a wonderful tool designed to accelerate agricultural processes.
Periplectomenus: Oh, shut it, that’s just a bloody magical trowel!
- an excerpt from Utoriens’ lecture to the Reiman Archaeological Society

  • Holey Moley!: When you activate the trowel, you may point it towards a desired location and accelerate the agricultural process of ‘digging a deep hole’. This hole may be up to two metres wide and two metres deep, and can be produced within a twenty metre radius. What a wonderful thing this bloody magical trowel is!

Chapter 1:Kou---The End (job/plot) Downlo15
Damage Required to Defeat: C
Description: Dawn is a magician formerly of magnostadt who had become a priest going around helping out the tribes that Lived in the plains. Eventually he was tasked by the order of priests with torturing tribesmen and others for information and to force people to join their religion. He found that he enjoyed this and would keep torturing people for fun after he left the priesthood to go on a killing spree with the former pit fighter known has Husk. He focuses on using razor magic.
Weapons: A cane that is 1.5 meters tall and is mahagoney and used as a staff for the magician.

  • wall of a thousand blades: The user casts the spell by shouting the name and forms a 5 by 5 meter wall consisting of razor magic. Anyone that comes in contact with this magic will receive c tier cutting damage in the form of several small cuts.
    Cheese Grater: The user makes a cutting motion two times with their staff sending two jets of razor sharp wind up to 10 meters that will slice off small pieces of flesh for 1 d tier each for a total of 1 c tier.
    Guillotine cutter: The caster makes a cutting motion with the staff sending a meter long slice of razor magic up to 5 meters aiming for a target's limbs or head dealing c tier cutting damage.
    One thousand Cuts: The user create a 10 meter tall twister of razor magic around themselves dealing c tier cutting damage to those that come in contact with it.


Chapter 1:Kou---The End (job/plot) Downlo16

Damage Required to Defeat: C
Description: Husk was a former pit fighter in the plains near magno. He was a personal fighter for a leader of a group of bandits that was trained as his person war dog. A war dog is a fighter that is the top of the groups fighting slaves. normally they fight for the entertainment of income of the bandits but they are also used to fight other bandit groups by having the war dogs fight eachother. War dogs can win their freedom if they win 100 of these battles against other war dogs. It took 10 years but he eventually won his freedom and decided to leave the group. After a couple of years of traveling he found he still craved fighting and when he met Dawn they formed a quick friendship finding a common interest in killing.
Traits: Hardened muscles(c): After years of fighting most of his life his muscles have harden to where d tier physical damage such as weapons or fists bounces off of his body.

  • Piercing jab:The user forms their hand into a blade like shape with they fingers together and hand straight. They thrust their hand out to plunge it into the target for c tier damage.

    Suplex:The user grabs their target then bends back wards while holding onto the target to slam their head into the ground for c tier damage.

    2 tiered punch:The user punched with the top knuckles of their hand followed by quickly closing their fist completely to form 2 hits in 1 punch dealing 2 d tier damage.

    Guard:The user flexes their muscles and forms a cross guard with their arms to block up to c tier damage.

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