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Dalia Fedcono

Dalia Fedcono

Today was the day that the slaver ship would arrive and she and the others already had a plan of action to strike while on the ship so they can’t get spooked and just sail away… not that she couldn’t fly onto the ship anyways but it would be a bit easier to not have to chase them down to get to the slaves. But that would be likely a bit later on her scouts spotted the ship and it seemed to be a bit of a ways off. “Auntie Daliiii!!!” Dalia heard the young child of roughly 8 years old cry out before giggling. Dalia turns to see the girl running over to her with Lila the early 20s woman she used to borrow the face of and her childhood friend chasing after her jokingly doing an evil laugh. Daichi rubbed the back of his head with an amused smirk watching the two barrels towards Dalia. Calimine ran behind Dalia grabbing her stylized torn black dress with the black see through mesh over it that fluttered in the wind and used it to hide by lifting up the sides. She whispered. “The tickle monsters gonna get me!” Dalia chuckled and grinned at Lila who slowly was creeping up.

“Oh my not the tickle monster, such a horrid fate would be devastating.” She whispered back winking to Lila before scooping up the girl in both her hands letting Lila tickle her belly as Dalia gave her cheek a raspberry making the young Calimine giggle and kick her legs. They stopped after a bit laughingly, Lila ruffling the twos hair as Dalia smirked and kissed Calimine on the side of the head who gently gripped her face. “What made you upset? I helped the tickle monster?” She asked with one eye closed from where Calamine’s hand was.

“Yes Auntie doesn’t get kisses now.” Calimine said with a smile.

“Is that so?” Calimine nodded “Well I suppose-” Dalia kissed her wrist then when the girls cheek all over made her scrunch up and squeal with a giggle.

“Auntiiiie!” Dalia laughed and gently hugged her, setting her down patting her head looking to Daichi as he walked up to her and knuckle touched him. Letting Calimine go so she could chase Lila now making little roars the whole time. Dalia looked at Daichi tucking her hair behind her ears and sighed.

“Still waking up?” He asked knowing Dalia normally only rose with the moon now and days so being up early afternoon was stupid early for her.

“Oh yeah…” She looked to him then “You have the others ready to intercept and protect the slaves when the time comes right?” He nods “Sweet suppose I should get changed.”

“Why don’t want blood on your casual dress?” He teased sticking his tongue out and Dalia sticking one back at him.

“No Calimine can smell the blood when its on it even if I wash it out and she doesn’t like the smell.”

“Fair Enough.. I’ll go get the others in position.” he said heading off. Dalia looking up to the sky fleeing the grass brush against her bare feet and her dress flutter in the wind and against her bare arms. Her eyes slowly easing down to the ocean waters in the distance off the rocky shore. It still amazided her how much she ended up falling in love with this peaceful town… she really was getting boring in her old age wasn’t she?


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