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The Return of the Red Lion

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Knuckles Shi

Knuckles Shi

The Return of the Red Lion EDRm1q3
Enemy Name: Giant Ape
Rank: A
Needed damage to take down:3  A
Description: A large silverback gorilla who stands at 5 meters tall, weighs nearly 180 kg and has a shoulder width of 3 meters.  Besides a mountain of black fur the large prime ape has a muscle mass that allows it to has strength of A tier.  Its natural speed is that of C tier, until angered. Once angered the ape is able to travel at B tier speeds.

  • Rampage:slamming its fist into the ground repeatedly the beast creates a pit to appear before them trapping whatever  is 5 x 10 meters in front of them in a pit 2 meters in deep.

  • Rage: Upon taking HALF their damage threshold the beast enters anger filled furry now able to move at B tier speeds for 3 post. At the end of the third post the beast becomes calmed once more.

  • Crippling grip:the beast reaches out with both  hands grabbing its target. With A tier strength the beast crushes whatever its holding with enough force to break bones dealing A tier damage.

It had been a long time since he had been home, the country had seen better days for sure, and yet his people were still being danced around in Gold to bring their power under that of Humans.  Did they not know we could take over this place? Perhaps he would look into doing that, taking it over and moving them elsewhere.

He made his way to the Coliseum, the only place he knew where he could make some quick coin. The redhead walked into the entrance of the building and walked right up to the registration station.

"Well I'll be bent over and painted blue, is that you boy! KNUCKLES SHI the man who went undefeated and vanished!?"

Knuckles became flushed in the face, someone had recalled him.   "Yes Sir, I am back and this time I'm going for the title!"
Well son, you got a ways to go. We got new faces entering the Coliseum left and right. Not to mention there are beats on the field now.  You'll have to fight hard but, judging from the look in your eyes you are after something.

"Sure am, I lost a fight in a Dungeon to this guy. I have no idea who he is, but he was strong. So I came home to refine my skills.  So sign me up, I'll take on a beast.

Knuckles would write his name down and walk through the gate. Entering the locker room he sat his shield and sword down.   He'd go over his yo-yo and ensure it was all good.  After checking everything over he started his game planning.  Soon his name would be called out.

"What a match ladies and gentlemen! Up next we have a returning fighter who I'm sure you all remember, a savage brute Knuckles Shi, the Former Unity Corps official who we watched climb up the ladder with 5 wins 1 draw, and no losses.  We've watched him fight many times but nothing on the level of his opponent the Giant Ape who has been claiming lives since his arrival.  

This was it time to show the people who he was, time to regain that fire and confidence he had before.  Knuckles walked out of his entrance and towards the center of the stage. Looking over as the Giant ape was let out into the arena. It was impressive the sheer size it had, and its power looked to rival his own.  Knuckles would grin as he was happy to take on the challenge. Knuckles would grip his sword from his shield and bang it on the shield a few times as he walked towards, this brought back memories of that dream of his when Reim was overtaken by apes.  

"Hey there big guy you look strong! Please do not disappoint!"
Knuckles would star rushing towards the ape.  Once he was within 10 meters of it, the ape would slam its fist down using Rampage Knuckles would feel the force of the attack slamming down as the pit out be made, however, it would take more than this to stop Knuckles as he'd bend at his knees and push off the ground with A tier strength hurling right at the ape. and throwing his sword at its arm. The sword would stab into the ape for A-tier damage, however now Knuckles would be open its attack.   Using their  Crippling Grip as they moved their hands around Knuckles squeezing him Crushing Knuckles with A tier damage. Blood would push from his mouth as he struggled, it felt like his ribs were broken.

Taking a deep breath no matter how bad it hurt, Knuckles would let out his Fanalis Roar, the sound would reach the Ape and force it to let the grip lose for a second, which was all he needed to use his own strength to push outwards and drop to the ground.  

Now that he was free he'd use Nimble Fingers to grip his yo-yo from his back, and channel his magoi into it with Infusion, after his magoi have covered the yo-yo he'd send it hurling with A tier strength allowing it to slam into the Ape's chin. The blades would  slice open the beast as it would go into a Rampage
 Unfourchantly, its increased speed would do nothing for it as Knuckles would recall his yoyo and start running behind it.  He'd throw his yoyo again, the Ape would try to catch it which was a mistake. The blades would cut through its hand with A tier damage, it would yank its hand in pain pulling Knuckles up. Hurling towards the Ape Knuckles would yell as he yanked the yoyo with all his might swinging it around his body and slamming it into the back of the Ape's head.  They both would hit the ground at the same time but only one would stand up and claim victory.  


Skills used
Tier: A
Class: Warrior
Type: Supplementary
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: The user must be holding an object that either is or can be used as a weapon while holding his other hand over the object channeling his Magoi into it.
Scaling: Duration
Cool Down: 4
Cost: 40 Magoi
Description: The user enhances an object in his hands by coating said an object with his Magoi.

A layer of magoi coats an object held by the user, consuming the object completely with magoi. The magoi increases the lethality of the object to deal A tier damage. While coated with magoi the object is surrounded by a dark red aura, that is nearly black with a red tint. This last for 4 Post

Fanalis Roar

Tier: C
Specialization: Fanalis Racial
Type: Supplementary
Range: Short(3m)
Requirements/Drawbacks: User must inhale a deep breath before roaring.
Scaling: AoE
Sustain: -
Cool Down: 2 posts
Cost: -

After taking a deep breath, the fanalis lets out a mighty roar to stun and intimidate enemies. The enemy does not suffer any actual paralysis, however, the noise is loud enough to cause pain and will stagger foes using basic actions or lower ranked abilities.

Name: Short Sword
Tier: A
Type:Short Sword
Material:Bronze and steel.
Appearance: The blade is a shiny decently sharpen the blade, the bronze in its creation gives it an off brown color while the Steel gives it a nicer finish to the look. The Hilt is 10.16cm(4 Inches) in length leaving the blade to be 40.64 cm(16 inches), combining them into a total of 50.8 cm( 20 inches. ) The leather is wrapped around hilt to absorb the shock of impact from crashing into things.  The sword awaits usage in a black leather sheath which hangs from the waits of the user.


Name: Bronze Sheild
Type: Sheild
Material: Two planks of wood glued together with leather and rawhide covering. Cased in a bit of Bronze.
Appearance: The Sheild is oval in shape, leather stained with a red color acts as a trimming of the center bronze part of the shied. The Sheild in 51 CM from the center to every edge. Handles on the back that allows the user to either hold it hands or slide on forearms while holding with off hand. In the center, there is a space between the bronze plate and wood where one may house a sword or trap weapon which might fit in the spaced during combat.

Crimson Comet:

Name: Crimson Comet
Tier: A
Type: Trick Weapon: Yo-Yo
Material: Steel and Iron for the chain.
Appearance:Two red steel circles cast together by a single steel pole in the center of each Circle steel plate. Bolted and screwed together. In the center pole, an Iron chain is wrapped around it with another set of chains to make the handle that would be represented as the "Finger loop".  Steel blades within the steel plates come out once the Giant yo-yo begins to spin in the fashion of use.  The yo-yo stands 1 meter tall and wide, the iron chain which would be like the string would be 5 cm width chains, the length of the chain was 10 meters.   Each blade of the was 15 cm in length and 3 cm in width


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