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Hearts of Hearts [Chain/Private]

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

Job Name: Heart Of Hearts ( Beginning)
Job Rank: B
Job Location: Helios
Job Reward: 15k Haung 200 exp
Chain Reward: n/a
Job Prerequisites:Be with Ghost or be apart of the Cafe
Job Overview: The right hand of the Slaver Trevon Anderson. Is well lookiing for new products to sell if you know what I mean. However you been tasked with stealing his his Gold card. Which is the identification to open a vault. The man name is Buggy Lable. You must break into the safe house take the gold card and wait for your next orders. Who is you employer is shrouded in mystery.

Job Name: Heart Of Hearts ( Middle)
Job Rank: B
Job Location: Helios
Job Reward: 15k haung 200 exp
Chain Reward: n/a
Job Prerequisites: Be with Ghost or apart of The Cafe.
Job Overview:
My oh my you made it this far very well. I thank you for making a world a better place. Your next job is simple. Track down Buggy main lacky and get her to give up his location. Who is Buggy well to get to the heart. You must break the armor protecting it. Once Buggy is defeated you will be assign your next mission.

Enemy Name: LeeLee
Enemy Tier: B
Damage Required to Defeat: B
Description: A very tall woman. One would call her an Amazon. She where knight armor from head to toe and stands at seven feet even. The armor is all black with no ither colors.
Abilities: Warrior

  • Power whip- Using her whip striking down woth such force. Ahe will cause anyone to be hit by it to take B tier damage.

    Tigress Claw- either right or left LeeLee will left up her target and with her hand will try to crush thier head. Doing B Tier damage.

    Tigress Double Jump Kick- running at B Tier speed she will lunch at her target to kicked them back. Could send anyone a Tier lower or down back twenty meters. This will do B Tier damage.

    Tigress Tail- Using her whip she will wrap it around her target. Choking them to death if not hurting them badly. Does B tier stun damage.

Job Name:Hearts Of Heart ( The End Is the Beginning)
Job Rank:B
Job Location: Helios
Job Reward: 200 exp 15k haung
Chain Reward: learn of the black spider faction. Job Interview at The Cafe
Job Prerequisites: Ghost/Or be part of the Cafe
Job Overview: Like a Thief in the night. One must always move. Like a killer one must close off all of thier emotions. The phantom(s) is task with one objective and that is to get information on one of the underworlds most dreadful money makers. That is none other then the slave trade. This will be done by kidnapping one of the countries most promising slavers Trevon Anderson. Rumor has it he is being watched by the slave empire known as the spider. It is up to the client to get in contact in bring him in. We have much to ask this one once he is captured. The trick here is not to alert the soldiers protecting him. He is at his safe house. Break in and take him.

Enemy Name: Dog Pound Rebels
Enemy Tier: C
Damage Required to Defeat: C
Description: each where dog masks and hide under a dark robe which favors a jedi. Each carries a sword and shield as they fight in old fashion ways. Others use bow and arrows

  • Shield Trash-The user strikes at his target who is within 5 meters of them. Doing C tier damage.

    Mighty sword slash- the user will slash his sword up and down using either hand. Which does C tier damage.

    Arrow Cry- The user will fire off 3 arrows at once. Aiming at the target legs and head.

    Bow Swing- The user swing his now at the target in a rapid 5 strike. Which will do D tier damage if four or below hit or C tier damage if all 5 hit

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