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Miracle | Trading and Mercenary Guild

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Miracle | Trading and Mercenary Guild Miracl10

Affiliation: Independent
Type: Military, Political
Status: Open

  • Entry: New members are encouraged to donate any amount of huang within their first month of being within the Miracle faction. However, this is not required.
  • Departure: Anyone leaving must return any item(s) that were given to them during their time in the Miracle faction. Otherwise, Miracle members will be able to invade a thread of who left to take back the item(s) by force. Departing members can keep the item(s) if an agreement was made.
  • Activity: Must have completed an Activity Check, at least one, in the past six months.

Description: An oriental based guild, which puts great effort in charity work and improving the circumstances of people in the east. Miracle is a prosperous guild focused around trade, and mercenary work. It is led by a civil war veteran, dungeon conqueror, and man set on forging a better world with the Miracle guild. It received the name Miracle by a rural village, who with the help of the guild were able to start up a successful quarry business which works with Miracle to trade precious metals and the like. Trently for short, was the young man whom began the guild shortly after his loss in his first dungeon. While he is the undisputed leader of Miracle right now, he props up others in the guild that are good leaders to lead the guild in areas which he is not present in. Miracle will fight for what they deem is right, and fight for peace and the innocent.

Bonuses: Member(s) who completes a special designated task assigned to them by the Guild Leader will receive a Magic Tool. Which one of the Magic Tools they receive is up for discussion with the Guild Leader. This only applies for first special designated tasks assigned.

Leader: Trently | Torento Yanaihara

  • Trently | Guild Leader [PC]

  • Guaiwu | Guild General [NPC]

  • Main Miracle Unit | 500 Count Army [NPCs]



Miracle | Trading and Mercenary Guild 35360610

Julius Plageuis

Julius Plageuis

Looks good to me.


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