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Twin serpents of Kina [private][Chain]

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Takumi Saito

Takumi Saito

Job details :

Twin Serpents[Chain][Private]
Job Name: A noble cause
Job Rank: D
Job Location:Kina
Job Reward: 3000 huang,50xp
Job Prerequisites: be Takumi Saito/Tokoro Higona
Job Overview: Getting desperate for funds,Tak’s contact Gilga finally lands him a lucrative job escorting in Kina.However,he has conscripted a second escort named Tokoro to assist at the behest of the client.The unlikely pair will need to meet with Gilga in order to collect the necessary intel and formulate a plan.

Twin serpents of Kina [private][Chain] Tak611

Takumi’s ears perked up a bit as the familiar ding of the silver bell above Gilga’s door announced his entrance into the warm bar that always seemed to smell of cooking spices and ale.The Fox Den was near and dear to the fanalis and a place where he spent most of his free time whenever he came back to Kina.

A sparse group of regulars mingled about the well lit and spacious circular room,some sipping steaming cups of rice wine while boisterously explaining a recent job complication,while others sat quietly alone or played cards. The walls were a bright red and adorned with half a dozen gold framed murals of great hunters in Gilga’s family.

As Takumi entered in from the light drizzle outside all eyes fell on his slightly dripping figure.Dressed eccentric as ever,the crimson haired warrior sported a sleeveless dark green tunic that was slightly open at the chest area with simple black pants that cuffed at the ankle.his strappy gold sandals had wings on them like that of the messenger god hermes and matched the black and gold cloak that flowed off his shoulders naturally  like a cape made of water.

Tak’s baaack!!

The foxden erupted in greeting after a  moment of evaluation and Takumi chuckled, removing his iconic rain soaked bamboo hat with red tassels.

"Long time no see yah bunch of lowlifes heh…"

Warm laughter commenced as the fanalis greeted a few of the patrons,clapping shoulders and shaking forearms before stepping forward and making his way to the bar set in a half circle to the back.

Running his hands through his damp crimson mane only made it messier as Takumi finally approached the bar,slumping down at a free chair in front of a Large muscular bartender.The man had a dark complexion with short curly hair and a piercing but honest gaze.His arms were folded and a wry smirk was painting his gruff features that could be seen clearly despite the man's tangled mess of a beard.

“Who are you calling a low life Takumi Saito,as i remember you were nothing but a petty thief before you started freelancing for me.”

Tak half rolled his eyes and shrugged at the man replying with a flat tone.

“It isn’t really freelance if your 33 pound head is giving me the orders now is it?”

Gilga narrowed his eyes glaring a moment at the fanalis  as Takumi did the same to Gil before both chuckled heartily and clasped their hands together in greeting

“Its been 3 months you numbskull,i got word you finished the last job a month and a half in, so what took you so long”

Gil probed the fanalis for information as he set himself to prepare some rice wine and a bowl of Ramen for his friend

“I had a dual with that pirate who patrols off the coast of Magnostadt”

Tak didn't hesitate to answer as he shifted in his seat and continued on.

“And i would have beaten him if the damn port authority had not intervened and started opening fire on the pirate ship,pfft he was too drunk to properly fight anyhow, he certainly did not fight  as ferociously as all the accounts of his pillages would claim”

Gil nods

"Well your alive and well,thats all that matters,though im still gonna discourage duels on company time.

Takumi raises an eyebrow receiving his food and drink before flatly answering

“Company time? Im freelance,remember”

Gil shook his head smirking and busying himself with making another bowl of ramen.

"You little punk,this job will require you to work with a partner at the behest of the client,so don't go putting them in danger over the foolish goal of sword mastery

Tak stopped short as he brought the cup up to his lips,scrunching his nose slightly in curiosity

“A partner huh....isn't this all a little sudden?,sounds like ill have to trust quick and die later eh”

Gilga shrugged

“It's outa my hands mate,The client requested a second escort,but  she comes highly recommended”.

Tak shot an apprehensive look at the empty seat next to him and sighed before continuing to roast the large bartender

“Lets just hope she's at least less annoying than you huh”


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Twin serpents of Kina [private][Chain] Tak510

Tokoro Higona

Tokoro Higona

“They said the dress almost looked native…” Tokoro said watching her mother mince up the freshly picked garlic.

“Did they~?” Her mother asked placing her hand on her own cheek blushing lightly and smiling over to her young daughter with almost twinkles catching her from how the light hit her in that moment. “I suppose my sewing skills have just really excelled haven’t they~?”

Tokoro’s brow twitched looking up at her mother muttering. “You know it’s really hard to be serious when you pull faces like that…” her mother sighed moving the garlic to its own bowl.

“Fine.” She said dropping the cutesy face, this one was far more eerie but nothing hiding behind it she didn’t already know was there, secrets. “Yes our family has origins in Kina does that change anything for you dear?” She asked stonely.

“No I just…” Tokoro looked down as her father walked in.

“She just wants to know more of our family’s past… which is good.” He said as the two look over. “Because I have a task for you to do.” He walked up placing a hand on her shoulder turning her around. “Go to Kina, Talk with Gilga, and do the task required understood?” He said passing her instructions on where the man was. She took it looking from the paper back up to her father giving her a cute smile that if this was something more animated and jokey she coulda sworn a wagging dogs tail would have to be behind him having a hay day from that look he gave her. A bead of sweat frollign from the side of her head  giving an awkwards smile back. Seriously they always give her these faces despite knowing she knows what they really are.


Tokoro rubbed her face sitting up from her sleeping bag, she wasn’t too far out now and still on time but knowing she wasn’t there early gave her mild concern as to what her parents would say knowing she wasn’t early for once due to taking time to rest to ensure she was properly energized for the mission. She knew they were testing her somehow with all of this… but how was always the question.

Twin serpents of Kina [private][Chain] D99sqk1-2885349f-0d02-4670-8a41-8e2a029089ec.png?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJzdWIiOiJ1cm46YXBwOiIsImlzcyI6InVybjphcHA6Iiwib2JqIjpbW3sicGF0aCI6IlwvZlwvNjNhMTE1YjUtOWNhYi00ZDc5LWI4YmItNzIzYWJmMzQ1MjBkXC9kOTlzcWsxLTI4ODUzNDlmLTBkMDItNDY3MC04YTQxLThlMmEwMjkwODllYy5wbmcifV1dLCJhdWQiOlsidXJuOnNlcnZpY2U6ZmlsZS5kb3dubG9hZCJdfQ

She got up and started to pack up everything taking down the food she had made the night before from the trees taking a wiff of it humming softly with a warms mile grabbign out some of the dried meat inside and started to munch on it while getting dressed and pullign on her usual gloves with blakc and white stripes as she slowly pulled the meat up with her lips and teeth to munch on more while it dangled from her mouth. She was only a little bit of ways from the meeting spot she was informed to go to where apparently she would have to meet someone else to work with this time. No doubt one of her parents' old allies to keep an eye on her. Anyone else would be the true question as to why her parents would trust her to work with them despite how often she was made to kill all other people she came across. But this one would be assigned by her parents so death at least wouldn’t be aimed to come… at least not yet.  

With mild relief in her head that maybe this lesson was on team work over all else and not a hopeful hit on the person while they were on the mission she collected her packed items making her way to the meeting spot munching on her dried meat. As she walked though leaving the cover of the trees she was quickly soaked by unexpected rain. She sighed but pressed forward keeping pace, rain was no reason to rush. As she neared the point she made her way up to the roof of the bar and  left her non essential items behind taking what she needed, her 2 weapons and some ammunition, and her most important thing of all… another hunk of dried meat.

She made her way back down and went to the front door. She held the dried meat in both hands as she entered the building looking up to all the patrons that would likely to most who glanced at her could likely sneeze and take her down in comparison to how tiny she was. She though just munched on her beef walking over to the counter, finishing it as she arrived and sat down. Wait what if the man she was contracted to see about the job and her partner was already here and watched her less than formal entry!? Hopefully they wouldn't tell her parents of such a thing. She knew eating food on the way in would likely be an issue she was far too relaxed around food the dang temptress!

She though despite her internal struggles externally held a blank face before she shifted in her seat beside the boy around her age next to her to look at the bartender. “Is there a Gilga here? I’m here to speak with him about a job sir.” She said bowing her head to the bar tender as respectfully as possible.

[ 574 Words ]

Weapons Brought:
Twin serpents of Kina [private][Chain] 260b40c63e3007a9489115f0a042187d48647404v2_00

Name: Sheaki Deaki
Tier: D
Type: Chained Scythes/Long Dagger
Material: Standard metals
Appearance: Connected by silver 2.5 cm chains that are 3 meters in length enabling short ranged attacks. These scythes when flicked right can shift the hooked part of their blades back to make them function more like long daggers with a blade on the upper half of the front and the lower half of the back. The blades though will always be at a slight angle at all times though. The bottom/side blade segment is 10 cm in length, while the main/upper blade is 15 cm in length both being about 2 cm in thickness. The handle is about 23 cm in length and 2 cm in thickness. There are several pockets of empty space in the blades and ridges and spikes throughout it.

Twin serpents of Kina [private][Chain] 6624bbc581815a6e81a6c3eb389199e1

Twin serpents of Kina [private][Chain] Da9fbc6f060fb4a533dc746030ed9a20cbf7c5f1_hq

Name: Wire Wollus
Tier: D
Type: Wire Shooter
Material: This weapon is made of standard metal found in metal wires in stringed instruments to allow durability and flexibility
Appearance: This weapon comes in 3 parts, the standard gloves with 2 cm claw like dispensers on the finger tips can can be used to break the wires off that she fires off if needed by using the sharp ends of the claws to do so, a 5 cm spool like disk on the back of the glove to help regulate the dispensing and retracting of the thread, and a 17 cm in length and 8 cm in width spool canister held on a belt on the mid back over the shoulder blades of the user positioned both vertically. Protective leather like pads with metal plating is normally worn along side of this where the threads are fed across to protect the user from the threads quick movement when in use.
Ammunition Material: Standard Musical instrument threading (Much like the wires on the thin E string on the guitar.
Ammunition Appearance: The threads themselves typically are 0.0254 cm in thickness, and come in bulk so the length varies based on how much ammunition she packs that day (as she grows in tier so will the amount of thread) and if the thread is cut by herself while in use. The wires add up each to 15 m per spool. She typically carries 5 spools of ammunition in total with her when sporting this weapon in holders along the lower back on a belt.


Takumi Saito

Takumi Saito

Gilga guffawed loudly,his tangled mess of a beard quivering as he did.

“ Cant nobody take that title from me young blood”

The mountain of a man strolled off to serve a particularly rowdy table some drinks and  looked quite pleased with himself. Tak smirked knowingly before taking a bite of the Ramen in front of him only to spit it out immediately,furrowing his eyebrows in detestment.

Ugh...Gil is still the worst cook in Kina thats for sure

The fanalis carefully pushed aside the bowl and pulled out the straight sword that was attached to his waist,unclipping the scabbard smoothly and placing it rather roughly on the bar with a metallic clunk.The fanalis had been using Gilga’s Jian straight sword dubbed “shimmergloom” while his own weapon was being worked on by one of the Fixer’s best swordsmith contacts.Gil swung back over behind the bar shaking his head towards his weapon.

"Ezri couldn't figure out how to fuse the dark metal with the damascus steel mate,same as before,it would seem that in order to reforge the damn thing you will need actual dark metal,which you know...good luck with that."

Takumi leaned back in his chair sighing with his hands placed casually behind his head.

“Well if it's back from the forgery I'd like to use it for this assignment..Kina often has narrow passageways and streets and i'm sure it will be useful in that regard” and Even in its broken state the blade is long enough to be used as a short sword"

Tak watched Gil nod apprehensively but reach underneath the bar anyways placing the Jade Dragon sword in all its sheared glory in front of the fanalis and took back shimmergloom.

Nodding his thanks the crimson haired warrior would quickly inspect the half broken blade with a trained eye before returning it to the empty sheath at his waist.As he did so the fairly raucous bar simmered down quickly,the recognizable creak of the Red fox dens door sounded before the bell rang shortly thereafter announcing another patrons entrance.

Though normally those sounds would be accompanied by cheers or greetings for their fellow contractors,the spacious bar’s noise decreased and murmurs floated on the air thick as molasses.
A newcomer?

Takumi continued to sip his rice wine,not bothering to turn around and look at  the new presence that seemed to be heading straight towards him,if it was an enemy then the patrons wouldn't have let the person that for into the fox den without losing a limb,or two.Luckily for the newcomer the patrons only stared with a mix of curiosity and suspicion,

some subtly reaching for bows or axes,invoking the oft repeated mercenary moniker,”you can never be certain who your enemies really are”.
Gilga folded his massive arms eyeing the young Woman apprehensively as she approached and sat down right next to Tak who threw her a curious sideways glance.before she confidently announced her intent.

Gilga’s face melted a bit from its stony look and he nodded in response

“you've found him,glad to make your acquaintance Miz Tokoro....though i dont allow outside food in my bar. I can whip you up a bowl of my famous red fox ramen bowl if y…..”

At this point Tak nearly choked on another swig of wine as he tried to subtly subvert the conversation away from Gil’s food,as he didn't want to risk his partner getting sick in the middle of a mission.

"And i'm Takumi Saito your partner for this assignment,nice to finally meet you..Tokoro was it?”

Tak held out a hand in greeting,the myriad of gold baubles necklaces and bracelets jingling slightly as he moved.His eyes were a bright piercing amber and his lopsided smile was genuinely warm,glinting with one gold front tooth.He was surprised that she was around his own age,as he was used to working with older more experienced mercs.Now Tak found he feeling a bit self conscious about the state of his hair,causing his face to warm involuntarily as he introduced himself,locking eyes with the young woman.

Though on the outside he was cool and collected,his general demeanor laid back and easy.
Allowing the two to greet each other despite being rudely interrupted Gilga would shoot Tak the stink eye before sighing and heading for the back in order to fetch the assignment details and a few maps.allowing a space for the newly forged duo to talk

“Rule number one of the fox den...the food is always the worst goddamn thing you've ever tasted in your life,and probably why Gilga bans outside stuff which is rule number two...hmph,and uhh there aren't really other rules other than there's no rules i suppose”

Tak chuckled a bit offering to pour his new acquaintance a small cup of steaming rice wine as the rest of the bar acted like they weren't trying to eavesdrop on them with little success.

“So...Tokoro are you from around here? Not many people know about the red fox den being a mercenary HQ and lay low spot,besides that I thought i knew of all the sellswords operating in this region heh”.  


Twin serpents of Kina [private][Chain] Dragon10

Name: Blade of the Jade Dragon
Tier: D
Type: Sword/hilt (broken)
blade:Made of an organic black steel inlaid with gold that is said to only be found in the dark country

Hilt:made of triple folded black steel and technically the strongest part of the blade

Appearance: The Jade dragon Sword is an extravagant looking weapon that is more hilt than blade,the black steel hilt notably being longer than the blade at 38 cm in length by 10 cm wide and is painted jade green with a serpentine like raised grip texture.Two red ruby shards crests the end of the hilt which is molded into a fearsome dragon head with the ruby as its featured eyes.

The Hilt is very dynamic and features multiple different grip options to master as well as a loop to easily spin the weapon on ones finger.note that the hilt is stronger than the blade,features a hand guard and can parry weapons just as effectively as the blade itself

the remaining blade portion is at 35 cm long by 10 cm wide black steel inlaid with gold and sharpened to a lopsided point so that it is both able to stab and slash.


Twin serpents of Kina [private][Chain] Tak510

Tokoro Higona

Tokoro Higona

Tokoro looked about as everyone went silent when she entered while finishing up her meat. Well this wasn’t ominous… Of course her father would send her to a place like this…. She saw the patrons reaching for their weapons she held off on reaching for hers knowing she could draw them likely before they could ready their’s and not wanting to escalate the situation yet. She just looked back forward as she sat down locking eyes with the man who held his arms folded and staring at her. She couldn’t blame them.. If anythign she could praise them for not being dumb enough to think someone like her couldn't be a possible threat… if they hadn’t and she was there for them she could have easily offed a target before they could even react. It seems the guy she had to talk to was already staring at her. She nodded to him respectfully.

“I do apologize sir I didn’t know of these rules I should have asked before hand.” She glanced at the guy beside her but continued on. “As much as I would be honored to try your food I was provided no money to buy any food so I can not pay for any.” She said respectfully. And regretfully unknown of the foods quality so she just regretted not benign able to try some of the famous food they had here… the pain of knowing such a thing… as almost painful as a dagger in her side. The guy next to her introduced himself as her partner and she bowed her head to him before shaking his hand. “Tokoro Higona. A pleasure sir.” She said respectfully to him. Her warm brown eyes almost looking purple as the light caught them she locking her eyes on his… he had pretty eyes…

She let go of his hand looking off a bit no more eye staring for her! She didn't want to have to shut off her emotions so soon so it was better to not raise any risks of having to do so by staying in his eyes. Oh no the bartender was giving him a look! She wasn’t expecting such openness to cause issues already… her parents would be disappointed if they were here to see what was wrong with her this was a mission she had to focus! But then he brought up food and she gasped frowning her brows looking to Tak. “I hate to be rude sir but food is the bringer of life that brings one warmth and strength with every bite!! How could you speak so poorly of the food this man likely worked so hard to make!?” She asked looking… not angry but… distraught…? She looked to the wine and tired to give an apologetic smile.

“Sorry If that has alcohol in it I can't. Alcohol is one of the few poisonous drugs that I can’t have much of before it clouds the mind. Despite how low it is on the poisonous scale.” She said almost embarrassed. “Oh I’m from Kou, my father told me about the location and the job. He is more well known in this kind of employment even after his time as a soldier for Kou, but I’m still fairly new to the public eye.” She explained before frowning her brows, should she had said that much…? And now her mouth was half open from where she left off the last word. She looking off and rotating to face forward fully looking forward closing her mouth. It was so hard to navigate social interactions when so many secrets had to be kept…. She hated having so many… she hated having to avoid social interaction just to avoid them or getting close to others.

She- She relaxed herself with a sigh composing herself once more. She needed to stay focused! She smacked herself with both hands rather forcefully before holding closed fists and nodding with two bright read cheeks and a look of determination.

[ 1,239 Words ]


Takumi Saito

Takumi Saito

Takumi nodded respectfully, sliding her cup down the bar instead where a lone merc caught it and downed the wine in a few gulps before waving his thanks to the warrior.

"geez well i respect your decision but ...if you're going to ingest other poisons besides alcohol ..then you should at least be able to try it out in my opinion i mean how will you ever know if you get poisoned by it otherwise ehh?..."

Tak would give her a matter of fact kind of smirk

The Fanalis raised both eyebrows in surprise as Tokoro earnestly and honestly defended the Red fox dens food despite not having ever tried the atrocious slop.the boys youthful features slowly returned to the bored look he normally wore.A smirk escaped his lips and a sense of admiration welled up in his chest for the young woman being a lover of foods himself,the Fanalis felt her words reverberate and a tinge of guilt floated up to the surface of his mind.

"Eh the old man tries his best I'll admit that at least."

Gil came back just as Tokoro was discussing her relatively new presence in the profession and her dad who seemed to have some big shot connections having been a soldier of Kou.

Tak nodded,satisfied with his new partner...she seemed a little uptight but she was the type of person that was no nonsense in a way that complimented the boys fairly lackadaisical attitude.

When Gil was done arranging the Intel he slid the parchment papers towards the duo,it had a Hinomoto clan seal on it  and detailed and highlighted the safest route through Kina's poorest neighborhoods a short list of common enemies to look for.

"Listen up! You two will be escorting a ruling clans noble through one of the most hostile areas of the island and directly to the palace grounds .Meet him at the docks just half a mile south east from here where he will be returning from an ambassadorial trip.the names Jaegon and I don't trust him further than I can punch him".

Gil was never one to be fond of politician types and generally found them cowardly and distrustful.though the same could be said of Takumi who upon hearing it was a Noble rolled his eyes sighing loudly before responding flatly

"Well If you could punch him from the docks all the way to the palace then it will save us a massive headache mate."

Gil ignored Taks inflammatory response and looked to them both very intently

"Look in all seriousness..this job could go sideways before you know it..stay alert out there and come home in one piece,I can't pay your ghost the Huang you know".

Takumi snapped his fingers and took a deep breath in ..his eyes closed a moment before exhaling with a determined look on his face

"Let's get this babysitting trip over with then"



Twin serpents of Kina [private][Chain] Tak510

Tokoro Higona

Tokoro Higona

She hunched forward rubbing the back of her neck shrugging. “I mean I did… and it just clouds my mind too fast, my parents didn’t want me to try anymore after my last attempt 3 years ago.” She said looking off a bit, she had announced her crush on a local boy that night… and a few nights later was tasked with killing him the day before her birthday… she could still remember her parents' proud faces. “I’d just rather not drink especially on a mission but I thank you for your kind offer.” She said bowing her head to him. She then smiled a little to him when he admitted the man tried his best. “Thank you for changing your views even slightly.”

She said gratefully still avoiding eye contact. Tokoro when the envelope was passed toher stared at each page for a long while before moving to the next using her Photographic Memory To ensure she would not forget the information given. When he told them to listen up she stood at the ready straightened back focused and serious face and stare and ears tuned into the man's words trying to imprint them all into her mind. She was going to take them to palace grounds…? Maybe this is why her father told her to go on this mission after she asked about their heritage. They were apparently originally from Kina so this palace was the most important place in their past.  Or at least one of them.

She’d have to take in everything she could while there. She stayed focused despite her partner's response. She though nodded as they concluded the meeting. “Understood sir.” She said active and ready looking serious before leaning over holding the face whispering to Tak. “How do we get here to the docks…?” She knew the route from docks to palace, and from home to here but not from here to the docks.

[ 1,562 Words ]

Trait Used:
Trait Name: Photographic Memory
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Have Prior Training
Trait Description: Though the excessive training of her parents she has bettered her memory beyond standard people. She having done so through repetitive training from a young age done so through her parents tactics of having her practice memorization for general details, to small specific details scaling up her quickness of it over time leading her to her current skill.
Trait Effect: The user after 30 seconds of staring at something will have ingrained the image in their mind perfectly to look back on later, this though is only for visuals not audio


Takumi Saito

Takumi Saito

Takumi responded to Tokoro’s inquiry by tracing his finger along the maps route from the fox den straight to the docks,

“it wont be long ,maybe eight to ten minutes if we walk briskly”

The fanalis still seemed easygoing and loose almost to the point of boredom or indifference to the untrained eye,despite the pressure he should have felt from such a high priority assignment.getting up and stretching his long limbs a moment,Tak would look to Tokoro nodding and then to Gilga

“Were getting on then old man,don't wait up for us”

Gil smirked and nodded,but there was real concern in the gruff man's eyes as he looked to them both a moment before turning away quickly and tending to a glass that wasn't the least bit dirty.

With that the young man turned and began heading to the door,all of the patrons began throwing one fist in the air and cheering the pair on as they made their way out.Once at the door Takumi turned and threw up one fist to the close knit mercenary outfit before exiting into the damp streets of Kina.He took a deep breath in and then out throwing his hands behind his head and began walking gracefully towards the docking area on the island

It was late afternoon so the streets were busy and lively as ever,Lovers took an afternoon stroll,street merchants sold their wares beggers sang songs and weaved tales while groups of young children ran about mostly causing trouble for everyone.Tak waved to a few of the local children asone dashed between the fanalis legs briefly in pursuit of one of his friends


Takumi lifted a leg slightly but continued his stride mostly unhindered.

“The local kids around here are great for picking up tidbits of info ,they see everything and hear everything since they're out here from the early morning till dusk."

He spoke softly but with a tinge of admiration to Tokoro.

“If your ever lost around here in the future just ask the local street kids,and say your with me”

Tak stated matter of factly before stopping a moment next to an old man carrying a basket of steaming chicken and pork buns.

“Ill take four mate...two of each please”

The fanalis rarely ever changed his expression but when food was involved one could literally see stars in his eyes
The Bun vendor wrapped up each two at a time and handed them to Tak who bowed in thanks and dropped some Huang in the mans palm before continuing on wading through the crowd while handing Tokoro two of the buns with a smile as warm as the steam flowing out of the basket.

"Now i know were supposed to be on this all important job but someone as wise as you are when it comes to food mustn't visit this area of Kina and not try Mr Ishida’s famous steamed buns"

He added quickly in case Tokoro was too polite to accept his gift

“And everyone knows that there's nothing like eating one of these bad boys right after a long journey or assignment”

Tak would deposit his inside a pouch he had hanging from his belt before pointing to the end of the street where many ships masts could be seen with their flags waving in the breeze.

“There it is only a few more minutes  now and we're gonna be knee deep in this Nobles pocket,no matter what happens,even though we barely know each other i want you to know that i have your back miss Tokoro,as i'm sure teamwork will be prevalent for this job”



Twin serpents of Kina [private][Chain] Tak510

Tokoro Higona

Tokoro Higona

Tokoro nodded as he pointed out the route taking note of the directions as well to make sure she wouldn’t have to reask or in case they got separated. She then looked to him as he stretched and got up after him and bowed respectfully to Gilga as per how she was told to handle things with employers after receiving a job. She eyeing the glass he picked up before looking to Tak again, that man must be dedicated to his craft to be so diligent with his glasses. She followed him out and jumped a bit at the sudden cheering looking back with wide startled eyes and curled button lip her hands up in a defensive pose as if about to be hit. She though relaxed a bit looking to Tak with a rose brow but followed him out. How could they all be so…?  She pushed the thought aside before she could finish it to focus on the task at hand.

On their way out she made her way up to where she left her things before rejoining Tak in a timely manner. She wasn’t certain how long the trip may be so she needed to be prepared. She followed close behind him but took in the sights as if staring into someone else's dream only being pulled out by the children running a muck she barely weaving around them as they ran by but kept pace with Tak. She looked from them to Tak as he explained blinking. “I never thought of using them as a resource in that sort of way before…” She said thoughtfully though hearing his tone made her look back off, she couldn’t get to close to him… she didn’t want to face what would come if she did. “Understood” She said trying to keep thing professional in tone and manner as they continued on.

Even if it made him not like her like those she lived around due to thinking her as rude or uptight it would be worth it to keep Tak safe he seemed like a good person… so she really wanted him to stay a living good person. A good living person with stupid distracting eyes… she got some pigment in her cheeks thinking of them though it faded as the smell of food came to her nose. She looked over seeing the buns her eyes lighting up with admiration for them. And she gasped a little when he handed her some getting the same stars in her eyes gazing at the buns. She then bowed to him and then the seller as respectfully as she could holding the buns gently yet protectively. She looking back to Tak to see his smile her gratefulness overwhelming her feeling the need to keep things professional.

“I’m honored to try it, I always wanted to try to make my own steam buns before.” She said the second part without thinking, she couldn't play with food much at home without risking her parents thinking it was a distraction and hindering her causing them to cut it out of her life too. She bit into one of hers immediately her teeth sinking through the fluffy smooth outside her eyes closed and cheeks brightened as the airy steamed outsides shifted with her bite to bounce back up while the inner walls painted and soaked beautifully in the juices and seasoning of the steamed meat inside both aspects complimenting each other before her teeth hit the meat that spilled onto her tongue bathing it in more of its juices and flavor just in one bite alone.

She hummed as she savored the bite the light from the sky hitting her just right almost making her look like she was bathed in an anime like ray of light with stars sparkling off her in a brilliant warm radiant look expressing her true bliss in this moment as she chewed the buns outters that blended just perfectly with the perfected tender meat inside. She looked down to the bun seeing the beautiful ball of meat inside and the tinted inner walls of the bun that held the meat safely awaiting for you to take another bite patiently ready to hold the meat safely for you for as long as you needed it to before you took another bite. The colors of the two complimenting each other making the whole things a true savory piece of pure art.

She opened her mouth wrapping her lips around the bun to take another bite as she heard him say they were for after the assignment her innocent eyes that looked to him turned to those of a puppy and her brows upturned. Oh no she started eating before she was supposed to due to how greedy she was getting with the food! She just didn't want it getting cold or smashed! Now she had to finish this one but she could save the other. She adjusted her grip on the bun to hold it with her lips and teeth as she put the other one in her bag that had  some spices and pre prepared dried meat inside and placed it inside gently as if benign an egg that could be broken if you were too rough with it.

She closed her back putting it back on and returned both of her hands to the bun biting off the bit she was on looking to Tak with some of the meats juices glopped on around her mouth with mild puffed out heels from the food inside she was chewing her puppy dog eyes staying put but benign more of an innocent puppy then a begging one but they faded to her more serious one as talk of the job came back refocusing them. She nodded. “If things come down to it I will ensure your safety and the competition of the mission so worry not Tak, thank you for your kind words and food.” She said seriously slowly raising up the bun to her mouth chomping off onto her bite as her looks stayed focused on her face looking up to him the boy who she just now noticed was a good bit taller than her that seemed even taller when they were this close by and standing.

[ 2,609 Words ]


Takumi Saito

Takumi Saito

Job details/enemy abilities:
Job Name: A noble cause pt 2
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Kina
Job Reward: 7,000 huang,100xp
Job Prerequisites: be Takumi Saito/Tokoro Higona
Job Overview:
The pair find out they are taking on a Gold level Escort job escorting  Jaegon Tsun, a prominent Noble through the infamous slums and back to the palace grounds safely,with approval to eliminate all those who oppose him with lethal force.First however the pair of escorts must meet and prove to the eccentric noble that they are worthy of such a task by sparring his personal security.

"flying lotus abilities"]Enemy Name:the Flying Lotus(Jaegons security)
Needed damage to take down: C rank
Description:These proud warriors specialize in hand to hand  as well as short sword combat and are very capable of defending their charges  

Wushu sword slash: steps in slashing in an X pattern at their opponent doing C tier damage

Slip strike: blocks incoming hand to hand melee ability of C level or below while simultaneously striking out with a spinning backfist doing C tier damage

Takumi smiled brightly upon finally realizing Tokoro was already munching on one of mr ishida’s buns and let out a short laugh after seeing her genuine expression of innocence as she looked up to him.

"I'm glad you like them,take note and maybe you could surpass old man Ishida with that Bun recipe of yours..of course id be open to judging such a like to think of myself as a fair but firm Jud

For a moment his cheeks flushed red as he came to realize that Tokoro was quite attractive,she seemed like a bit of a tomboy but then Tak was never bothered by gender presentation anyhow.In short if he liked someone it likely had very little to do with their appearance,though despite this notion, Tak found Tokoro’s eyes were like a deep purple mist,wispy,dark,beautiful and mysterious all at the same time.

The assassin seemed distant somehow though,like she was putting on a brave face despite the sadness and frustration she kept locked away in her personal vault.Tak was no seer,but he always had a knack for reading people's true intentions and feelings.For only a brief second,he thought he could see a glimpse of that pain she held onto in her eyes,and could only wish he could help shoulder some of it in her stead

The fanalis would pull himself away from her alluring gaze knowing that the pair had some serious business to attend to as he nodded in response to Tokoro’s pledge to watch his back,grateful to have someone reliable by his side on a sketchy job for once.Tak fell silent and continued on leading the way to the docks in,a far off look painted his features now and his usual warm carefree attitude dropped like a ton of bricks,leaving behind only steely resolve and cold fiery determination.

The smell of salt and fish became heavier with each step until the pair walked right up to a large group of people unloading cargo and checking into the port officials building.Takumi would stop short and observe the crowd further,picking out those with the royal Hinomoto Clans crest on the the chest of there tunics.

In particular there were two men that were of the clan that seemed to be giving a group of fishermen a hard time by claiming they had the right to clear their vessels cargo over the fishermen due to their Clan status.Tak simply observed in silence,giving Tokoro a brief this could turn ugly look before moving up to the pair and breaking up their increasingly heated argument.

“Excuse me gentleman,i'm looking for a Nobleman,Jaegon Tsuna to be exact”

The man with the clan crest stopped squabbling long enough to look at both Tokoro and Tak before spitting at their feet and responding

"Look you dirty street rats,no one gets an unauthorized appointment Mr Tsuna lest I permit it....and i don't,so go run along and beg for some Huang elsewhere”

The man responded dismissively and started the squabbling back up .Takumi sighed, shaking his head.A few moments passed and the clansman become so angry that he wound up to slap the poor fisherman right across the face.Tak would catch him by the forearm,his fanalis strength biting into the man's arm guards as he held it there,a bored look on his face.

The clansman couldn't believe a normal citizen would have the gall to put hands on him and apparently neither could the other eight Hina guards milling about the dock area because they immediately drew short swords and circled both Tak and Tokoro

Takumi would nudge his partner hoping she would say something in that moment to relieve some tension as he concentrated on holding back the man's arm.

“Bad move now Your gonna lose that arm of yours boy”,

The man sneered with hatred as he went to pull his sword with a free hand only for someone to yell from the nearest boat's docking ramp.

“Put away those weapons you damn fools!!,i've no time to do paperwork for their deaths”

The man had a regal commanding tone and the whole dock drew silent as Tak looked over to see the man they were looking for He was tall,handsome,eccentric and carried an ornate fan with him,popping the fan open and then closing it with an authoritative snap as he slowly made his way down the ramp causing his men to apprehensively put away their weapons and stand at attention.Tak let go of the irate clansman's arm and the man begrudgingly backed up and stood at attention with the others.

Jaegon would waltz over to the fisherman in question and hand the man a pouch of Huang who was bowing his head along with the other citizens of the dock before addressing him

“Do excuse my personal security chief's indignant attitude,I'll need to offload some important cargo for the palace immediately and without delay,I'm hoping this ...incentive will be enough to put us in front of you in the queue...yes?.”

The fisherman stuttered a thank you bowing even further as he made himself scarce with his new earnings.Jaegon would turn slowly to the duo noticing that at least Tak wasn't bowing.The man snapped his fan open in dramatic a fashion as his ornate and colorful teal robes while giving them a sinister sort of smile.

“And who might you two be?...heh don't tell me that Merc Gilga sent a couple of kids to assist me”  



Twin serpents of Kina [private][Chain] Tak510

Tokoro Higona

Tokoro Higona

She frowned her brows hearing his laugh but relaxed her brows at his words as she finished off the bun. “Then I shall try to make you some in the future if the opportunity is ever available.” She said before mentally sighing she wasn’t certain if that time would come knowing her parents though. She saw his flustered look and couldn’t help but get some slight color in her own cheeks. He was kind of cute looking all flustered like that, it kinda made his eyes pop even more she though blinked and focused as he started to lead the way again. She followed close behind eyeing his face as he seemed to get serious. She watching curiously for a moment before looking forward. Her eyes after some looking laid on the likely important individuals they would need to reach their charge seemingly shortly after Tak.

They seemed to be giving some people a hard time making Tokoro frown. She wanted to help but it would conflict with the efficiency of her mission which anything less then perfect could upset her parents. She could tell Tak was looking at her but she tried to keep focused so she didn't look over as she walked up with hima s he approached. She clenched her fists a bit as she was spat at and treated rudely. This was wasting time. She closed her eyes and steadied herself as the two continued on what they were doing. Something deep inside her telling her words she didn’t want to think of but she knew were true.

‘They suspect nothing and you are so close you could easily kill one and pin the other to force the information out of them and save time that is being wasted currently.’

She suppressed the thoughts the best she could, holding as steady as she could as she tensed trying to contain herself as he wanted to save the poor man but was stopped by Tak. She was glad he could stop them but still wished she could have done so herself. Next then the guard circled them with weapons at the ready. She clenched her fists at all the commotion as she was nudged and closed her eyes. Her mother would have made this all simple work as would her father the disappointment they would hold if they could see her now…. Would be killing levels. Even a strong enough blow to the throat or chest she would be able to- she heard the fan snap and opened her eyes looking over to see their charge she doing her beast to keep a level head and bowed to the man. Only to hear his remark.

Twin serpents of Kina [private][Chain] 20201018-093107

Her fingers twitched before she took a deep breath in closing her eyes once more before exhaling as she used her Void standing up and opening her eyes as every ounce of emotion left her looking to the man with cold simple eyes focused on only one thing: their job. “Tokoro Higona one of your escorts. I suggest we get moving. We are wasting nothing but our time and your money.” She looked to the guards then back to the man. “And seeing as though these men thought they needed so many of them to strike us down I suppose we are a couple of deadly children. You may continue to insult us if you wish but we should be off now my lord.” She said without an ounce of emotion to her voice before searching her mind for the map she had memorized and motioned to the direction in which they needed to go.

If he started to walk she would follow suit not even acknowledging any further the other guardsmen and if he did not she would look to Tak. “I suppose he didn’t require any help at all. We should inform Mr Gilga that this man would prefer to be ravaged by the real threats of the streets in private rather then walking with some street rats.” Then look to the man and bow once more. “I wish you luck I’m sure spitting will be more then enough to keep you safe my lord.” With no emotions to burden her she didn’t care frankly how they took her words only that she got her point across that they were not going to just stand around for hours to be mocked before completing their task and that neither one of them needed to please the man she doubting Tak needed this mans and if he needed money there were plenty of other methods.

And she herself? Was just there to complete the mission of keeping him alive. And even if he went on his own she only need to follow him in pleasant silence in hiding and take out anyone who target him. Her mother said the end task was all that mattered how you got there was more fluid of choices based on your guidelines.

[ 828 / 1,000 Words ]

Profession Trait Used:

Primary Profession
 Related Specialization: Assassin
 Profession Title: Assassin / Hunter
 Description: The worker hunts down a target, whether that be of a human or beast it doesn’t matter. They hunt down their targets and take requests on how many times and kill them.
 Profession Perks:

  • Void: Tokoro can turn her emotions off across the board when she sees the situation requires it, such as missions, jobs, or other serious situations.
  • Chef: Tokoro knows many ways to make poisons, this ranging from common household things, herbs, and other things found in nature. She is able to also make these poisons as Mundane Items to use later.
  • Tracker: Tokoro can find ways to track people that normally would be hard to find or spot making it easier to hunt down people or things.


Takumi Saito

Takumi Saito

Jaegon’s face looked amused,but in a twisted forced sort of way as he conceded too Tokoro who Tak could now see out of the corner of his eyes.She seemed laser focused even more than before and he could hear the tonal difference in her words seemingly emanating from somewhere deep within her.This not only impressed Takumi ,but also managed to catch Jaegons fancy,his eyebrow raised at the behest of Tokoro's surprise wisdom

“Now now mrs Tokoro you both come very highly recommended,i do apologize for my security chiefs...bold choice of words,”

Jaegon snapped the fan shut once more placing his hands behind his back before  nodding to the deadly duo and continuing.

“ the warriors of this country keep getting younger and younger is all my friends ,it is both a wonderful and frightening thing to see you know...dare i say the youth will sharpen into perfect weapons for the future of Kina”

The eccentric noble whistled  sharply a look of slight admiration adorning his features as he looked from Tak to Tokoro with a probing stare. two of his personal security came jogging over to flank Jaegon,bowing respectfully before they did so.

“Now before we make our way... i must make sure you two are up to the task,and are capable as your info scrolls indicate…..this duel will be quick and only last a maximum of 5 moves,survive and display your ability to either engage  the enemy or defend against one.”

Jaegon would motion forward with his fan and the two Flying Lotus security guards stepped up,one bowing to Takumi and the other to Tokoro in a traditional respectful greeting .Jaegons other soldiers formed a circle around the combatants.

Tak would shift his look of annoyance from the noble to the warrior in front of him before responding with his velvety smooth tenor while settling into a readied stance,one hand on his sword hilt.

“Very well...ill play your little game,it will only take 3 moves anyhow..hmph”

Jaegon would look to the four combatants now standing between them in the middle fan raised in the air before looking to Tokoro for confirmation that she understood the duels rules and consented to it.If she did then the noble would smile sinisterly before lowering the fan and backing up out of the space quickly

You have five moves,begin!!!

WC 420 (lol)


Twin serpents of Kina [private][Chain] Tak510

Tokoro Higona

Tokoro Higona

“No need for apologies just be glad you stepped in when you did my lord” She said simply and coldly. She watched him with steady eyes as he went on about the ages of the warrior’s ages now and days.. If he only knew how young she had really been when she started her training. He went on to say they would turn into perfect weapons for Kina one day. And he wasn’t wrong… if her parents wished it she would be as perfect as she could be of a weapon but where that weapon is pointed is all based on her mission currently… Tak though? She had no doubt but it all was based on what he himself wanted to stand for. She narrowed her eyes though as he decided that they would go to do something else before their task at hand. Tokoro grabbign out her Wire wollus and set it up. He wished for them to show off for him.

This would surely waste further time. Tokoro for once not bowing back as she was bowed to as she tightened her glove for her weapon  and dropped her back on the ground loading the weapon. “Another waste of time…” She said simply she was not confirming though the reading of ehr weapons should be enough to signal the man she would fight. She watched as her opponent came at her with their Wushu sword slash She shifted her legs as she ducked down  moving with the blades to  avoid the strike and turned to move to his side. He turning quickly just in time meet her fingers of her claws digging deeper into his throat deep enough to cause Basic C - Tier Damage but it was clear if she wanted to just the right jerking off her hand would slash his throat good enough to make him bleed out.

To most who watched they would see only one simple dodge and strike move that was very fast though to a trained eye they would see her from the start  tracking the man to see how he decided to strike, and as she dodged moved to a spot that was open for him to want to likely strike again from seeing how he was so at the ready to attack before. Knowing he would attack she moved to where he would have to turn to face her before swinging allowing an opening for her to shoot her arm forward to stab into his throat  to prove a point. There was no hesitation, only the focus of a single task.

She then pulled out her claws pointing her other clawed hand at the man they were supposed to protect and fired off the wires  that would wrap around his throat and retracted them to either make him fall or jerk forward as she let herself be zipped over to him turning as she did so to face him kicking up sand and dirt from the ground as she did so and broke off the 1 ammo shot’s wire letting it fall limply to the ground as her bloody claws pressed against the nobles throat as she started at him emotionlessly. “Your guards are lucky that you stepped in… now last chance. We leave now and stop wasting time…. Or you go on your own. We are not nobles but our time is important as well.” She pulled her claw way flicking her wrist to splatter the other guards blood on the ground and stood in a normal non combative stance again walking over to her back and picking it up putting it back on.

[ 140 / 140 Magoi ]
[ 185 / 185 Stamina ]

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Takumi Saito

Takumi Saito

Although they never planned it Tak would seemingly move as one with Tokoro both in terms of speed and effectiveness.The moment the noble retreated Takumi launched out of his energy gathering stance and twirled his sword with with a flourish of jade and steele.first using Serpents reprieve to parry an incoming Wushu sword slash up and away before pivoting into Serpent sting.

Though unlike Tokoro he stopped short intentionally clipping off a large amount of hair and opening a gash on the mans forehead that immediately started to gush crimson hued blood.The guard fell back onto his backside and Tak would lower his sword to meet the man's neck just as Tokoro’s clawed strike hit its mark and came to rest at the nobles throat.Gasps and the distinct ringing of many swords being unsheathed at the same time accompanied the fresh smell of blood that now tickled the Fanalis’s heightened sense of smell.

His eyes trailed their way to Tokoro’s opponent who lie dying in the dust.Takumi furrowed his brow but only listened as she yanked him into nearly being eviscerated by her claws. Jaegon received the final ultimatum from Tokoro,her poised determination that it sent shivers down his spine.The corrupt Noble remained collected as ever on the outside however unflinching even as the claws lay at his throat.

“Well well you two are a sight to behold,i can see now why you were chosen and of course your time is important...otherwise i wouldn't be paying you so well hmm .”
Although his words came out strained Jaegon had an amused look on his face as he stared Tokoro in her eyes while she lowered her claws.The noble adjusted his color and  clicked his tongue looking to the man bleeding out on the ground and simply pointed at two guards and told them to get him out of his sight.

Tak sheathed his sword ,spinning the scabbard with a fancy flourish before slinging it behind his back as he spoke to the noble with his usual disinterested and flat tone.

"hmph...That was only two moves you know,...i believe the slums are this way mate.”

Jaegon snapped his fan open and let out a jovial laugh that belied his sinister intent before responding smoothly

Let us journey fourth then shall we,the Twin serpents of Kina have arrived it seems!

Jaegon snapped the fan shut and quickly barked out orders for his men while Tak sidled up alongside Tokoro,a slight look of concern playing across his handsome features.

"I understand why you did it...but you didn't have to…*Sigh* nevermind,lets just get this over with."

Tak would nod to Tokoro before turning to see Jaegon who had flipped his extravagant robe inside out to display a shabbier drab green and carried a lit pipe of tobacco between his teeth

“Lead the way then my friends come now without delay”

Tak would choose to walk in front of jaegon and to the right making note of where Tokoro would place herself before heading to their destination

Abilities used :
Serpents reprieve
Tier: D
Class: Warrior.
Type: defensive
Range: Close, Short
Requirements/Drawbacks: must be wielding a sword
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1 post
Cost: 10 stamina

the user shifts the left foot to step back, and turns the  body to the  left slightly creating a narrower target for the users opponent, swinging their sword counter clockwise to the left either up or down(must choose direction) across their body in order to parry an incoming strike or projectile  fluidly up and away or down and away without having to stop their motion or momentum giving the user a good base of balance and an excellent position to counterstrike without their energy being disrupted

Serpents Sting

Tier: D
Class: Warrior
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Must be using a Sword
Scaling: increases damage per 10 Stamina invested Capping at A tier.
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 10s

    Used more for a distraction than how cool it looks,Tak Twirls his sword with a fancy flourish before feinting a sword stab to either the right or left of the opponent only to pivot quickly delivering a deceptive slash to the opposite side of where the feint was performed dealing D tier damage .

Combat Notes:
Used 10 stamina to bump up Tier damage level to C


Completed 2nd job in chain :A noble cause


Twin serpents of Kina [private][Chain] Tak510

Tokoro Higona

Tokoro Higona

Tokoro looked at the unsheathing swords, her expression telling a fact they all likely knew, if she wanted him dead this trike would have done so. That and their preparations and swords did not scare her. She looking back to the noble as he remained calm and replied to her. She locking her cold eyes with his lowering her claws flicking her fingers sending the blood off the claws easily showing how well kept she was of them and likely how new given the lack of groves there were for the blood to sit in and be trapped in. She stood there in a rather stylish pose while Tak showed off his skill and ease of performance just putting his sword away. They may be young but to most who would look over would just feel like they were watching true professionals in their craft posing after a massive mission going over perfectly.

This was their first mission together but at this moment they looked like true partners on the battlefield. Facing towards the direction of the slums she ensured her claws were loaded with wires listening to the man finally declaring they would be moving and calling them the twin serpents? Or he meant something else was twin serpents buuut she honestly didn't mind the name. Seeing Tak slide over the front of the corner of her eye while she finished up checking her claws and listening to him. His words made her feel like she had to explain… which was odd she shouldn't have any care about his words when void was active but… “It was the most efficient method of getting the point across. Doing things most efficiently is needed to make up for lost time due to this fool.” She said simply lowering her claws to her sides again. She though felt like she had to look at Tak as he just turned before looking at the man's change of clothes before looking at their targeted direction. Seeing Tk position himself she motioned to the roof tops to say she'd be up higher before holding out her hand and  shot out the wires using them to zip effortlessly and agility up into the wair swinging her legs to wing towards  another building easily getting up to the roof  looking down towards the two as she loaded another ammo having used 1 Ammo.

[1 Ammo Used]
[ 140 / 140 Magoi ]
[ 185 / 185 Stamina ]


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