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Carrying The Flags Cause

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Noir Ecryola

Noir Ecryola

Job details:
Job Name: Carrying the flags cause
Job Rank: B-tier
Job Location: Plains
Job Reward: 200 XP, 15,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites:
Job Overview: Along in small settlement near the plains a hooded woman awaits. With the resources of her new family, and the will of her now gone friend Baba, a dungeon beast and body manipulator seeks help to bring justice to the people that kidnapped her long ago. Meet with the mysterious woman, discuss, show your skills and prove to be capable of taking on this job.

It was an ordinary day, there was nothing much to do for the young magician as she took a stroll at The Plains after she visited the Koval Manor. The trading post seemed like it was doing well, she saw many visitors to the area and noticed the smile on their face. Jericho, the manager, had been doing such a good job to manage the estate after all. However after weeks had passed after she and Shousui helped the trading post to recover, there were still no signs of the very owner of the manor… he was still nowhere to be seen.

With a sigh, the golden eyed girl would continue walking. She was accompanied by Haku and Kuzunoha actually, and Noir thought it would be a good day to take both of them for a walk and spent some quality time together. Noir admitted that she had been busy with a lot of things including spending most of her time reading some books, although both of the beasts didn't mind, but Noir felt bad for not spending time more with them. So today might be a great chance to do it. The air at the plains felt refreshing as well, the grass scent, the calm breeze, it felt perfect.

Not too far from where she was, there was a hooded figure, standing alone under the sky full of clouds. The magician tilted her head as her eyes scanned towards the mysterious person, she wondered why she was alone… covering herself with that kind of hoodie in the middle of a cloudy day like this. Noir would take a step forward, heading towards the hooded person, wanting to know if they need help or something.

WC: 285/1500


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Noir Ecryola

Noir Ecryola

“Good day.” Noir would say as she approached the hooded figure. She could see this person was surprised by the black haired girl’s presence, implied by how the body jolted the moment Noir spoke. “Uhh, I…” The person spoke with a feminime voice, but she hesitated as she hid her figure more with her hood… it was as if something tied her tongue. “Do you need help with something?” The golden eyed girl tilted her head but she would raise her hands, showing both of her palms to the girl before saying, “Ah, I didn’t mean to bother you. I was just wondering if you need help… and it seems like it is going to rain soon, so…I uhh…” Noir became a little nervous now all of the sudden, she wondered if she was too pushy...but she just wanted to make sure that everything was alright.

The magician would feel a nudge on her leg and when she looked down, she would see Haku nudged her with his paw as if he wanted to tell her something. So Noir would activate her beast tamer bracelet and let Haku speak. “She smells like that red haired man.” He said as he continued to sniff the woman before Noir stopped him from doing so, didn't want the woman to feel uncomfortable. “Red haired man? Rufus…?” She asked Haku, but seeing the liger shook his head, Noir wondered if it was that Fanalis. “Sesshomaru?”

The woman would gasp, both of her hands would find their way to Noir’s arm, gripping them like she needed something to hold on. “Y-you know him?” As she said that a breeze swept away her hood, revealing her face to Noir. The magician didn't mean to be rude, but what was in front of her eyes was quite peculiar even for her curious mind.

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Her eyes widened as she saw a  woman with a silver skin who immediately released Noir’s hand only to hastily fix her hood to cover her figure once again. The golden eyed girl didn't understand why the woman had to cover herself again now that nature had just revealed her to Noir, however the magician decided to not ask about that, it was not her right to ask about that.

“Sesshomaru? Yes I know him. We went to do some adventures together for a while. However we parted ways and I am not sure where he would be at the moment if you are looking for him.”

The woman would look down as she put her hands on her chest, as if she was holding the emptiness there to make sure the feelings didn't leak out. “He… parted ways with me as well...and there’s no way for me to find him. We can't possibly meet again with the dead, can we?” Her tone was filled with sadness, her voice was broken as the pain decorated it.

“The dead…?” Noir repeated that certain word, she had something in her mind, about what was really happening but she didn't want to acknowledge it. Was he dead? That Sesshomaru? Noir slowly brought her eyes to look at the ground as she hugged herself because her stomach felt funny. Death was not good news for Noir, it was not only sad news but… she would unconsciously feel guilty… and she didn't know why but she felt sick… as if she wanted to let out everything that was in her stomach although she couldn't . And then she asked herself a question…

'Why do people have to die…'

WC: 877/1500

Magoi: 530/540


Name: Beast Tamer's Bracelet
Tier: C
Type: Communication Item
Magic Type: Sound
Appearance: A silver bracelet engraved with various animals around the outside and a small magical circle inscribed on the inside.

  • Beast Speak - Feeding magoi to the bracelet will allow the user to understand the noises of an animal within 5m of them as if it were human speech. However, the beasts intelligence will determine how complete/complex the sentences are. The user's own words will also be translated for the animal in question, however they will not understand purely human concepts or words such as "boat", "weapon", or "fortress". 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.


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Noir Ecryola

Noir Ecryola

“Are you okay, miss?” The woman spoke to her, her voice snapped her from the pain she felt although she could still feel the tightness on her chest. “Y-yes…” Noir nodded weakly, “I am alright, thank you. I apologize… I was… shocked…” It was more than just a shock for her to be honest, it was like a trauma. She couldn't do anything to protect Sesshomaru, yes, she was not there to protect him and she didn't know what he was doing before his dying moments after they went their separate ways after the dungeon. However, Noir couldn't help but to blame herself for the dead she was not supposed to be responsible for. But the fear, the trauma, the past memory that started to come back again, right after she heard such devastating news.

“Would you come with me to somewhere we can talk? I would like to hear about moment out there I guess.” The magician asked the woman, although she would notice the uncertainty in her expression. Well, it was to be expected to see that kind of expression, for this woman, Noir was a stranger, someone who happened to be acquainted with Sesshomaru. From the way she shared the dead news, it seemed that Fanalis was a very important person, perhaps a friend for life, a trusted person...or it could be something else. But one thing that Noir knew and noticed, the woman felt pain and it was clear from the way her eyes glistened that she was sad. “I promise I meant no harm. However, it is going to rain soon and I feel like you need help with something.”

After several seconds of hesitation, the woman would nod to Noir, implying her agreement to talk somewhere else. She needed help as well and fate might be so kind to her, leading her to meet someone who knew Sesshomaru, her savior… who would show a pained gaze and gestures the moment she told her about his death. “Baba, is my name.” The woman bowed to Noir and the magician would do the same thing, she would bow her head as well and introduced herself along with both of her companions.

The story told by Baba was quite amusing for Noir, as it turned out Sesshomasru had been doing a lot of interesting adventures. But stealing the chair of the emperor? That was quite daring and knowing him, he would definitely have that kind of idea. He had always been very naive and daring, he was not afraid to do the things he had in mind… He was enjoying life until the end it seemed.

“So, Sesshomaru promised to protect you?” Noir would tilt her head, waiting for Baba to answer her. The tea served in front of both of them was still hot, steaming from each of their cups. The meeting room inside the Koval manor was private and comfortable enough for them to resume their conversation, better than talking outside under the rain.

“Around two years ago, there was a raid in my village. They took me and the others, putting us in a cage… they tested a lot of things to my body… our bodies. I don't quite understand what they did, but our bodies started to change, it became more… flexible… more limbs...our flesh was altered… they made us into a monster!” Baba looked down, hands clasped together as if she was praying, wishing that it was all just a dream. “It was horrifying, people were losing their mind. But I...escaped alone, I tried to survive but I still feel this rage in my heart, this burning hatred inside of me. seeking help to bring justice, I don't want them to create another monster from innocent people.” The woman sighed heavily, as if it was taking most of her energy just to share her past to Noir. “Sesshomaru… promised to help me. Alas, he had to go before he could.”

The golden eyed girl who listened to Baba quietly would sip her tea slowly before putting down the cup on the saucer. Perhaps she could offer the woman help, maybe this way she could honor Sesshomaru for the last time as well. Not only that… that group kidnapped people and experimented on them, it was quite similar to her, although she was not sure if she was experimented on. It was what Shousui told her though, although the former noblewoman lost her memories and Noir wouldn't be able to find out more about it until the woman regained her memory. “I would like to offer you my assistance. I know I am quite capable...and I want to find out more about what they did.” Noir moved her eyes to the side of her eyes before shifting them back towards Baba. “If what I am thinking is true, then it would be personal for me as well. I think I have enough power to help you bring justice.”

“Draco Saltatio.” The magician casted one of her spells, proving she was more than capable to help Baba with her quest. The living water dragon appeared and would stand behind Noir before it disappeared into thin air.

It was only a spell but Baba could tell that Noir was confident and capable enough to help her, so the woman thought she would bet on Noir. She would gladly accept her help to bring justice to those wretched people. “I will be asking for your support then, Miss Noir.”

WC: 1798/1500
Magoi: 500/540


Draco Saltatio
Tier: B-tier
Class: Magician
Type: Offensive
Range: Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: Noir needs to point her staff at the chosen area and say certain movement’s command after summoning the dragon
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 3 posts
Cost: 30 | 15
Description: Using Flux State, Living Water magic, Noir points her staff at the chosen area and create a water dragon that is 1m wide and 5m long. This water dragon will follow Noir’s command even though the main objective is to protect the summoner, the dragon is capable to deal B-tier damage when it commence an attack. Without a verbal command, their primary objective is the protection of their master. The constructs suffer from elemental weaknesses of double damage from lightning(in water state) or fire(in ice state) but also gain elemental strengths only taking half damage from heat/fire based magics such as lava or crystal magic.


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