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Quarantine Zero - Pre-apocalypse zombies/virus (JCINK)

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Quarantine Zero - Pre-apocalypse zombies/virus (JCINK) PGHvEZ
It started in Alberta, Canada. The virus known as Demento was nothing to fear back then but since, it's grown and evolved to be something terrifying. Now almost every week there's new countries where there are infected and recently there have been reports of the dead coming back to life. It's a time of high tension as people fear for their lives, going about their daily activities in hopes they don't catch the virus and go out like those who have endured so far Take us to Chicago, Il, America. Where the people of the windy city are just trying to avoid getting sick in their closed, cramped space. Can you manage? What are you doing in the last days before shit hits the fan?


Quarantine Zero is a pre-apocalypse zombie/virus game that will eventually become the apocalypse. Our goal is to give players a chance to play their characters in a world slowly being overtaken by disease, living in fear of it. But this is not simply a zombie game, there is more going on than meets the eye and there will be more than zombies to fight against in the long run. We hope to be different from other zombie games. We are no word count, low stress but we do plan on having plenty of plot to keep things interesting. We are also LGBT friendly, as a few of our characters have these lifestyles.


We offer a test run board for guests who aren't sure about joining yet! Put up a post and play with us while you decide if you want to join or not.



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