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Silk and Slaves weave a Perfect Web [Plot/NOM]

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
Sip. The burgundy wine would swirl, caressing the walls of the silver goblet as the cup moved in its owner's hand. The vortex of sweet red liquor would lift its fragrance into the air as he'd take another sip. "Care to enjoy a glass amongst the chaos?" He would say, Remus, offering pleasantries to his guest. "It's not often that I see you, and I've been enjoying your gift its certainly helped garner some wanted gazes."

"Kyeheehehehe, as much as I love your games I've come here for business, things have been moving well. It seems like your trades been well then?" The contractor would say, stepping forth in the light of the window behind Remus. As the evenings setting sun would shine upon them he would take a seat across from the Slave Master, resting his legs on the black oak desk.

Clatter clankk clk clinck "Sorry about your ornaments!"

A slight sour expression would cover Remus' face as he was suspicious as to what the meat of the conversation was. "Yes, things have been well, Helio has been an impact of profits but with Reim underground slavery rising, and the minor capture operations have allowed for decent expansion and trade" Another sip of wine would interrupt him before continuing. "Its been fine brewing minor chaos, we have a recruit whose promising, I think he'll be great for reforming the world. Personally, I'm excited about the chaos and pain to come."

The calmness of his cruelty would have no effect on the contractor. As another "Kyeheaeaha" giggle would part his lips. "It's funny that you mention that my dear friend, that's part of my reason for visiting here today!"

Connie's words would widen the magician's eyes. There was some intrigue to make things a bit more exciting "You say part off? Sounds like you have more than just intrigue and rukh generating tasks?" He was getting bored with just having his slavers generate strife for the big day.

The Contractor knocking his own feet, and more of Remus' stuff, off of the table would stand tall. "Yep! My dear chum I thought it was about time things got more personal, and I have a very specific task for you. For you see, the curtain shall soon lower, darkness has accumulated enough to sway plenty of the world but it's struggling. So it's time that we put the final nails in, then once dark meets light even kings will be pawns!" His explanation would continue. "I'm coming for the one called 8, him along with some promising other talents will help be the keys. They seem willing to help, all we have to do is support their goals and all will fill in line accordingly. We do have the worry of the Death God and Dragon Emperor, as they seem distant. They too will have their own parts, they have no idea how they've lead us to this moment."

Pacing back and forth now, his staff would tap across the marble. "And that's where you, and the others come in! It will take a moment to prep our new members, and with a meddlesome new Magi in the mix he's sure to find out. I know he's planning something, I'm not sure what but we need to keep all of the dungeon conquerors and kings busy. I need you to create a dark hotspot, we'll need at least 4 besides Helio for everything to work."

Glancing at his vessel he had a minor idea. He was looking forward to giving people their nightmares on earth. Looking back up the contractor he would say "Sounds like I have a date with a desert city-state." It was a growing desert urban center, born from the booming trade in only a few years.

"Feel free to get him how you need then, feel free to mention my involvement if you wish. I need to contact the outside leg so she may handle operations. Make your own way out." He was more than willing to enjoy the night with him but this was a far better form of entertainment.

"I've got toys to go give out, let me know when you've settled in, you're a bit more known so I have a gift in construction, I believe it will be a nice addition for you. Don't be afraid to attract attention, just make sure to keep them on their toes."

Turning around he would hum to himself while walking out the door. Only saying one last thing as he exited the room. "I enjoy the new stain glass window, by the way, it brings life to the room!"

Remus would ignore his comments as he began to gather items for his trip. It was rather odd since he had never been visited at his private compound by the Magi, and the window had been put in over a month ago.

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