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Menat's New Move

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Tier: B-Tier
Class: Warrior
Type: Offensive
Range: Close - Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: Solid footing to run on. The ability to physically attack the target. The ability to run. Being on her feet.
Scaling: Number of hits
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 3 Posts
Cost: 30 stamina + 15 to sustain
    Channeling the natural born abilities of her Fanalis blood Menat focuses her energy into her limbs, either her legs. Menat makes full use of her natural speed, running towards her target to deliver the full force of her momentum through such means as a punch, kick, knee, elbow or any other kind of physical motion that could be counted as an attack. This also counts for situations where less common body parts are used for attacks such as the shoulders, hips or head. The ability doesn't required a direct path to Menat's target, so long as she has the ability to continue running she can make slight adjustments to her path. When managing to successfully connect with her target this ability deals B-Tier damage.


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While generally, we've allowed some flexibility for options of abilities Warrior abilities do require some type of focus still. Generally, it needs to be a specific limb or a switch between as maybe a possible bluff or variation. However, this is just a free form charge with no distance or specific reason as to why it should be a class ability. I've allowed people to use their race or body as a way to supplement or effect abilities within reason but its gonna have to be more specific. You'll need an exact distance, it's fine if its dash but you need to get in a stance or something to provide extra power. But you momentum would keep you in a straight path, slamming into the target. Freeform dashes are for supplementary escapes as high-speed getaways. I'll allow you to switch what you hit with but please include than when slamming into them you provide and extra boost by kicking off. and slamming into them. If you would like to give your self some extra movement just add some extra parts in which you can kick off to redirect your path but keep your distance in mind.


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